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Best 22-2022

Best delivers a varied and lively mix of ideas and inspiration to inform and entertain real women and help them get more out of every aspect of their busy lives. Best is topical, practical, offering more variety than any other weekly by embracing traditional topics in a modern way.

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our men are diy disasters!

‘If he wasn’t so big-hearted, he’d be under the patio by now!’ Caroline Bigg, 55, from West Sussex, is a company director and lives with her husband Alan Coming downstairs with his tool bag, my husband Alan, 58, looked proud as punch. ‘You’ve done it?’ I asked, incredulously. ‘Yep,’ he said, grinning. I’d wanted our television on the bedroom wall for ages. Heading to admire his handiwork, I opened the door and gasped. The television was literally on the ceiling. I’d asked him to do it level with the doors so we could watch it from bed, but he’d lined up the bottom of the TV with them. ‘We can’t watch that,’ I said, aghast. ‘We’ll get cricks in our neck!’ But I couldn’t get too mad. He’d tried. Yet again I’d learned, my husband is a…

5 min
‘i take things as they come in life…’

The words ‘musical legend’ get bandied about with surprising ease, but in Eddy Grant’s case, they couldn’t be more fitting. One of Britain’s best-loved reggae stars, the Guyanese native (his country has honoured him with not only a lifetime achievement award, but his own postage stamp!) kicked off his recording career in Sixties London with The Equals, one of the country’s first racially integrated pop groups, who had an unforgettable No.1 hit with Baby Come Back. Eddy, now 73, followed that success with songs including I Don’t Wanna Dance, and his platinum-selling Eighties album, Electric Avenue. Here, the reflective star, who performed at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebrations, tells best about the music he continues to make, famous friends swinging by his studio and why, despite the storms, his philosophy…

3 min
we’re all talking about

JOIN THE CONVERSATION Are you a HUGGER? Some of us are really tactile people, who used to cuddle our family and friends whenever we saw them. Those people will have undoubtedly missed hugging loved ones over the last year. But that definitely isn’t true for everyone… others like having their own space, perhaps find hugging awkward, especially if you don’t know someone that well, and don’t like being touched. This type of human contact isn’t for everyone. Now that the rules have changed (again!), are you itching to cuddle all your loved ones, or are you secretly quite pleased – relieved, even – that it’s perfectly acceptable not to socially hug again? Tell us what you think, and for those raring to get out, turn to page 45 for more info… WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell us…

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open-air theatre!

REGENT’S PARK, LONDON The award-winning Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is one of the largest in London, situated in the beautiful surroundings of a Royal park. A variety of summer shows, including Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel can be booked. Shows from 17 June. Visit openairtheatre.com THIRLESTANE CASTLE, SCOTLAND This magnificent 16th Century castle, set in a quiet meadow in the Scottish Borders, is just over half an hour south of Edinburgh. Join the all-female troupe on the front lawn, for a bicyclepowered production of Macbeth by Shakespeare. From 26 Aug. Visit thirlestanecastle.co.uk CARDIFF OPEN-AIR THEATRE Each year, the award-winning Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival attracts over 14,000 visitors a year across six weeks, in the centre of Cardiff. This year, Richard III by William Shakespeare, and The Railway Children by…

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three in a bed!

Nobody wants three people in their marriage, least of all when the third wheel is your mother-in-law. Even less so when your mother-in-law has passed away. But that’s exactly what Jane Drew has to cope with on a daily basis. She’s married to professional psychic David Drew, who insists he is in regular contact with the dead. Jane and David met back in 1984 in Blackpool, when Jane, now 57, attended one of David’s shows. A year later, they were married. Of course, Jane already suspected David’s work meant there might be some unusual goings-on in the marital home… Her first experience of the spirit world was in the early days of their relationship. ‘Sitting in the lounge, watching TV, David shouted something – I can’t remember the remark now – something jokey to…

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‘we’re living in a cancel culture – i agree with piers’

Since she burst on to our screens as a contestant in the first series of The Apprentice, Saira Khan has certainly made her presence felt. She may be just 5ft 1in, but this little ‘pocket rocket’ has been a Loose Woman, a columnist, a TV presenter and now a skincare specialist. But the best thing (we think!) about Saira is she’s never shy about coming forward and speaking her mind. Married to husband Steve Hyde and mum to Zac, 12, and Amara, 10 (the daughter she adopted at just a few days old from Pakistan), we caught up with the feisty 51-year-old, to talk about love in lockdown, staying in shape and why we all need to stop being so offended… Hi Saira, tell us about The Big Lunch, which you’re…