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bp Magazine for Bipolar Winter 2019

bp Magazine empowers people with bipolar disorder to live healthy, fulfilling lives. bp delivers success stories of people living with bipolar, including celebrities. It also includes features on building healthy lifestyles—with topics like sleep, exercise, stress, treatments, relationships, and employment—and offers cutting edge news and research.

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what is bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is a treatable illness marked by extreme changes in mood, thought, energy, and behavior. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression because a person’s mood can alternate between the “poles”—mania (highs) and depression (lows). The change in mood can last for hours, days, weeks, or months. What bipolar is not Bipolar disorder is not a character flaw or sign of personal weakness. Whom bipolar disorder affects Bipolar disorder affects more than 5.7 million adult Americans and 440,000 adult Canadians. It usually begins in late adolescence, often appearing as depression during teen years, although it can start in early childhood or later in life. An equal number of men and women develop this illness. Men tend to begin with a manic episode, women with a depressive episode. Bipolar disorder is found among all…

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just keep getting up

There’s a Japanese proverb on my refrigerator: “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” It’s a much-needed reminder for those days when everything feels like it’s falling apart. It tells me I don’t need to solve everything in one fell swoop. “Just stand up again,” I prompt myself. It’s a good motto for pulling it back together after another mood episode strikes, too. Set aside discouraging thoughts—“I’ll never get better,” “This time I can’t fix what I broke”—and focus on taking a step at a time. For inspiration on getting back up, our feature “Finding Your True North” shows how Ben Garner came out of a devastating manic episode with a new direction for his life. “Reflecting on the change that can come from what happened shifts it from the negative…

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we hear you

FIND A FIT FOR YOU LIVING WITH bipolar is living with our very pronounced rhythms of mood and energy level. In “Beyond CBT” (Fall 2018), the key to recovery is to become mindful of the ebb and flow and to learn skills to apply during these varying periods. That is what these therapies that Robin Flanigan presented do: Teach us to bend with our mind and live life effectively, even with bipolar. —Sarah Dionne, MIDDLEBORO, MA AS A CLINICAL psychologist with 30 years’ experience treating folks with bipolar and myself having bipolar, I can say that—as this article asserts—“Whatever the format, successful therapy relies on a respectful, trustworthy relationship with the therapist.” —Alexandra via bphope.com THERE ARE many strategies for treating mood disorders. It would serve you well to familiarize yourself with them…

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meet malea

AGE: 35 LOCATION: PHOENIX, AZ OCCUPATION: SELF-EMPLOYED ACCOUNTANT DIAGNOSIS: BIPOLAR I YEAR DIAGNOSED: 2003 * * * BIGGEST ADVENTURE I'VE HAD: As an equestrian doing endurance riding—long-distance races—we were caught in flash floods. One time my horse stepped into quicksand and sank up to his shoulder. He climbed his way out of it. I'M GRATEFUL FOR: My mother. It took me about 15 years to understand mania, and she was there through it all. FRIENDS WOULD DESCRIBE ME AS: Energetic, fun, and loyal. I’ve had some of the same friends for years. FAVORITE SEASON: Fall in Arizona. PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT: Being the person I wanted to be and not lying to myself. FAVORITE HOBBIES: Riding horses. And doing anything with my 15-month-old son. I love watching the world through his eyes. BEST RESOURCE: I’m thankful for bp Magazine because it saved my life. SPORTS…

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mental health headlines

Nigeria mental illness rate high November 13, 2018, ABUJA, Nigeria—This country may have 40 million to 60 million people with mental illness, the permanent secretary of the federal health ministry said. Despite that, attention given to mental health disorders is inadequate and the public’s awareness of mental health issues is poor, said Abdulaziz Abdullahi. Qatar mental health website November 12, 2018, DOHA, Qatar—This country’s ministry of health launched the country’s first mental health website, ‘Your Mind Matters,’ as part of the country’s mental health strategy. It provides people with information on mental well-being, mental health conditions and how to access mental health services. Ugandan mental health grads November 12, 2018, KAMPALA, Uganda—The graduation of 200 mental health workers with diplomas in clinical psychiatry and mental health comes as Uganda struggles with a shortage of psychiatric…

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new research in mental health

Findings back cortisol as possible marker January 1, 2019, COPENHAGEN, Denmark—A new study has found people with newly diagnosed bipolar disorder have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their hair than their close relatives not affected by the disorder and others without the disorder. Danish researchers looked at levels of cortisol, which previous studies have linked abnormal levels of with bipolar, and found hair cortisol concentrations were 35 percent higher in people with newly diagnosed bipolar compared to their unaffected relatives or others. The findings suggest the presence of physiological stress in newly diagnosed bipolar disorder, the authors said. The study, which appeared in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, was entitled “Hair cortisol in newly diagnosed bipolar disorder and unaffected first-degree relatives. Transcranial stimulation may be beneficial December 1, 2018, LYON, France—Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)…