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Beat combines competent hardware and software tests with dedicated reviews as well as reports and interviews from musicians and the music business. We will report on music production with the latest synthesizers and computers, introduce new trends in recording, and always have our finger on the pulse with up-to-date reports. Many well-known specialist report on the widespread music production solutions and experienced editors take care of the most important entertainment and scene topics. This magazine is a platform for musicians and contains a regular demo and MP3 section for readers as well as a download with high-quality sample and music files for creative musicians. Software licenses available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here:

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get started software highlights

The final word on 808 d16 Nepheton + 150 drum patterns No other drum machine has been copied in hardware or software as often as Roland‘s TR-808, and it‘s no wonder. It has, after all, influenced countless musical genres, from Hip Hop and Electro to Techno and House to R&B, Pop and Trap. One of the best virtual replicas of this cult device is without doubt the d16 Nepheton. So we are even more pleased to present this cult drummer to you as this month‘s highlight! Download: | Info: win | mac Your arsenal for fat drums XXL Overdrive & Filter Bundle Distortion, Filtering and Tape Saturation are not only among the most popular effects, but also the most effective tools for sound shaping of drums and synths. In particular, the classic amp overdrive…

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beat #180: exclusive software 12 gb of valuable plug-ins and samples for download

4,4 GB: Synths & Sounds for Glitch-Hop, Trance and One of the best virtual replicas of Roland‘s legendary drum machine TR-808 awaits you as a highlight this month. The d16 Nepheton is a real enrichment for every genre of electronic music. The perfect complement is our XXL Overdrive & Filter Bundle: With five distortion units, virtual tape machines and filters you can give (not only) drums more punch and bite. The brand new LoFi EDM sound bank also guarantees long-term inspiration, both for our plug-in Zampler//RX and for Akai‘s MPC series. Finally, the 4.4 GB large sample collection offers fresh sound food for Dubstep, Glitch-Hop, Trance and Drum & Bass, proffered by sound smiths like Prime Loops and WA Production. All sounds are approved for use. Please note the enclosed license agreement. Content compiled by the…

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navigator: best of beat # 180

The Common Thread: Beat Issue 01/2021 For many years Beat has been inspiring its readers not only with practical and musical topics, but above all with the tight integration of editorial content. From the very beginning, Beat has been about creating, about the structured building of ideas and the common thread - in the magazine as well as in the tracks. This navigator shows you the highlights of this issue and allows you to see the big picture. Studio Insights: Ólafur Arnalds With modern technology, character and lots of feeling: Ólafur Arnalds has successfully bridged the gap between classical and electronic music. Danny Turner spoke with him about how the Stratus Software has influenced the sound of his latest album. Page 48 Review: Waldorf Iridium A digital synthesizer in a class of its own: Iridium…

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New Creative Effects and Amps: IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 IK Multimedia has updated their AmpliTube 5 amp emulator plug-in for all guitarists and bassists. Not only does it shine visually in a newly designed user interface, but under the hood it aims to provide emphasis with more than 400 amps, effects and monitors. Up to 57 of these effects can be used simultaneously. The amps and effect racks can be individually combined as an effect chain. In addition, the innovative IR technology „VIR“ was implemented in the cabinet section. For a realistic sound, up to 2400 impulse responses per loudspeaker were measured for all 100 cabinets. Two virtually movable microphones help to align the optimal speaker sound. Furthermore, there is a new mixer available as 8-track-DAW. Up to 19 rack effects…

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use your potential selling sound samples, songs & trailer generate income in corona times

No matter if you usually perform live, are on tour as a DJ or with a band or are standing in front of an audience in any other way… in the current situation all these jobs are simply not available, and the huge amount of live streams, which had grown rapidly during the first lockdown, quickly turned out to be a bursting bubble. At least streams of DJ sets or virtual mini-parties, because on the one hand parties in front of the home computer are not comparable with the “real thing” and on the other hand a serious income through virtual entrance or sponsoring is not realistic. But there are also stream formats that are currently booming. In the penultimate Beat issue (11/20) we reported on this and showed how…

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what to do in case of need?

Beat / The effects of the Corona crisis have hit musicians hard. Do you have any tips on how to make money with music despite the crisis? Paul / Many industries had to react to the crisis this year by moving meetings, events and workflows into the digital world. In the world of art and culture, too, there are numerous examples in which this reorientation has been used as an opportunity and many new possibilities have arisen out of necessity. I believe that in many cases, sticking to the previous real world formats cannot work in the current situation. We are all encouraged to rethink, and we all have the opportunity to use our creativity to make our art and culture possible in the digital world. There are numerous platforms and…