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Belle February - March 2020

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Belle is an interior design and decoration magazine, with a focus on Australia and the world’s finest homes. Belle keeps readers up to date with local and international news and trends in design, interiors, art, architecture, furniture, fabrics and wallpaper, food, travel and luxury goods.

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60 seconds with andrea black

For this issue of Belle, Andrea embarked on seven of the world’s most spectacular sea voyages for our luxe Cruising Special, see p163. “Luxury cruise lines have realised we want an experience that caters to our own interests both on shore and at sea,” says Andrea. “We don’t want to be led on group tours to tick off ‘bucket-list’ sites.” What have been your favourite career experiences? Visiting Le Corbusier’s ‘vertical garden city’ Unité d’Habitation in Marseille, France, was incredible, as was touring Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann’s buildings in Phnom Penh with a local architect. I am a big music fan, too, so a private visit to Elvis Presley’s mid-century Beverly Hills home, now used by The Future Perfect as gallery space, was a highlight. Your enduring creative influences? Music.…

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editor’s letter

Hey Siri, play I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters.” Welcome to 2020. No matter how it rolls off your tongue – twenty-twenty or two-thousand-and-twenty – it feels rather surreal having arrived in this decade. It’s a time that, pre-Y2K dramas, I dreamed was so far away it would feel like an eternity between then and now. Suddenly being here, though, it’s a little different to what I’d imagined: mostly because I don’t have a flying car in the garage, and Rosie the robot isn’t at home preparing dirty martinis at the end of each working day (if only Siri had arms and legs!). Nonetheless, there are so many things to be excited about right now, and in this agenda-setting issue of Belle. First on the list, we have that new…

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new year solutions

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spy belle

The strength of rock, the ethereality of paper and the possibility of scissors unite in a harmonious fusion of modern elements.From the earth’s raw materials, precious objets and one-of-a-kind artistry are born at the skilled hands of the sculptor. STYLIST ASSISTANTS JACOB OLSEN, LUCI GRANT. HANDWRITING BY LESLEY WORKMAN…

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10 years call for entries

» In association with COCO REPUBLIC, Australia’s leading furniture and design brand, Belle is delighted to announce that entries are open for the 2020 INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS » Now in its tenth year, this prestigious awards program is committed to supporting the creativity and innovation of the local industry by celebrating and rewarding excellence in Australian interior design and decoration by individuals, partnerships and design practices at residential, hospitality and commercial levels. 2020 AWARDS CATEGORIES » BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR» BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR – READERS’ CHOICE» BEST RESIDENTIAL KITCHEN DESIGN» BEST RESIDENTIAL BATHROOM DESIGN» BEST HOSPITALITY INTERIOR» BEST COMMERCIAL INTERIOR» BEST WORK WITH COLOUR» EMERGING DESIGN STAR» HALL OF FAME» BELLE/COCO REPUBLIC INTERIOR DESIGNER OF THE YEAR SPONSORED BY SUPPORTING SPONSORS ENTRIES CLOSE MARCH 16 FOR AN ENTRY KIT AND FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE EMAIL BELLEAWARDS@BAUER-MEDIA.COM.AU…

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made you look

SYDNEY ON THE HORIZON OPERATING IN THE ROMANTIC TRADITION OF LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY, AMANDA WILLIAMS EMBRACES THE MATERIAL POSSIBILITIES OF HER MEDIUM AND THE UNPREDICTABLE ‘AFTERLIFE’ OF HER EPIC SWEEPS (BELOW) – CAPTURED ON EXPIRED ILFORD FILM AND HAND-PRINTED ON MURAL-SIZED, FIBRE-BASED PAPER – AS THE CHEMICAL PROCESS AFFECTS SUBTLE MUTATIONS. FEBRUARY 1-29. THECOMMERCIALGALLERY.COM ADELAIDE STITCHES IN TIME Sewn together with the discombobulating logic of the digital realm and its flattening of dissonant ideas and images, Paul Yore’s phantasmagorias are by turns comical and disquieting in their intensely layered scramble of chauvinist slogans, trash iconography and homoeroticism. Does My Ideology Look Big in This? (above) forms part of the artist’s series, ‘Crown of Thorns’. February 6-March 7. hugomichellgallery.com SYDNEY COAST TO COAST Titled after the Solomon Islands expression meaning ‘one ocean, one people’, ‘Wansolwara: One Salt Water’ is a…