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Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine August - September 2017

Black Belt tells you everything you need to know about every style of self-defense in the world! It offers the broadest, most informative coverage of all aspects of the traditional fighting disciplines that were developed in Asia, as well as the modern eclectic systems that were devised in the West.

United States
Black Belt Magazine 1000 LLC
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6 Issues


3 min.
tai chi vs. mma match angers china

Aviral video recently posted on YouTube documents an MMA fighter and a tai chi instructor as they face off in Chengdu, China. The mixed martial artist, a well-built man wearing shorts and a T-shirt, gives his opponent, a man of similar size sporting a tai chi uniform, a quick beatdown. To say the traditionalist doesn’t appear to have any experience in ring combat is putting it mildly. As the MMA guy advances and starts striking, the tai chi man retreats a little, then goes down and gets punched repeatedly until the ref intervenes. To be honest, it’s not a horrible outcome for a bare-knuckle bout. Afterward, the tai chi stylist is shown standing, wiping blood from his face. Nevertheless, plenty of people in China were incensed. The New York Times reported…

7 min.
then and now caitlin dechelle

Caitlin Dechelle in 2012's “Champions of the Deep.” When Caitlin Dechelle and her dad strolled into the Black Belt office in 2004, we were duly impressed with the skills displayed by the spunky young karateka. They’d come out from Florida so Caitlin could appear in a Black Belt photo shoot and perhaps get noticed. While we often run across talented martial artists who move to California in an attempt to slide into showbiz, we found ourselves thinking she had that spark, that drive one needs to succeed. Over the years, we watched Caitlin grow — as a person, as a martial artist, as a competitor and as a performer. She won a ton of tournaments, including the Battle of Atlanta, the Ocean State Grand Nationals, the Capitol Classic and the U.S. Open.…

2 min.
news bites

• On June 16, 2017, former UFC champ and Black Belt Hall of Famer Matt Hughes was seriously injured in a truck-train accident in Illinois. At press time, he was reported in stable condition but still not awake after suffering head trauma. • Asian World of Martial Arts reported in its blog that a new Bruce Lee biography will start production soon. To be titled Little Dragon, it involves Shannon Lee, which will ensure adherence to the facts that pertain to her father’s life. • Alain Moussi once again will star as Kurt Sloane in the reboot of the Jean- Claude Van Damme classic Kickboxer. Titled Kickboxer: Retaliation, the new film is supposed to be released in September. • Reboot Synopsis: After avenging his brother’s death, Sloane vowed never to return to Thailand.…

5 min.

On Putting Our Leaders in a Cage BLACK BELT: In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he and guest Bill Burr joked about what the world would be like if war was outlawed and presidents and prime ministers faced each other in an MMA cage to settle disputes. Their consensus: Vladimir Putin — who has done judo since he was 11, holds a black belt in karate and has won sambo competitions — likely would rule the planet. Thoughts? Justin Delaney: I think the only modern U.S. president who could actually handle himself in a fight would be Teddy Roosevelt. Daniel Duerksen: If rulers had to face each other MMA style, the political landscape would change drastically. Rulers would have to prove themselves before being elected. Or in countries that…

4 min.
self-defense or self-off ense?

A ?ight is a clash between fully animated, independent combatants who are free to do whatever they want as they simultaneously attempt to impose their will on the other person. Each combatant typically has no knowledge of the other’s ability, athleticism, techelf-defense situation is a total crapshoot; you never know who the hell he is or what his true intent is, just like you never know how the dice will come up when you roll them. ADD TO THIS unpredictable situation the notion of consequence. There are real consequences present in these situations that are impossible to replicate in training: namely, serious injury or death. A predator attacks you, and he’s committed to doing you harm. There are consequences for doing nothing just as there are consequences for taking action. This…

3 min.
boxing vs. boxe francaise: a history lesson

Arguments often boiled down to pure bias, or occasionally which side of the channel one resided on. Among unbiased observers today, there’s little doubt that both pursuits can be entertaining for spectators and have contributed greatly to the advancement of ring strategies and tactics. That historical contention did, however, motivate me to research the subject, and that led to my discovery of a martial artist who competed at the top tier in boxing and boxe Francaise. His name was Georges Carpentier, aka “The Orchid Man” or “The Orchid Kid.” AT THE AFOREMENTIONED turn of the century, Carpentier was a noted boxe Francaise competitor who went on to win the French championship in 1907. The sport was in its heyday at the time, so we can assume that Carpentier was forced to face some…