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Blue Water Sailing October 1, 2015

Blue Water Sailing is the leading magazine for cruisers and offshore sailors. Every issue offers readers the dream of cruising under sail in the form of real stories from around the world and how to make that dream come true. Founded by circumnavigators George and Rosa Day, BWS offers valuable insights into what the cruising life is really like, what boats and gear work (and don’t work) and where to go for the best in cruising and sailing vacations. Plus, the digital version of BWS provides direct interactive access to dozens of great marine websites where you will find everything you need to make your sailing life safer and more fun.

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Blue Water Sailing
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fitting out essentials

When we bought Lime’n five years ago, our intent was to sail the boat south to the Bahamas and Caribbean from Newport R.I. for four or five seasons and then assess what to do next. With 10 to 15,000 miles of cruising and passagemaking as part of the plan, we knew we needed to make sure that the 12 year-old boat—a Jeanneau 45.2—was fitted out for the job. Here are the essentials that we undertook to make the boat seaworthy to our specifications.Sails & Rig: The first winter we took the rig completely apart, brought the standing rigging home and went over every inch of the wire and swagings with graphite powder and a powerful magnifying glass. We were looking for cracks, broken strands and barber poling from corrosion inside…

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shesails seattle

Meet two kick-ass women : Lisa Cole (45) and Rhonda Lyon (51). Cole is a sassy redhead with a lightning-fast tongue; Lyon is a strong-and-silent blonde who gives the unmistakable impression that she doesn’t miss a thing. They both live in Seattle, and together they are quietly redefining the way women learn to sail.The two sailors met in 2012 at a cruiser’s party in Puget Sound, where they quickly became friends. Cole had brought her own sailboat to the meet-up, and she was noticing something important. “Women were begging to sail with me,” she says, “which made me recognize a need in the community. Women want a safe place to learn. They want to connect with other women. And they want to feel empowered.” She understood that need, because her…

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birding aboard

Birding Aboard Advisor and U.K. marine conservationist Colin Speedie on Pelerin sailed through the balmy Lesser Antilles, only to spot several notable birds common to him from his northern home port. Those included Great Skua, Pomarine and Parasitic Jaeger, and Cory’s Shearwater. Meanwhile circumnavigator Ellen Massey Leonard collected photos from her and her husband’s round-the-world passage on their 38-foot sailboat Heretic, contributing noon positions for notable sightings such as Cape Petrel further north than expected in the Indian Ocean, a Brown Noddy hitchhiker off the South African coast, and a Pomarine Jaeger near St. Paul Rocks in the central equatorial Atlantic Ocean.A Brown Noddy claims a radome as its perch halfway between Ascension Island and Barbados (Ellen Massey Leonard)Additionally, sailboats Gemme and Fleur de Sel documented flocks of Cattle Egrets…

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man overboard

Two experienced sailors and I had inspected, prepped, fueled, watered and provisioned Eclipse, a 1978 DownEaster 38 cutter, prior to leaving from Fort Lauderdale for Bermuda and the very day before we were due to sail, I received e-mails from both of them informing me their respective wives told them not to go. Despite my better judgement (we all know sailing solo is dangerous and no fun) I did not change my plans. I informed my retired sea captain neighbor I was going, he wished me luck and I cast off. Nine days and several pods of dolphins later, I was happily anchored in St. George’s.Before continuing, I feel that I must acknowledge that I am documented as, “The World’s Worst Fisherman”. I can fish, I just can’t catch. My…

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benefits of salty dawg membership

Every November, the Salty Dawg Rally (SDR) runs the largest offshore cruising rally on the East Coast from Hampton, Virginia to The Bitter End Yacht Club in the B.V.I. With 75 or more boats and participants numbering almost 300 each year, the event is a cruising happening that is fun for all.The rally is free to all participants and everyone receives free weather briefings and routing from Chris Parker, sponsored by BWS, and daily tracking by the DoDah Net’s Dick Giddings. Behind the scene, SDR volunteers provide a high level of organization and arrange for educational seminars and numerous fun parties. Check out the SDR website for details of all the seminars and events at a Rhode Island registered 501(c) (3) non-profit educational organization, the Salty Dawg Rally is…

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black clouds on the horizon

Seeker was a well-found sloop with a few miles under her keel. The year before, immediately after Peter had purchased her, we had delivered her from Portsmouth, RI to the B.V.I., where Peter spent months aboard getting used to her ways. We were now ready to take her south again, leaving the Chesapeake Bay in early December. The near term forecast wasn’t looking too special.The 48, and earlier 96, hours surface pressure forecasts indicated a low pressure system would be approaching us in the next 48 hours if we departed immediately. We would have time to cross the Gulf Stream, but we would almost inevitably encounter 50 knot winds. After a serious conversation with Peter and considering his experience, goals and condition of the vessel, we decided to leave. Our…