World of Animals Book of the Animal Kingdom

World Of Animals Book Of The Animal Kingdom 3rd Edition

From the journey of the Arctic tern to the relationship between tigers and man, this book is packed with in-depth profiles of some of the world's most amazing animals. Learn about the make-up of the animal kingdom and understand the incredible adaptability of land, air and sea-dwelling creatures through beautiful illustrations and wildlife photography. Including animals from all walks of life, this newly revised edition of Book of the Animal Kingdom is perfect for all animal lovers. Land animals - Get a closer look at Earth's land-roaming creatures, from lions to meerkats Amphibians & Reptiles - Learn about some of the world's deadliest and most exotic species Sea creatures - Breach the depths of the world's oceans to follow the lives of sea-dwelling beasts Birds & Insects - Grasp the diversity of the animal kingdom with these creatures and critters

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