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before fake news

Back in the 1970s and ’80s — that probably sounds like the Dark Ages to some segments of the Black Belt demographic — there was plenty of fake news floating around the martial arts world. The crucial differences between fake news then and fake news now is we didn’t have a catchy label for it and we didn’t have the internet to propagate it around the globe. All we had was word of mouth, and that kept it local while, in a way, making it more believable. Here are two examples retrieved from the recesses of my memory. One summer, after watching a couple of Chuck Norris movies followed by a Bruce Lee double feature at the drive-in, two friends and I decided to sign up for martial arts lessons. Word…

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times fight knight

A few years back, we started seeing outlandishly violent YouTube videos that showed Russians engaging in “medieval combat” while wearing armor and bashing each other mercilessly with broadswords. While an eye-catching curiosity, this martial pursuit seemed unlikely to ever catch on in the West. That conclusion was a bit premature. A series called Knight Fight has come to prime-time television courtesy of the History channel. Every week, it shows fighters wearing 70 pounds of period-authentic steel while engaging in wild melees that look part Renaissance faire and part prison riot. This new development is not just a one-off gimmick made for television, either. Knight Fight competitors primarily come from the Armored Combat League, an organization with dozens of North American teams and overseas chapters. Its members stage matches on a weekly basis across…

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one championship partners with pancrase

ONE Championship has announced that it will be the exclusive partner of the Japanese martial arts organization known as Pancrase. Following a similar partnership finalized in January with the Shooto organization, this partnership will see ONE give Pancrase athletes the opportunity to showcase their talents and further develop their skills on a global platform. “Following our partnership with Shooto, ONE Championship is excited to offer the same opportunity to Pancrase athletes and world champions to compete on the world’s largest stage for martial arts,” said Chatri Sityodtong, chairman and CEO of ONE. “We are fully committed to developing Japan’s martial arts ecosystem from the amateur up to the professional level. Our partnership with Pancrase once again marks the world’s top martial arts organizations coming together to create a new era of…

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karate combat holds competition in hollywood

Karate Combat: Hollywood was recently broadcast live from the Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles. The full-contact competition took place in front of a star-studded audience — with actor Danny Trejo serving as pit announcer. Luiz Rocha of Brazil won the main event, in which he defeated Myrza Tebuev of Russia by split decision. In the co-main event, Elhadji Ndour of New York by way of Senegal beat Scotland’s Calum Robb by unanimous decision. The event saw two dramatic first-round knockouts: Abdallah Ibrahim of New York finished off newcomer Kevin Walker of Atlanta after only one minute with a head kick, and Brazil’s Teeik Silva KO’d Kevin Kowalczik of the United States. “As always, the Karate Combat karate’s delivered again,” said Bas Rutten, who shared commentary duties with Sean Wheelock. “You literally see the…

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the american principal and the secret to fighting

Dillman Karate International to Host Gathering Pressure-point authority George Dillman is organizing an international training event in Commerce Township, Michigan, where attendees from the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and China are expected to assemble. It will take place August 9-11, 2019, at the Ryukyu Academy. Assisting Dillman will be nine of his highest-ranked students from around the world. It might be the last training camp taught by Dillman, who’s preparing his leadership team to continue his legacy. For more information, send email to senseibrincat@gmail.com.…

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