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Best-Ever Home Shop Ideas

Best-Ever Home Shop Ideas Fall-11

The best ideas on workshop setup from WOOD magazine come together in these comprehensive magazines. Find innovative shop organizers, storage, floor coverings, tool selection—in effect, everything you need to create your own workspace, organize a garage, or update your existing work area.

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building a wood shop that fits like a glove

Whether you work at a counter in your garage or have a dedicated area with a few tools, making the most of your home work space and purchasing the right tools is vital. To help you make the most of whatever space you have available and to help you buy the tools that suit your needs, the editors at WOOD® magazine have searched through hundreds of back issues to find the best projects and tool reviews to help you along the way. These shop-tested projects and tools will save you time, allow you to work more efficiently, and equip your work area with projects and tools that will do you the most good. WOOD magazine Managing Editor…

6 min.
transform your shop in a weekend

Imagine a workshop where you can find every tool, jig, and board almost without looking. Whether you’re machining lumber, assembling parts, sanding, or finishing, everything you need is situated within easy reach. Who owns this awesome shop? You do, if you drop the indecision, bad habits, and sloppy housekeeping that lead to clutter and frustration. We’ll show how to do that and reorganize your shop to focus on woodworking. Start with a thorough thinning First round up some 30-gallon heavy-duty garbage bags, several plastic tubs with lids, and a permanent marker. Inside your shop, empty waste cans and throw away chunks of wood less than 1’ long and anything that’s obviously trash or broken beyond repair. Toss or recycle empty tool cases you’ll never use again. Strip reusable hardware from jigs customized for tools…

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a home for every hand tool

When you’re fussy about where every tool is (and what’s missing), tool organization gets high priority. By day, Trevor Dyck works as a service writer and technician at Southern California Motorcycles in Brea, Calif. His coworkers say that Trevor is a stickler for details and order. Trevor carries that fervor into his home shop, too, where he enjoys working on projects—and not being frustrated with tool searches. Trevor organizes his tool-chest drawers with foam inserts cut to fit specific tools. We asked him to take notes on setting up foam-lined drawers using two different products. On pages 8–10, he shows how to set up his tool drawers with foam sheets from Cascade Tool and Foam (toolfoam.com) and Craftsman (craftsman.com). Because Cascade markets primarily to industrial customers setting up many tool cabinets, you may…

7 min.
hard-working, space-saving bench-tool system

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS • Overall dimensions: Tool cabinet, 27 3/4" wide × 25 3/16" deep × 85 7/8" high. Tool base, 21 7/8" wide × 22 13/16" deep × 36 7/8" high. • Inexpensive materials are easy on the wallet. One-stop home-center shopping and simple construction make this a great weekend project. • Benchtop tools bolt to trays that fit over the top of the tool base. For storage, lift the tool and tray off the base, and slide them into the cabinet. • Roll the cabinets out to work, away for storage. Dual-locking casters provide both mobility and stability. Skill Builders • Make a simple jig to cut rabbets for half-lap joints in multiple oversize parts at once. See a Slide Show of this project coming together at: woodmagazine.com/benchsystem Make the case sides 1 Select straight 2×4s with as few knots…

5 min.
at-the-ready clamp organizer

Because you can never have too many clamps, woodworkers tend to accumulate a lot of them. And because clamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes, storing them can be tricky. Here’s a simple solution based on commonly available adjustable shelf hardware. We’ll show you how to build six outside supports and three center supports to make three clamp racks. Make the supports and rods Note: We achieved the 24" spacing of our wall standards by hanging them from a rail screwed into studs in the wall. Common spacing for studs is 16" on-center, so adjust the length of parts (D) and (E) if you screw your standards directly to the studs. Also, the dimensions of double-slot wall standards and shelf brackets vary from one manufacturer to another, so have yours…

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safekeeping for saw blades

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS • Overall dimensions: 11½" wide × 12" deep × 13¾" high. • Stores a stack dado set and five 10" saw blades. • Expand it to store additional blades by making a wider case and adding more hangers. • Hang your dado set on three pullout hangers so you can get right to the blades and chippers when you need them. • A pair of interlocking cleats makes wall-mounting a snap. • If space allows, use the top of the case as a shelf and hang tablesaw accessories, such as throat plates and pushsticks, from the sides. • For the lumber and other items needed to build this project, see the next page. Cut the parts to size Cut the rails (A) and panels (B) to size [Materials List, below]. From 1/8" tempered hardboard, cut the 12…