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All About History No. 85

All About History is the stunningly realised new magazine from the makers of How It Works and All About Space. Featuring beautiful illustrations, photos and graphics depicting everything from ancient civilisations to the Cold War, All About History is accessible and entertaining to all and makes history fun for the whole family.

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I can make no claim to having had a burning passion for the history of Elizabeth I in my younger years. I found it challenging to relate to what seemed like melodramatic power politics between preening princes. I have to imagine others have found studying the royals of this era equally ill-fitting to their interest. But as you can guess, that’s no longer the case. The posturing and show of royal power remains the same, but Elizabeth’s use of these tools has become endlessly intriguing to me, much as the positioning and compromising of more modern political figures is intriguing. Elizabeth often seems like a leader more interested in doing what is right in the moment rather than pursuing personal passions. It’s a malleability of ethics and conscience that has a…

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editor’s picks

History of Cake History Of War’s very own Tom Garner trades in guns for gateau to chat with historian Alysa Levene, the author of Cake: A Slice Of History Harriet Tubman It was my pleasure to speak with Erica Armstrong Dunbar this issue about the death-defying heroism and determination of abolitionist Harriet Tubman Happy History Holidays There’s a little festive cheer for you this issue as Jessica Leggett explores the colourful pre-Christian winter traditions that we think need a comeback…

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defining moments

DARWIN DEVASTATION The city of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, was decimated by Cyclone Tracy while its citizens were celebrating Christmas in 1974. With the cyclone initially thought to be avoiding the city many didn’t heed its change in course. 71 people were killed and of the 47,000 residents, 25,000 were left homeless. In this image Helen Greentree protects her tent from looters with a shotgun while comforting her dog. 1974 ROMANIA RISES As the revolutions of 1989 swept through Eastern Europe, Romania became the latest nation to stand up for its freedom. It was also one of the more violent uprisings of the period after General Secretary Nicolae Ceaușescu ordered troops to fire on protestors. When his government was finally toppled by the popular movement Ceaușescu was put on trial and executed, along…

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from exodus to exile

1312 BCE BOOK OF EXODUS 1312 BCE The Exodus as dated in the Jewish calendar would land around this date. Archaeologists largely doubt the accuracy of this event taking place, but it does correspond broadly with waning Egyptian influence in the region of Canaan. 1010 BCE KING DAVID 1010 BCE The reign of the third king of Israel and Judah begins. Historical references to the House of David point to his reign being genuine, although further details of his life outside of The Bible’s account are unclear. THE FIRST TEMPLE 960 BCE Solomon’s Temple is built in Jerusalem, becoming the centre of the Jewish faith. The sensitivity of excavation in the Temple Mount area has made archaeological confirmation of this challenging. TWO STATES 931 BCE The kingdoms of Judah and Israel split after the rebellion of ten northern tribes,…

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herod’s temple

Altar of Incense Beyond the porch was a slim rectangular room called the Holy Place that was lit by a single menorah – a seven-branched candelabra that disappeared when the temple was destroyed in 70 CE. This room also contained a specially dedicated table of shewbread as an offering to God, as well as the crowned Altar of Incense that was made from acacia wood clad in gold upon which holy incense was burned and offered twice a day. The holy sanctuary It was believed that Herod’s Temple became more holy the further west someone ventured. As such, the sanctuary building was at the western end, standing 45 metres high and wide. It consisted of three rooms, starting with a porch. This was immediately reached by going through a large gate at the…

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the anatomy of jewish high priest

THE EPHOD The breastplate would sit upon an equally elaborate apron-like garment called an ephod. There is an ongoing debate about what exactly it was but The Bible describes it as being made of the same material as the breastplate. It had two shoulder pieces containing golden rings that would affix to the breastplate, with the ephod held together by a girdle fastened at the front. ROBE OF THE EPHOD The high priest would wear a robe underneath the ephod – it was sky-blue in colour in reference to heaven. As well a woven collar, the bottom of the garment had tiny bells made of pure gold and pomegranate-shaped tassels in blue, purple and scarlet. The bells would be heard when the high priest was ministering. BARE FEET The entire ensemble symbolises atonement for the…