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July 2020

Magazine is about to explode with delicious models, they almost censored us, but they did not succeed. You will also find lustful stories and real stories, accompanied by topics of interest to men.

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3 min.
quarantine, alone but with toys

Social distancing had actually been a sentimental time for me. It had been seven days since I last met with my boyfriend. Indeed, even my companions who were social distancing together disclosed to me that additional time didn't really mean more sex. One day I got a message from the wellbeing division that you are your safest sex partner these days. In spite of the fact that I have a boyfriend and had made out with numerous young men previously, yet none of them had made me cum. I had sex with them just with the expectation that they will me cum like I make myself yet all in vain. My boyfriend anyway accomplished this but I wasn't completely overwhelmed by it. So during this season of social distancing, I chose to…

3 min.
one of the main causes of divorce, the snoring

Surely many of you have heard in meetings with friends that many of them snore and that this problem is more frequent than is believed. The problem is not simply snoring, but rather the discomfort it causes in the couple; I even investigated with a lawyer friend that snoring is a major complaint in 25% of divorce proceedings. I have asked my girlfriend if I snore; unexpectedly answered yes. Absurd! I don't believe him, but I allowed the doubt to remain in my mind. I assumed that if I snored, it was not so strong but on the following night she recorded me and, listening to the recording, I understood why my girlfriend told me that she slept with a lion; My self-confidence was affected but after understanding what my girlfriend…

4 min.
trio, trial and error

My girlfriend once told me her ex boyfriend would visit the town the next week. During the next week, my girlfriend told me that her ex was spending his days at a nearby restaurant and she asked me to drop by there. She told me to come directly to the room. She introduced me to her ex boyfriend and explained to me how she wanted a threesome. My girlfriend told me how they had already done threesomes before. So while drinking shots, we all talked about how we would proceed with it. After sometime, my girlfriend started by standing up and lowered herself down with her knees locked towards me, she took off my pants. Then she started sucking my dick. Her ex boyfriend came behind her, took off her skirt…

5 min.
does size matter to vagina?

Studies from various universities suggest that the penis measures between 10cm to 15.6cm, with an average of 13.6cm. Such an average is generalized as a suitable reference to achieve sexual satisfaction in women; nevertheless, these studies do not go to a broader reality, and is the size of the vagina. I would like you to reflect on these metaphors “analogies??”: Can you imagine owning a Ferrari, if you live on a farm where there is no road to go out to drive? Can you imagine being very rich and living in a place where you don't have anything to buy? Can you imagine having a truck, and not having something to load on it? After you reflect on other metaphors that have to do with the above questions, I'll give you facts as to…

3 min.
how to calm your wife and be happy in the process.

Since the Middle Ages, it has been considered that women's temperament is sometimes tricky. Sometimes acts as simple as going out for a beer with friends, going out to see girls, being late after football, or sometimes for no reason at all, is a trigger for a country war with your beloved. Have you ever wondered what triggers this terrible temperament? With an excellent historical tour, we will teach you always to solve any problem with women. Perhaps you should know that this puzzle has been in force sincethe beginning of known human history, and has gone through multiple approaches starting with the Egyptians and the Greeks, during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and finding medical solutions applicable in the nineteenth century, evolving in the twentieth century, with a simpler answer diagnosed as hysteria! Let…