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Better Homes and Gardens October 2018

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gold rush

Pop a ground cherry into your mouth and you might struggle to describe the flavor. It tastes a little like pineapple. Or is it peach? And is that a hint of corn? In any case, this little-known member of the tomato family (husks hint at the relationship to the tomatillo) offers a taste of summer all the way through fall. To grow ground cherries—also known as husk cherries—sow seeds in a warm, sunny spot indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost. Transplant seedlings to a sunny part of the yard that has average garden soil. (Or you can sow seeds outside after the chance of frost has passed.) Mulch with straw, and water weekly if there’s no rain. Fruits ripen on the bushy plants from around August through…

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loved to pieces

1 INDIGO-DYED AND DENIM PATCHWORK CUSHION COVERS Made of cotton as soft as a pair of well-worn jeans. $72–$75 each; basshu.com 2 LANDSCAPE QUILTED COASTER SET These coasters clean up in the wash after use. $48 for four; ofakind.com 3 EMBROIDERED CLUTCHES Button-down shirts recycled into chic fair-trade accessories. $16; lizalig.com 4 CHRISTIANSEN TABLE RUNNER Two looks in one: It reverses to navy-and-white ticking. $27; wayfair.com 5 COLE QUILT Its preppy stripes and palette were inspired by ship signal flags. $189; potterybarnkids.com 6 LILY ASHWELL BUTTERFLY CHAIR A slouchy seat with midcentury appeal. $129 with base; pbteen.com…

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stroke of genius

[MEET THE DESIGNER] NICOLE GIBBONS Call her a revolutionary with a roller. Interior designer Nicole Gibbons has started Clare, a paint company that simplifies the often overwhelming process of choosing a color. “Decorators don’t have 3,000 favorite colors. They have a short list they know and love and could recommend for any space,” she says. Pulling from that knowledge, Gibbons assembled a collection of 55 colors on a user-friendly website (clare.com) that includes images of each color in different lighting conditions and detailed descriptions that note undertones. The Clare Color Genius tool asks a series of questions and lets you upload photos of your space. Based on your answers, it picks the best color for your room. (Consider it a paint-style quiz.) Stickers let you try out the colors, left, before you…

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meringue pies:

STOP THE WEEPING Liquid forming between the meringue and filling after chilling is one of the top stumbling blocks of making a successful meringue pie. Our Test Kitchen solved it in three steps. 1 Make the meringue before preparing the pie filling. Our updated meringue recipe, right, includes cornstarch for stability so it won’t lose its volume while the filling cooks. 2 Spread the meringue onto the HOT filling. This heats (and seals) the underside of the meringue so it cooks as thoroughly as the top, which is exposed to direct heat from the oven. 3 Cook the meringue to 160°F. When the meringue is fully cooked, its foam structure is set. When undercooked, the egg whites seep out of the foam structure. MERINGUE FOR PIE HANDS-ON TIME 15 min. TOTAL TIME 30 min. 4 eggs½ cup water2…

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let’s play

SET ASIDE TIME TO PLAY Play improves motor skills, stimulates cognitive growth, and is a huge part of cat and dog development, says Alex Johnson, senior designer and animal enrichment specialist with Purina. Aim for 30 minutes twice a day. The close interaction with us during play has been shown to improve overall behavior, especially in dogs. With cats, most people underestimate how playful they are. One toy Johnson loves using with cats is a feather wand. “The wand draws you close to the cat, so you bond and build trust by allowing the cat to catch the feather.” Engaging with pets when they initiate play is also important, so try not to turn them away when they bring a toy your way. USE FOOD PUZZLES Thanks to their natural hunting instincts, dogs and…

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the kitchen cookbook

RECIPES FROM PAGES 128–133 SPANISH LESSONS PORK & CHICKEN PAELLA WITH BRUSSELS SPROUTS Converted, or parboiled, rice has been soaked, steamed, and dried in the husk to change its starch so it stays firmer and less sticky when cooked, which is ideal for paella. HANDS-ON TIME 20 min. TOTAL TIME 40 min. 6 Tbsp. olive oil1 lb. pork loin (center cut), cut into 1-inch pieces1 lb. skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch pieces1 large red, green, and/or yellow sweet pepper, cut into 1-inch pieces3 Tbsp. minced garlic1 Tbsp. fresh thyme leaves1 bay leaf1 Tbsp. sweet paprika¼ cup dry white wine1 8-oz. can tomato sauce2½ cups uncooked converted rice1 cup chicken broth Roasted Brussels Sprouts (recipe, below) 1. In a 15-inch paella pan,* heat olive oil over medium. Add pork and chicken. Cook and stir 2 to…