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Best of Flea Market StyleBest of Flea Market Style

Best of Flea Market Style


Mixing and matching to create your own personal decor has never been easier, thanks to Best of Flea Market Style magazine. It’s filled with beautiful homes that show how collectibles and tag-sale finds can turn any home into a warm, personal design statement. Readers also meet fellow collectors, and learn tips and tricks for turning flea market finds into stunning furnishings and accessories.

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editor’s note

It’s hard to match the thrill of a flea market treasure hunt, particularly when it’s the world famous Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts. That’s exactly where I found myself this past fall, sleuthing for Japanese indigo and primitive pieces while trying my best not to get sidetracked by all the other delightfully chippy things in my path.I finally stumbled upon the coveted vintage fabric at May’s Field—one of 23 independently operated fields along a 1-mile stretch of Route 20—and snatched up as many pieces as I could afford. (Authentic Japanese indigo doesn’t come cheap!) Check out the other treasures our team unearthed at Brimfield and beyond in “Hot Collectibles,” page 34, and see how we turned some of our haul into practical decoration in “Found Decor,” page 76.This issue is…

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best of fleamarket style

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farmhouse twist

The Kern family gathers in their dining room around a harvest table from a New York farm featuring the original owner’s carved initials. Erin found the antique mantel online for $100 and papered the firebox with old book pages.The content of the living room’s Gothic-style cabinet changes with the seasons or anytime Erin feels inspired to weave in new acquisitions.Erin spotted this old butcher’s block in a local antiques shop and repurposed it as a table.As her legions of social media followers know, Erin Kern, creator of the blog Cotton Stem, loves to share a good story. And pretty much every piece within her Tulsa-area home comes with its own special tale. The swoon-worthy Gothic cabinet in Erin’s living room, for example, is one she posted photos of while antiquing…

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treasure hunt

SHOP ONLINE.Erin is as apt to visit Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace as she is to drive to her favorite flea markets and antiques stores. “Often, people selling items on these sites are simply in a hurry to declutter,” she says. “Their rush is your gain.”ALWAYS ASK IF SOMETHING IS FOR SALE.“Some of my favorite finds were marked ‘display only,’ but if the price is right, those pieces could become yours,” she says. It never hurts to inquire whether the dealer can bear to part with a piece.BEFRIEND ANTIQUES SHOP OWNERS AND DEALERS.“These people are in the know,” Erin says. “I’ve had many pieces sourced directly from one of my shop-owner buddies simply because I told them I was hunting for this or that.” Dealers, she says, love the thrill of…

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collect it

GALVANIZED METAL OLIVE BUCKETSOriginally used in Greece and Turkey to harvest and rinse vegetables and fruits—most notably olives—galvanized metal buckets, with their perforated drainage holes and Mediterranean farmhouse bona fides, are an increasingly popular means of layering instant texture into a room. Vintage examples dating from the 1940s can be found at flea markets, antiques stores, or online and can cost upward of several hundred dollars, depending on size. You can find reproductions for as little as $20 at crafts and retail stores. Imperfections such as rust, scratches, dents, missing handles or fasteners, and discoloration are prized signs of age in vintage buckets; newer examples often exhibit smooth, uniform finishes that lack patina or sometimes sport faux rust.…

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colorfully curated

Kim and her husband, Steve, hang out with their children, Brody and Jack, and pup Izzy on the front steps of their Victorian-era home, which sat on the market for quite a time before the Daunises purchased it. “It had a ton of potential,” Kim says. “It just needed the right people to untap it.”The foyer’s narrow footprint and asymmetrical walls presented decorating challenges that forced Kim to get creative. A shallow church pew that neatly tucks under the stairwell proved to be the perfect piece for kicking off shoes and dropping bags. The gallery featuring artwork in a mix of thrifted wood- and gilded-frames fills awkward wall spaces. A rug repeats the golden, orange, and blue tones found in the dining room’s colorful wallcovering.“I’m drawn to pieces that come…