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Blue Magazine Vol 8, Issue 1

Blue showcases the mesmerizing beauty and wonders of the underwater world, through its spectacular photography and distinct print quality. If you prefer going paperless, Blue also caters to digital users who would have an equally enjoyable reading and visual experience, as they flip through the pages. Blue also highlights other aspects of ecotourism and indigenous culture, taking readers off the beaten path and into some of the most marvelous and stunning sights of our Blue Planet.

United States
Deep Blue Publications Ltd
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founder’s note

We live in a technological age, where we are constantly bombarded with visual stimuli. Even virtual reality is almost “real” so why bother to travel and not just enjoy what is seen through various media? If something cannot be actually experienced, then it remains in one’s imagination; a mere thought, visual impression or flirtation with reality, lacking in total sensory perception. Since childhood, I watched in awe at various TV documentaries about the Galápagos Islands. I knew all about the species there and could only talk about marine iguanas and the names of the islands but that was in my imagination; formulated thoughts from only what was seen but never truly experienced. The opportunity to finally visit the Galápagos and work on this feature as a photojournalist, brought all those images into…

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galápagos an ecological wonderland

I HAD A HUGE SMILE ON MY face as I bobbed on the choppy surface while waiting on the panga to pick me up. I looked over at Wayne and he too was euphoric. No too far behind us, was the majestic and iconic Darwin’s Arch, rising over 50 feet into the air. I dipped my head under the azure water, to take a final glimpse of the massive school of hammerhead sharks, swimming just beneath my fins. The Galápagos Islands is at the top of every diver’s bucket list. It has been on my list ever since I read Charles Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. As an avid naturalist, I enjoy exploring topside, as much as the delight of being underwater, and the…

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darwin’s legacy

AFTER AN EXCITING WEEK of diving around the Galápagos Islands and seeing the unique and diverse animals underwater, Wayne B. Brown (CEO and owner of Aggressor Fleet) and I, were ready to do some land exploration. Our host for the next few days was Pikaia Lodge. Located 1,500 feet above sea level on 31 hectares of land, this palatial resort, sits on the rim of two extinct volcanoes, on the island of Santa Cruz. There are 14 rooms of spectacular opulence. The high-ceiling rooms, together with the strong southeast trade winds eliminate the need for air-conditioning, though each room comes with one. They all have panoramic floor-toceiling windows with access to private shaded balconies and breathtaking unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. There is a spa, infinity pool, an enormous lounge with…

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the red sea

FLYING INTO CAIRO, YOU can’t help but think of all the history this region has seen over the last couple thousand years. From the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, King Tut to the Nile River, to name just a few, its influence on all of our lives is just remarkable. Our visit started with a couple of nights in Giza, where the Great Pyramids and Sphinx are located. Even though I have been many times, it is still as awesome as my first glimpse of them and I look forward to many future visits as well. The days in Giza really help to put you in the right mindset for the incredible scuba diving that awaits, on arrival at the Red Sea Aggressor, in Port Ghalib. A short flight on Egypt Air from…

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concept shooting

MY ARMPITS AND MY CHEST HURT FROM HANGING OVER THE SIDE of the boat as I try to anticipate the movements and turns of the sharks. The weight of the camera housing when it’s only half submerged, is enough to make your arms go numb after a few minutes so we take turns at the three or four good spots on the boat, to shoot from. The sharks we have coaxed up to the surface around the boat, pass from every direction, even from below as they swipe at the bait and occasionally make contact with part of the camera housings. With every pass or splash, the camera flashes go off like it’s a press conference, briefly lighting up the water and revealing how many sharks are circling the boat—numerous!…