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Best 15-2021

Best delivers a varied and lively mix of ideas and inspiration to inform and entertain real women and help them get more out of every aspect of their busy lives. Best is topical, practical, offering more variety than any other weekly by embracing traditional topics in a modern way.

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the book of dreams

Sitting in the living room, I carefully arranged my ponies. Gently brushed and plaited their colourful manes and excitedly lined them up ready for the wedding. It was 1986 and I was six years old. My dad, Stan, sat beside me and smiled happily as I played contentedly for hours with my impressive collection of My Little Ponies. Christmas was approaching, so I’d already spent time – hours – flicking through the magical toy book, the Argos catalogue, studying each page, filled with everything a little girl could dream of. And dream I did…! I’d gaze at each amazing doll, teddy and game and wonder what I would do if Santa brought me everything on my never-ending wish list. And it became a ritual each year. As Christmas approached, me and my mum, Linda,…

2 min
what’s up doc?

TERRIFYING DREAMS I’m a 57-year-old woman in good health and, apart from the stress of the pandemic, generally happy. But the problems happen at night. I often get these terrible nightmares, usually on the same theme, of being chased by a stranger through a park, and I end up screaming and waking my husband. I am even lashing out at him in my sleep. Can anything be done to stop them? Gail, Liverpool DR HILARY SAYS: Don’t underestimate the stress of the pandemic. Fear of the unknown where timescales are uncertain can create considerable anxiety and, in turn, this can stimulate recurrent bad dreams and nightmares. Being chased is a common theme, a reflection of a conviction that you cannot escape your problems. Try to identify any other unresolved issues in your daily…

4 min
‘mirror, mirror on the wall…’

I hadn’t realised I was ‘different’ until I was nine years old. Singing at my local choir, I caught the eye of a woman in the crowd. She moved her hand up to her face and made a gesture for me to remove something from my skin. Confused, it took me a moment to realise she meant my birthmark. Every time I glanced over, she would make the same gesture. After we’d finished singing the pastor asked if anyone had any remarks. The same lady stood up and blurted out: ‘I wanted the young lady to remove what was on her face, but I realised she couldn’t.’ She was looking directly at me. It was the first time anyone had ever pointed my birthmark out so… publicly. I’d been born with a nevus birthmark, otherwise known…

2 min
fear – the most serious side-effect of covid response

‘There are many strange resultant aspects of the past year, but one of the most serious and potentially irreversible conditions is what I’m calling FOGO (Fear Of Going Out). It’s a bit like Stockholm Syndrome. Just in case you don’t know what that is, it’s when people start to bond with, or depend on, whatever is controlling them, like a captor in a kidnapping. They become so conditioned to psychological manipulation or abuse, they often don’t want to be freed. And this seems to be affecting a fairly large chunk of the population. Having been locked up and deprived of normal life and human contact for so long, many are either nervous of going out or have got so used to their new way of life, they actually like it and don’t want…

2 min
gemma’s big spring shape up

The GC is determined to get healthy and slim down – and judging by her social media posts in recent weeks, she means business. Gemma Collins, 40, has been posting her weight-loss progress for fans – revealing just last week that she’d done a 10-mile walk, as she posed proudly in black workout gear. Taking to Instagram (looking positively glowing), the Essex queen posted a sassy pic doing the ‘peace’ sign, alongside the caption, ‘10 MILES! Woohoo YEAH BABY, I’m so proud of myself! I could only do 2 miles a few weeks back!’ She added: ‘I’m loving my transformation, mentally and physically. Also put a call in to @realtamerhassan for some motivation on the walk and he said Gemma!!! Don’t fall at the last hurdle – he’s right! I gotta keep going!…

2 min
meghan’s ‘dread’

As the fallout from Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey last month continues to be felt, a new tell-all book has been announced. The as-yet-untitled book, about the Duchess of Sussex, will be written by Tom Bower, who, it’s been reported, has already signed a six-figure deal. The master of unauthorised life stories, who has penned revelatory books including Rebel Prince – a scathing account of Charles that portrayed him as vain, cold and out of touch – will have his latest book published by Simon & Schuster. It may not hit bookshops until 2022 but, according to one source, it is ‘the book Meghan will be dreading’. ‘Tom doesn’t pull his punches, and is terrifyingly thorough in his research. No stone will be left unturned.’ The author’s previous books have included ones on…