Beat English 06-2021

Beat combines competent hardware and software tests with dedicated reviews as well as reports and interviews from musicians and the music business. We will report on music production with the latest synthesizers and computers, introduce new trends in recording, and always have our finger on the pulse with up-to-date reports. Many well-known specialist report on the widespread music production solutions and experienced editors take care of the most important entertainment and scene topics. This magazine is a platform for musicians and contains a regular demo and MP3 section for readers as well as a download with high-quality sample and music files for creative musicians. Software licenses available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here:

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software highlights

Killer groovebox Akai MPC Beats & Expansions A full DAW, Drum Sampler, Looper and Groovebox all in one? MPC Beats is all that and delivers 13 GB of high-quality drums, loops and instruments that enhance every style of music. This software can be used stand-alone or as a VST/AU plug-in in any DAW. This month‘s software highlight is the ideal partner for inspiration and groove. Download: | Info: win | mac Essential synth pack AIR TubeSynth, Bassline & Electric TubeSynth was developed by AIR Music Tech and is based on the same analog modeling technology previously found in the tube monster Vacuum Pro. The result is the full range from snotty rumbling basses to smooth round pads. Bassline emulates the sound of classic vintage mono synthesizers, while Electric provides classic electric piano sounds, ideal for…

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navigator: best of beat # 185

The common thread: Beat issue 06/2021 For many years, Beat has been inspiring its readers not only with practical and musical topics, but above all with the tight integration of editorial content. From the very beginning, Beat has been about creating, about the structured building of ideas and the common thread - in the magazine as well as in the tracks. This navigator shows you the highlights of this issue and allows you to see the big picture. Studio Insights: Clark The production process behind Chris Clark’s entry into soundtrack has increasingly filtered into his solo work. Danny Turner discusses the making of his ambitious new album “Playground in a Lake“. Page 54 Review: Novation Circuit Tracks The new edition of the popular Circuit groovebox offers a little bit more of everything. In addition to…

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Creative Effect Bundle Softube Volume 5 Swedish developers Softube have put together their Volume 5 mixing and mastering bundle. It contains guitar sounds, reverb effects, compressors, equalizers, modulation effects and distortion, including the four new effects Amp Room, Marshall Cabinet Collection and Weiss EQ MP, as well as the synthesizer Statement Lead. Vintage Amp Room, already included with its predecessor, has now been expanded to include Amp Room and the Marshall Cabinet Collection. This gives guitarists a complete modular configurable amp suite. Not only are there various speakers and amplifiers to choose from, but also a number of floor effects. As an emulation of the Weiss EQ1, the legendary hardware equalizer, the very low-latency Weiss EQ MP has been added to the bundle. Complementing the Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer, mixes can…

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producer tips on beat podcast

Which hardware plug-ins do others like to use, what do they pay attention to when producing their music, how is their studio set up? When working with labels, producing remixes or at live events, one thing quickly became clear to our host Rüdiger Keller: everyone has their own style, not only musically, but also when it comes to creators. This led to the idea … hey… let‘s make a podcast on this! Talking to musicians face-to-face The concept is simple: each show features a producer and three of his tracks. We talk about his approach to producing, tools and techniques and, most importantly, the fun of it all. It doesn‘t matter how successful the guests are. What counts is what they have to say. We talk about technology, production methods, views and…

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soundtracks for movies, games & techno get started & earn money

Music is omnipresent: in films, series, documentaries, games and trailers, in advertising and on the radio as well as on video portals such as YouTube. Accordingly, there is a great need for fresh tracks in a wide variety of styles, from epic orchestral music to modern electronic productions, which can create lucrative revenue opportunities for composers. So it is no wonder that there is a great variety of labels and libraries that offer music for moving pictures. Some examples are Universal Publishing, Warner/Chapell, Roba Production Music, and Music Sculptor. The spectrum ranges from small libraries specializing in certain genres or uses to exclusive libraries with a focus on trailer music. While some providers specialize in GEMA-free compositions, others require membership in a collecting society. In this case, when you use your…

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production music: how to get started!

Beat / Could you briefly explain what production music is? Anselm / Production music has been specially produced for later use in audiovisual productions (features, films, documentaries, commercials, trailers, etc.) or auditory productions (audio books, podcasts, etc.). It is usually well categorized and offered with many sub-versions (alternative mixes as well as short versions) within a music library. There, the producer of one of the mentioned formats can search titles by moods, diverse musical characteristics and keywords. Beat / What are the requirements of production music and what should be considered during the composition, the arrangement and the production? Anselm / Production music should generally express a chosen mood very consistently. Arbitrary changes, e.g. from happy to sad, are not purposeful, since it is unlikely that such a change will be in exactly…