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Best 23-2021

Best delivers a varied and lively mix of ideas and inspiration to inform and entertain real women and help them get more out of every aspect of their busy lives. Best is topical, practical, offering more variety than any other weekly by embracing traditional topics in a modern way.

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start your week with a smile

1 BIRTHDAY BONANZA! Life always looks like a laugh with Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash – especially in these pictures! The loved-up pair posted the snaps on social media to celebrate son Rex’s second birthday of his rather fabulous Moana-themed party! ‘Watching you grow every day, learn and develops (sic) into such a special human alongside your brothers is our biggest privilege,’ wrote the 31-year-old Loose Woman. Presenters Charlotte, Susanna and Holly’s sunshine-hued dress choices are gold standard 2 Who wowed the crowd? It’s Summer time! And our celebs are in a sunny mood with these mellow yellow choices. Holly Willoughby, 40, looks cute in this gingham frock from LK Bennett, while we love this smart option from Damsel in a Dress modelled by Charlotte Hawkins, 46. Susanna Reid, 50, shows sleeves can be…

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7 easy ways to ditch a decade!

1 CONSIDER BOTOX Worried about looking frozen? It’s all in the application. Administered correctly and used in moderation, Botox can be fantastic and undetectable and, as a wrinkle-fighting youth-boosting treatment, you can’t beat it. A series of injections block nerve impulses, reducing muscle activity that causes lines and wrinkles, smoothing out furrows, erasing wrinkles and even giving a gentle lift – in fact, results can often mimic some of the skin-smoothing effects of facial surgery. Used in tiny amounts, known as ‘Microtox’, it can also result in tighter, smoother skin, with less visible pores and less oil production. You’ll see results within three to five days, lasting up to six months. From £199. 2 GET YOUR BAGS SORTED Eye bags and saggy droopy eyelids will add a decade to your face. If there…

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holiday like a royal

It’s not unusual for the small platform at King’s Lynn station in Norfolk to welcome a very famous commuter indeed. Yes, Her Majesty the Queen is a regular visitor, as she often travels by train when she relocates to her country estate in Sandringham, which is near the historic West Norfolk town. Indeed, the sight of HRH arriving on the sleepy platform signals the beginning of the Christmas season – last year was the very first time Her Majesty had not spent the festive season at the estate in over 30 years, due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. And it’s no wonder that she loves to mark the Christmas period at Sandringham, as it is located in some of the most beautiful countryside in the United Kingdom– and has strong meaning for…

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all that glitters

EYE-CATCHING Now that we’re officially going ‘out out’ again, why not make the most of glamming up? At just £3, shopping app wish.com is selling this palette Matte Glitter EyeShadow Shimmer with 15 different sparkly colours to choose from! So, what are you waiting for? The disco’s calling! DISCO DRINK In the words of Sophie Ellis-Bextor herself – this pink Marmalade Disco Gin by the singer really does feel so good – especially with its colour-changing effects. A definite must for pre-drinks with the girls (while listening to Murder on the Dancefloor, of course!) £35, pinkmarmaladegin.co.uk STILETTO SPARKLE These stunning pink glitter stilettos on are every woman’s disco dream – and they come in 18 different colours! You’ll add a touch of sparkle wherever you go. Get ready to kick up those heels… £42.80, amazon.co.uk ICE CREAMS FOR…

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the light room

This mother wears a flower pinned upside-down on her lapel and asks if her daughter’s nose can be chiselled into something less monstrous. I tuck a curl behind my ear and explain gently that only shadow and shade are alterable, not the size or shape of a nose. ‘But all I can see in these pictures is nose, nose, nose.’ This latest mother prods my computer screen like her finger is a wand that might change her frog offspring into the desired princess. ‘Make it right. Isn’t that what you do, dear?’ My screen bears the smudged mark of many such wands. I’m tired of asking the mothers not to touch it. ‘How about the black lines under her eyes?’ ‘Those we can smooth out,’ I say, as softly as the white…

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dear vanessa

SON’S NOT TELLING ME SOMETHING I don’t know for sure, but I think my 18-year-old son has got his girlfriend pregnant and he’s too scared to tell me. I’ve noticed her tummy is a little bigger than usual and I found a ‘young parents’ book under his laundry basket the other day. She’s also stopped drinking and they are both fond of a few. My maternal instinct already knows, but do I bring it up with him before he’s ready to tell me? I feel offended he’s keeping something so huge from me. Bea, Plymouth Go for it, would be my advice here. Bite the bullet and say what you see. Frankly, if the deed is already done, you risk nothing by expressing your thoughts. If you are wrong, there’s no real harm…