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Best Buys – Audio & AV

Issue 2 - 2020

Best Buys Audio & AV is loaded to the gills with authoritative reviews on all types of hi-fi and home theatre products, from wireless speakers to valve amplifiers, AV projectors and streaming computer audio – it’s a must-read for those looking to assemble or upgrade their home entertainment systems. By publishing easy-to-read, well researched reviews, Best Buys Audio & AV provides at-a-glance summaries together with detailed reviews by Australia’s most experienced hi-fi and AV teams from Sound+Image and Australian Hi-Fi magazines.

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the hi–fi headlines

We are seeing some tantalising bargains at the moment while manufacturers and distributors attempts to keep business flowing during these interesting times, with one of the more enticing being from PS Audio. SAVE $1,000 ON THE PS AUDIO STELLAR POWER PLANT 3. The Hi-Fi community has now discovered the advantages of power conditioners, and PS Audio is arguably the most recognisable brand out there. While PS Audio make a range of excellent Hi-Fi products their reputation for power conditioners is second to none. Like most PS Audio offerings, the Steller Power Plant 3 is a power regenerator. It takes the incoming voltage and rebuilds it to perfect AC. The P3 includes 3 separate zones delivering 300 watts of pure regenerated power, 500 watts of short-term power and a whopping 900 watts for short…

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the perfect blend of performance and value

Now is the time to take that next step, the step up from mass-market audio to a superior sound experience. Paradigm’s new Premier Series is the clear choice with its affordable high-performance range of loudspeakers. Meticulously designed and crafted in Canada, the Premier Series feature exclusive audio technologies, backed by fundamental industry-leading audio research, to deliver an experience beyond anything else in this price range. Patented Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter and Midrange Lens Technology A distinctive perforated lens in front of the tweeter and midrange drivers increase and smooth output without colouring the sound, while also protecting the drivers from getting damaged. Patented Active Ridge Technology (ART™) Surrounds Premier features Paradigm’s patented Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds, made in-house and overmoulded directly onto each woofer and midrange cone. This design achieves greater excursion, for…

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benq gs2 portable led projector

A couple of years ago we spent some time with BenQ’s GS1, a nifty little Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled portable unit with built-in battery, great for a few hours of group entertainment anywhere — projecting onto the side of a tent while camping, perhaps. What could be cooler? Well, the new BenQ GS2, it turns out. Equipment Where the GS1 was (kind-of) a traditional projector in miniature, the GS2 is very different, a near-cube, coloured a gentle tan. Impact protection is built in: the box proclaims that the unit can cope with a half-metre drop (we didn’t try). And it’s IPX2 rated — that’s splash-proof, but don’t leave it out in a storm. It comes with a nicely retro canvas carry bag. The GS2 can tilt back on its base to guide the direction…

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epson eh-tw7100 av projector

Our second projector this issue is a full-size benchtop or ceiling-mount model, built to deliver true home cinema-quality bigscreen projection. Epson EH-TW7100 comes equipped with its ‘4K Pro-UHD’ feature, complete with a dedicated 4K Pixel-Shift processor, and a list price of $2649. We remember back when even full-HD projectors were up around $10,000. So this appears a bargain, especially as it also comes with green credentials: this Japanese company has been aggressive in its pursuit of eco-friendly design and recycling for all its products since way back before eco-friendliness became a potential way to promote your products to eco-alert consumers. Equipment The imaging technology inside the Epson EH-TW7100 involves three full-HD polysilicon TFT active matrix LCD panels, long Epson’s projection technology of choice. Each panel is 15.5mm wide. It aims to use…

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optoma uhd50x av projector

It’s clear at whom our third projector this issue, the Optoma UHD50X, is chiefly aimed. The very first feature mentioned is that this is: “The World’s First 240Hz Cinema Gaming Projector”. Since cinema movies run at only a tenth of that frame-rate, it’s gaming that’s the stand-out feature here. But there are also plenty of cinema-friendly attributes, like 4K resolution and support for HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). Let’s look into both sides of this projector. Equipment The Optoma UHD50X is an Ultra-HD projector. It uses a 1080p Digital Micromirror Device with four-way pixel-shifting to generate a true 3840×2160 pixels. Optoma rates its brightness at a very high 3400 lumens, and contrast ratio also very high at 500,000:1. The lamp is rated at up to 15,000 hours of life depending on the…

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tcl 65x10 qled mini led 4k television

The latest 2020 televisions are seeing various companies making real attempts to beat OLED on its own turf: unsurpassed black levels, precisely fitted to the images on the screen. TCL’s premium range this year is the X10 series, and we were able to lay hands on the 65-inch version, the 65X10, even before the model hit TCL’s Australian website. And here the company is challenging OLED with what it calls QLED ‘Mini LED’ technology. The TCL 65X10 QLED Mini LED TV provides superb black performance, if at the cost of some pixels in certain circumstances. Subjectively, it’s about as good as OLED. This is one fine TV. Equipment OLED manages its black-level precision thanks to every pixel acting as its own light and being able to ramp smoothly all the way down to…