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Beat combines competent hardware and software tests with dedicated reviews as well as reports and interviews from musicians and the music business. We will report on music production with the latest synthesizers and computers, introduce new trends in recording, and always have our finger on the pulse with up-to-date reports. Many well-known specialist report on the widespread music production solutions and experienced editors take care of the most important entertainment and scene topics. This magazine is a platform for musicians and contains a regular demo and MP3 section for readers as well as a download with high-quality sample and music files for creative musicians. Software licenses available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here:

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Delay and modulation giant D16 Sigmund If you like characterful echo effects and spacy delay experiments, Sigmund is a joy to work with! Our full version by d16 is much more than a delay effect: The plug-in is a real secret weapon for delay and modulation effects of any kind. But the remarkably flexible creative tool is also equipped for exciting filter and distortion effects and complex modulations. Plenty of reasons to ask Sigmund to get on the couch! | get your license: win | mac 2,5 GB sound gems Best Service Engine Artists Library Best Service invites Beat readers to a journey into a manifold sound cosmos. The 2,5 GB pack contains selected sounds from 16 packs, ready to play for the flexible player and multi-sampler Engine 2 are waiting to be used…

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The common thread: Beat issue 08/2020 For many years, Beat has been inspiring its readers not only with practical and musical topics, but above all with the tight integration of editorial content. From the very beginning, Beat is all about creating, about the structured building of ideas and the common thread - in the magazine as well as in the tracks. This navigator shows you the highlights of this issue and allows you to see the big picture. Studio Insights: Francesca Lombardo Italian-born multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Francesca Lombardo transcends expectations with her latest album Life Of Leaf. Danny Turner discovers how her classical training informed its creation. Review: Sequential Pro 3 The design and construction of the Pro 2, combined with analog oscillators based on the Pro One, makes the Pro 3 the most…

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Free samples for music, games, trailers and creative sound design The sample pack 99 Sound Effects is a high-quality collection of royalty-free sound effects designed for use in trailers, film scores, game development, music production, podcasts and other creative purposes. The included SFX files have been carefully edited and mastered to get you started right away. The library includes a range of sound effects, complex sound textures and various digital sounds that can be used in any audio or video project. Rumbling subs and striking swooshes and risers are also included, just waiting to be used in the next blockbuster. But of course, the sounds are compatible with any music that needs fresh effects and textures. 99 Sound Effects also includes a set of retro-inspired SFX sounds that are a great addition…

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the way to your first production

Again and again, we receive your reader e-mails with the wish for introductory reading for prospective musicians and producers with a home studio. With our free Studio Starter, this wish has finally come true and this is a permanent solution, because you will find the guide as a download with every Beat issue in the future. The e-book starts gently with an explanation of plug-ins and their components, illustrates basic information about microphones, audio interfaces and mixers and answers questions such as „What is a DAW?“ or „Where are plug-ins installed?“, before continuing at a decent pace, for example with a double page on the topic of synthesizers and their sound generation methods, explaining how a sound is created. Helpful tips for beginners and advanced users But even advanced users will find useful…

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FROM IDEA TO FINISHED PRODUCTION GET MORE TRACKS DONE QUICKLY Who doesn’t know this: The kiss of the muse awakens creativity, but the technical side of music production puts the brakes on. So it happens that chaos reigns on the studio tables of this world and a multitude of devices improve the sound, but at the same time require unnecessarily complicated procedures for integration. So cables have to be replugged, routings adapted and workflows changed in order to produce at least a few sounds. Lengthy editing and post-processing sessions in software can also reduce the fun of making music. One or the other will even have put some songs on hold just because of the thought of postproduction. But don’t panic: Help is on the way! In our big special we show…

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One EQ for everything: sonible frei: raum This plug-in combines three EQ techniques under one hood, which can make it the tool of choice for a wide range of tasks. In particular, the smart:EQ+ is a real wonder weapon in mixing and mastering and can be used on any track. It saves a lot of time and guarantees great results. The entropy: EQ+ is a kind of multi-band transient designer that, in contrast to traditional transient designer plug-ins, can be used to varying degrees in different frequency ranges. This makes it possible to boost the attack in the highs and the harmonic components in the mids or lows. This gives you a lot of freedom, especially in sound design. This also applies to the proximity: EQ+, which makes it possible to…