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All About History No. 73

All About History is the stunningly realised new magazine from the makers of How It Works and All About Space. Featuring beautiful illustrations, photos and graphics depicting everything from ancient civilisations to the Cold War, All About History is accessible and entertaining to all and makes history fun for the whole family.

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While not trying to draw too overt a parallel, but the world is a scary place right now and those comparisons to the Third Reich are never too far from the lips of commentators. In this issue Matt Robinson, journalist, tour guide and founder of berlinexperiences.com, shines a light on the Hitler’s terror state to explore how the Gestapo held Germany tight in their grip, so that we might understand the terrible tools and toll of totalitarianism should it resurface today. Sadly, this is my last issue of All About History. I’ve been on the magazine since the very first issue as a writer, and in 2014 I was given the opportunity to relaunch History of War and oversee All About History as Editor in Chief. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve…

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editor’s picks

The Romanovs From the Alexander Palace where theyspent their happiest hours, to the uniform of their loyal Cossack hosts, discover Russia’s tragic first family Paddy Ashdown on resistance to Hitler History of War’s Tom Garner talks to the Liberal Democrat peer about his new book on the Germans who defied the Nazis Search for the Historical Jesus Ben Gazur reveals the arguments and archaelogy that dominate the search for the truth in the New Testament Gristly Secrets of Royal Inbreeding Biologist Charlie Evans explains what happened when Europe’s families closed their doors to outsiders…

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defining moments

RED SLED REDEMPTION Officers of the Bolshevik Revolution drive an improvised Rolls Royce Silver Ghost snowmobile once belonging to Tsar Nicholas II with a banner proudly proclaiming “Greetings to the Republic”. The first of several such cars was converted for use on snow in 1904 by a French engineer who installed a track drive around rear wheels and a set of skis at the front. Lenin would later take the Tsar’s Silver Ghost snowmobile as his official car. 1917 THE FIRST AVENGER Stan ‘The Man’ Lee inspects a Spiderman comic being drawn by artist John Romita. Lee, who passed away 12 November 2018 aged 95, was a writer and editor whose gift of the gab and instinctive common touch propelled Marvel Comics to new heights. His partnerships with artists yielded a pantheon of…

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the romanovs across history

1613 MICHAEL I ELECTED After the chaos of the Time of Troubles, Russia’s assembly chooses Michael I from the House of Romanov as its new tsar. His dynasty will stay on the throne until the 1900s. 1649 BEGINNING OF THE SERFS Although serfdom had been around for centuries, in 1649 the law placed landowners in complete control of their rural workforce, the serfs. Landlords now have the authority to ban them from leaving the estate. 1682 PETER THE GREAT Under Peter, Russia sees the policies that would define its future come into force. During his rule, Russia becomes a great power as he expands the tsardom into an empire. Peter left the throne to his wife, Catherine I, after he died in 1725 1756 SEVEN YEARS’ WAR 5 FIGHT AGAINST 3 France, Austria, Saxony, Sweden, and Russia vs Prussia, Hanover, and Great Britain At…

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inside history the alexander palace

The Mountain Hall This hall is named after the huge, highly-polished wooden slide that was placed here by Nicholas I for his children. Until its arrival, this was probably the loveliest room in the palace. The slide was much loved by the children of Nicholas II. The room also housed a child-sized Mercedes that was given to Tsarevitch Alexei for his birthday. The Formal Reception Room The royal family used the Formal Reception Room to entertain favoured guests. It was dominated by a large portrait of Empress Alexandra by Makovsky, a Gobelins tapestry of Vigée Le Brun’s portrait of Marie Antoinette and her children (presented to Alexandra when she visited Versailles in 1895), and a painting of Nicholas II’s coronation. The famous formal photographs of Nicholas and Alexandra’s four daughters were taken in…

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the anatomy of a don cossack

WHO WERE THE COSSACKS? The Cossacks mainly consisted of people from Ukraine and southern Russia. Known for their military skill, in particular their horsemanship, they were hired by the Tsars as soldiers for military campaigns. The Don Cossacks named after the Don river where they settled between the 16th and 17th centuries, were one of the earliest subgroups, or hosts, to enter the service of the Romanov dynasty, UNIQUE UNIFORM Cossacks provided their own clothing, weapons and horses and for this reason, their clothing could vary. Their uniform also differed depending on whether it was for domestic or regimental use. This particular outfit was defined by the new legislation issued in 1801, to replace the uniforms worn during the reign of Catherine the Great. MATCHING TROUSERS Cossacks had to wear dark blue trousers, known as…