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Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine April/May 2019

Black Belt tells you everything you need to know about every style of self-defense in the world! It offers the broadest, most informative coverage of all aspects of the traditional fighting disciplines that were developed in Asia, as well as the modern eclectic systems that were devised in the West.

United States
Black Belt Magazine 1000 LLC
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6 Issues


3 min.
a minimalist’s guide to a lifetime of martial arts training

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had your fill of advice for staying healthy — stand, don’t sit; eat this and avoid that; move more during the day and sleep more at night; and so on. Follow every tip and you practically give up free will. I’m not saying they’re not valid directives. What I am saying is that there are too many, and even worse, they seem to fluctuate over time. Case in point: Back in the day, butter and eggs were good for you. Then for decades they were bad, but apparently now they’re good again. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could devise a minimalist’s guide that no one could argue with, that could withstand the test of time and that was a bit more martial arts–related? That’s…

4 min.
against a blade: are you sure you can run away?

Defensive instructors generally advise running away as the best or maybe the only realistic option when facing a knife. That’s not wrong. But has anybody studying martial arts been trained in how to run away? Most have not. It’s not strictly a physical problem. It’s that we don’t have the right mindset for running away. In the army, there’s a procedure for orderly and safe retreat. There are many considerations. For example, you could be shot in the back, you might need to use or move weapons appropriately, and so on. Soldiers are trained to run away, make turns, change positions and establish safe sectors. That’s easier, in a way, than a lone individual because your team provides cover. Facing a knife, it’s difficult. For instance, how far would you run if…

5 min.
martial arts leader jon bluming passes away

December 2018 saw the passing of one of the true giants of the martial arts world, Dutch instructor Jon Bluming. The decorated combat veteran was a pioneer in the martial arts community of Europe, where he worked incessantly to popularize judo and karate. Known in Japan as the “Dutch Beast” and regarded as a classic tough guy in martial arts circles, Bluming had the background to back up the hype. On the mat, he was renowned for defeating some of the best martial artists of his era. Off the mat, he possessed a reputation as a fearsome street fighter whom even organized crime figures held in high regard. Born in 1933, Bluming spent World War II in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. He lived in the Jewish quarter of the city, where he once witnessed…

1 min.
one championship partners with shooto

Chatri Sityodtong, chairman and CEO of ONE Championship, announced that his organization will be an exclusive partner to a Japanese martial arts organization called Shooto. Under the agreement, ONE and Shooto will work together to further develop the martial arts industry in Japan and to provide athletes with a global platform to showcase their talents. “ONE Championship is excited to offer Shooto athletes and world champions the opportunity to compete on the world’s largest stage for martial arts,” Chatri said. “We see big potential in Japan’s martial arts talent and are committed to developing Japan’s ecosystem. Our partnership with Shooto is a great opportunity for both organizations to create a new era for martial arts in Japan.” Kazuhiro Sakamoto, CEO of Shooto, also weighed in: “As Professional Shooto celebrates its 30th anniversary…

2 min.
martial arts for justice teaches trauma resilience in rwanda

A Canadian charity is using the discipline and benefits of the martial arts to help people who escaped death during the Rwandan genocide overcome the trauma they still carry almost 25 years later. Dean Siminoff, sixth dan, founder and president of Martial Arts for Justice, spent two weeks in Rwanda in 2018, where he introduced the idea of enhanced resilience to 35 therapists who work with survivors. His efforts were wellreceived, to say the least. Emotional, psychological and physical trauma shatters a person’s sense of security. MAJ’s Enhanced Resilience Program uses martial arts training to help survivors break out of the helpless and powerless state these devastating experiences create. Survivors learn how to tap into their own resilience, integrate their traumatic experiences in a safe environment and resume their lives with…

3 min.
recently posted on blackbeltmag.com

Shi Yan Ming: Learn the Way of the Kick as Taught at China’s Shaolin Temple The Shaolin monk who was featured on the cover of our February/March 2019 issue talks about how the art of kicking is taught at the monastery. Tao of Jeet Kune Do: The Saga of the Bruce Lee Martial Arts Masterpiece Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do is the best-selling martial arts book in the world. You knew that. But what you might not have known is it almost didn’t get published. Joe Rogan Owes His Success to Taekwondo, Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joe Rogan — stand-up comic, host of the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast and former star of Fear Factor — talks about the role martial arts have played in his success. How to…