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October/November 2019

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the innovation issue

Politicians get the attention, but innovators are creating our future. For this issue, Bloomberg Markets reports on what some of them are doing today and what obstacles they’re encountering. Europe’s startup scene has long been overshadowed by Silicon Valley, much to the chagrin of policymakers across the Continent. One simple, but politically risky, change could make a big difference, explains Edward Robinson in “Europe Neglects Its Unicorns” (page 58). At Oxford University, American chaos scientist Doyne Farmer is intent on upending economic modeling, just as he revolutionized investing. Now some central bank research departments are starting to experiment with his ideas, as Vincent Bielski describes in “Getting Comfortable With Chaos” (page 62). The world of fintech can sometimes seem more hype than reality. What should investors be taking seriously? Julie Verhage helps to…

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bloomberg markets magazine

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markets almanac

Oct 14–20 IMF and World Bank annual meeting Washington, D.C. New International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group leaders host for the first time Run {TOP ECO <GO>} for the latest important economic news from around the globe. {BE <GO>} provides a menu of news and analysis for a selected country or region. 27 Election in Argentina Markets plunged in August on early signs that President Mauricio Macri will lose to Alberto Fernández Nov 2 Rugby World Cup Final Yokohama, Japan First rugby World Cup tournament hosted in Asia 11–14 International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference Abu Dhabi Run {TOP OIL <GO>} for the most important global news affecting the oil market. For Bloomberg Spot Oil prices, check out {BOIL <GO>}. 12–14 Global Grain conference Geneva Europe’s biggest annual event for companies in the grain trade 13 Private Capital London One-day Bloomberg event for private market investors Dec 2 Cyber Monday U.S. E-commerce sales…

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what important innovation or idea is being overlooked today?

We are still early in the blockchain adoption curve. The [fintech] industry will continue to go through various iterations in which a killer application will push the limits of the existing infrastructure, and that demand will create a breakthrough at the protocol level—be it scalability, interoperability, or privacy. Startups that can improve the user experience and provide key services for developers, investors, and end users will succeed regardless of main chain outcomes. Seamless customer onboarding, user interface, security and privacy of personal data and assets—and a killer reason to use blockchain technology or crypto assets—still need to happen, whether it be in developing countries or the U.S. Ahn Le PARTNER, FINTECH PRACTICE CHINAROCK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT VENTURES As the global society gets older, we need to think about offering more creative business opportunities for…

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technology needs to reinvent trust

INFORMATION USED TO be a localized affair. Before the internet, bank accounts were confined to physical ledgers in a filing cabinet and took so much work to copy that they rarely left the building. IBM mainframes entered the office in the 1960s and ’70s and introduced the era of digital centralization. It wasn’t a conscious shift as much as a convenient one. Computers were good at managing information, so we kept giving them more. Bank checks, bond coupons, and stock certificates soon disappeared in favor of electronic record keeping. Today it would be unthinkable to rely on a paper bearer instrument of significant value. Digital databases enabled features that would otherwise be unwieldy: fraud detection, credit scores, targeted advertising. But it placed a responsibility on the data collectors as well. As a…

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hot wheels

HOW DO YOU get around the city? More than half of the world’s 7.7 billion people live in urban areas. The United Nations says 2.5 billion more people could join them by 2050. That means traffic and congestion fees. For many of the short trips city dwellers make, cars aren’t necessary or practical. Which explains the boom in bikes and scooters, privately owned or shared. A growing number are electric. “We’re seeing a tremendous push, enabled by venture capital but not always, to spread and sprinkle around the world hundreds of millions of potential vehicles,” Horace Dediu, founder of research firm Asymco, said at the BloombergNEF San Francisco event this year. “Once they’re available, the bet of micromobility is that they will be picked up and used.” One luxury option is the foldable…