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nice to get noticed!

It’s been said that there are two kinds of people in the world: astronomers and astronauts. In the past, at least, astronomers would sit quietly at the eyepiece of their telescope and study the universe, while astronauts would hop onto the business end of a rocket and explore the universe. A similar thing could be said about martial arts publishing. In this industry, there are two kinds of people: writer/editors and the masters they profile. As a writer/editor, I am most definitely a behind-the-scenes sort of guy, one who is perfectly happy to shine a spotlight on the skilled martial artists who are the stars of our world. That said, it’s nice when something you do gets noticed by someone outside the martial arts industry, when you taste what it might be…

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donn f. draeger’s research analyzed in lectures in japan

Martial artists from all over Japan recently assembled in Tokyo for a series of lectures on the life and legacy of Donn F. Draeger. The American martial arts researcher and writer is best-known for his book Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts, co-written with Robert W. Smith and published in 1969. The text was the first serious primer on the subject to reach a mass audience. Draeger’s most influential work, however, was his threevolume set on the martial arts and ways of Japan: Classical Bujutsu, Classical Budo, and Modern Bujutsu & Budo. Those books inspired a generation of martial artists and still define the Western world’s understanding of the Japanese fighting arts. In addition to writing, Draeger revived the dormant field of hoplology, the study of human combative behavior and performance. The lectures that…

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documentary reveals final days of fumio demura’s dojo

William Christopher Ford, a shorin-ryu karate black belt and actor — coincidentally, his filmography includes Karate Kid Part III — has made his directorial debut with a short documentary titled The Last Dojo. The subject of the film is Black Belt Hall of Famer Fumio Demura, whose landmark karate dojo stood for more than four decades before it lost its battle with eminent domain. Filmed in the final days before the school’s demise, The Last Dojo is a love letter from Ford to the karate icon, and it’s dedicated to Demura’s students and to anyone who’s ever trained in a traditional martial art. The film is intended to help viewers experience the insights and emotions of one of karate’s great masters as he shares the deeper meaning of the martial arts and…

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recently posted on blackbeltmag.com

▸ Highlights From the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas Enjoy these behind-the-scenes cellphone photos the editor of Black Belt took at the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow, the event organized annually by the Martial Arts Industry Association. ▸ Kenpo Legend Ed Parker on the Secrets of Speed Ed Parker writes, “To understand karate techniques and how they function, you must have knowledge of physics. You must study the body and learn how the senses — through the principles of mass, speed, body alignment, angles, momentum, gravitational marriage, torque, focus, stability, power and penetration — can make the body function intuitively. An in-depth study of these principles of physics will also reveal the sophistication contained within basic techniques.” ▸ How Isshin-Ryu Karate Leader Gary Alexander Updated an Old Art for a New Millennium Black Belt…

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nuggets of wisdom from stephen k. hayes

Stephen K. Hayes and I were talking about lessons that would help people live an honest and successful life. He said it all begins with selfimprovement and the ability to make good choices. The advice he gave revolves around carefully examining three key points. Think positively and believe in yourself. “The first step is to look for evidence that you are doing something right. A lot of times, people are looking for the evidence of what they do wrong. ‘I screwed that up. I’m a lousy cook.’ ‘I’m bad at talking to girls.’ People are always finding that kind of evidence. They look past the positive: ‘I’m a comfortable person to be with.’ ‘I’m reliable.’ It doesn’t sound look like much, but it’s a really big deal in changing people’s minds about…

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news bites

• Dimitri Logothetis, who helmed the three Kickboxer remakes with Alain Moussi, has scored big time. His next film Jiu Jitsu, in addition to starring Moussi, will feature Nicolas Cage, Tony Jaa and Frank Grillo (host of Fightworld on Netflix). • Justin Bieber used Twitter to challenge Tom Cruise to an MMA fight. Afterward, Bieber said he was kidding. • At a convention, Sean Kanan was reunited with Randee Heller and Ron Thomas. Respectively, they played Mike Barnes, Mrs. LaRusso and Bobby in the Karate Kid movies. • People.com featured a popular post titled “Watch Celebrities Try (and Hilariously Fail) at the #BottleCapChallenge.” • Black Belt released a new jeet kune do course starring Harinder Singh Sabharwal. Its 97 videos span eight hours. • When Bill Wallace appeared on the cover of the April 1975…