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Yachting Monthly

Yachting Monthly September 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Yachting monthly is at the heart of the British yachting market and is for people who actively sail their boats - whether cruising across the channel, around the coast or further a field in blue waters. It provides an entertaining mix of vital information for cruising yachtsmen with all levels of experience, which maximises their enjoyment, increases their skills and gives them the confidence to broaden their horizons.

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United Kingdom
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a generous community

The cobbles of Middelburg and the low Dutch coast slipping astern, a spray-swept night before the dawn arrival in Suffolk’s River Alde, and the Contessa 32’s elegant lines as we rowed ashore are as vivid in my mind now as they were 30 years ago. My first experience of yacht sailing was a North Sea crossing with my dad on a friend’s boat. It was one of the highlights of our father-son relationship and was also one of a handful of opportunities that ignited a life-long love of sailing for me. It is encouraging, therefore, to read about Jaydon Owusu and Tyler Harriott’s (both 15) experiences of being welcomed by the sailing community (p64). Along with others from their London school, they’ve had the chance to restore boats rescued from the scrap…

4 min.
shrinking insurance market causes headache for off shore cruisers

News Editor If you have a news story to share, contact News Editor Katy Stickland Email Katy.Stickland@futurenet.com Tel 01252 555 166 Yacht owners who want to sail further afield are being advised to provide extra information, such as evidence of sailing experience, in order to improve their chances of finding a policy. Over the last 18 months, many cruisers have struggled to find cover for extended cruising such as high latitude or ocean crossings, which is perceived as the high risk end of the yacht insurance market. For others, premiums have become unaffordable. A number of factors have been identified for the current situation, including unprofitable cheap insurance cover caused by increased competition and years of investment in the insurance market and Lloyd’s of London syndicates. The billions of pounds paid out after the 2017…

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new tax relief scheme for subsidised diesel being considered

A new tax relief scheme for the use of subsidised diesel by recreational boat owners could be introduced. Currently, UK marinas sell red diesel on a 60/40 split of full and lower tax rates for propulsion and heating or power generation. The UK Government announced in April’s Budget that it would scrap the red diesel subsidy by April 2022, except for agricultural, rail and non-commercial heating purposes, including heating recreational boats. It is consulting on its plans and wants evidence to confirm if a boat’s typical fuel use is still a split of 60% for propulsion and 40% for non-propulsion. It is also examining if tax relief should be a fixed percentage as it is now or capped at a maximum percentage, which would ‘more accurately reflect the amount of diesel’ owners…

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news in numbers

16 Netflix is to make a film about Australian sailor Jessica Watson, who in 2009-10 completed a southern hemisphere solo circumnavigation, aged just 16 80 Four months after launch, 80 sailors from 23 countries are building Class Globe 5.80 One Design (5.8m, 19ft) yachts. Some will take part in the 2021 Solo Globe 5.80 Transat Race MS Amlin Seamanship Award Nominations for the MS Amlin Seamanship Award close on 31 August 2020. The accolade is awarded for acts of selflessness, achieving personal challenges, pushing boundaries or helping to build the reputation of sailing. Nominations should be no more than 250 words and sent to yachtmarketing@msamlin.com…

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better marking of creel pots in scotland

Plastic milk cartons and netted footballs can no longer be used to mark creel pots in Scottish waters. The Marking of Creels (Scotland) Order 2020 came into effect on 20 June, and applies to creels deployed within 12 nautical miles of Scotland’s coastal baseline. It aims to reduce accidental gear entanglement involving boats. Creels must now be marked by buoys that clearly display the fishing boat’s port letter and number (PLN), a code used to identify vessels. Only marker buoys designed for the marking of equipment in the water can be used. Fleets of 10 or more creels must have one or more marker buoy at each end of the fleet, and all buoys must display the same PLN. Enforcement will rely on Marine Scotland patrols acting on intelligence or tip-offs from…

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tracy’s whitbread medal saved

Tracy Edwards’ Whitbread Round the World medal has been saved after she put it up for sale to keep her Maiden Factor Foundation running. The girls’ education charity has been struggling financially since the COVID-19 pandemic. A £150,000 Keep Maiden Moving crowdfunder appeal was launched, and Edwards pledged her 1989-90 Whitbread medal in exchange for a £2,000 donation. However, a mysterious benefactor has donated £10,000 and told Edwards to keep the medal. Visit www.themaidenfactor.org/donate…