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Better Homes and Gardens November 2018

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welcome home

THE OWNERS Former accountant Cindy Taylor; her husband, Brian; and their two daughters, Lauren and Lily, opened the home-decor shop in 2015. THE NEIGHBORHOOD Located in Brenham on the eastern edge of Texas’ famous Hill Country, True Blue takes its name from the bluebonnet fields surrounding the store. It shares space with another mom-and-pop shop, Honeysuckle Coffee Bistro. WHAT’S INSIDE The inventory celebrates the Taylors’ love of all things blue-and-white and for crafting warm, timeless interiors that embody Southern hospitality. They encourage sink-in comfort with slipcovered chairs piled with John Robshaw pillows and pretty entertaining with a table set with monogrammed linens, calico-pattern tableware, and milk glass cake stands. Framed bird prints, boxwood and cotton-boll wreaths, and letterpress prints carry the look to your walls. OUR FAVORITE THINGS Lattes on the porch swing, creative workshops in the…

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lie about your age. and get away with it.

WHY AGE GRACEFULLY, WHEN YOU CAN AGE SUCCESSFULLY? Our bodies can be younger or older than our actual age depending upon diet, lifestyle choices and physical activity. This is called biological age, which could be different than the age on your driver’s license, which is called chronological age. A recent study of 900 adults who were tracked for 12 years, from ages 26-38, showed that people who were aging faster, meaning that their biological age was higher than their chronological age, were not as healthy or physically fit. This group was also more likely to show cognitive decline and was at a greater risk for age-related health conditions. Research demonstrates that the keys to aging successfully are a combination of exercising regularly, keeping engaged with life, and maintaining a healthy diet with…

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malachite’s moods

FOR THIS KITCHEN in a Hollywood Hills home, designer Caitlin Murray took her cues from the location. Palm trees on the California hillside inspired her choice of high-gloss green paint for the cabinetry and faux bois floor tiles. She amped up the glamour with black marble and brass fixtures (warm metallics are a natural partner for malachite). “I wanted a space that was sophisticated but rooted in nature,” she says. PREPPY Use warm blush accents like peach and apricot to create a space evocative of Palm Springs, CA. RICH Layer on jewel tone blues and greens to create a luxurious room you’ll want to sink into. CALMING A hit of green breaks up a neutral space while maintaining the serenity.…

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sweet variety

1 ’MYANMAR PURPLE’ Sweet, buttery yellow flesh with beautiful pink streaks and a more potatolike flavor than most sweets. 2 ’NANCY HALL’ Once grown widely in the American South, gardeners still prize the heirloom for its tasty yellow flesh. 3 ’BECCA’S PURPLE’ A dark purple potato, it’s packed with bioflavonoids and adds vibrant color to potato casseroles and pies. 4 ‘OKINAWAN PURPLE’ A longtime staple in Japan, this purple potato has high antioxidant levels and a sturdy, creamy flesh that makes it popular for mashing. 5 ‘O’HENRY’ An aromatic heirloom, it has a nutty flavor with hints of honey. 6 ‘CAROLINA RUBY’ Moist and subtly sweet with deep orange flesh. 7 ’MOLOKAI PURPLE’ Grown primarily in Hawaii, it has an almost berrylike flavor and firm flesh. Great for sweet potato fries. You can find a wide variety of sweet potato seedlings at sandhillpreservation.com.…

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flavor personalities

BRINES The meat traps some of the salty solution to render a moist, tender turkey. Prepare one, below, in a 10-qt. pot, cool, then add 12 cups ice. Add turkey, cover, and refrigerate 12 hours. THYME-PEPPERCORN Heat 12 cups water, ½ cups each kosher salt and sugar, 8 sprigs thyme, 5 bay leaves, and 1 Tbsp. peppercorns. CIDER-GINGER Heat 8 cups water; 4 cups apple cider; ½ cup each sliced fresh ginger, kosher salt, and packed brown sugar; 4 strips orange zest; and 1 Tbsp. peppercorns. ROSEMARY-MAPLE Heat 12 cups water, 1 ½ cups kosher salt, 1 cup maple syrup, ½ cup packed brown sugar, 8 rosemary sprigs, 8 cloves peeled garlic, and 1 Tbsp. peppercorns. DRY RUBS Liberally seasoning with spices and salt draws some moisture from the flesh and creates crispy skin. Spread half the rub under…

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artfully arranged

As an art-lover, Elizabeth Carberry wanted a home that felt like a gallery. Instead, she and her husband, Patrick, fell for an 1870s rowhouse in Washington, D.C., that was dark, gloomy, and cramped. Still, it was the only home on the block with original exposed brick. Charmed by the historical feel, they decided to make it work. “We had a vision of what we wanted the house to look like: modern, light, and open,” says Elizabeth, founder and CEO of ArtSee, a D.C.-based organization supporting emerging artists. To fulfill their vision, the couple tapped designer Kerra Michele, who had brightened other rowhouses and was sensitive to conserving rare original features. “Those brick walls have seen and heard over a hundred years of information. You lose every ounce of character when…