November 2021

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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in a dream

“You are born with beauty, but there are some things you can only gain through living: intelligence, poise, determination.” This line is from the first editor’s letter I ever wrote. I was a high school senior and had created a mini magazine called ONYX, for Black teens. (I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge that I knew nothing about life at the age of 18, but it all sounded very grown up at the time.) Looking at that publication and now at this one, I want a lot of the same things for Allure that I wanted for ONYX. Back then, I craved a platform where the inspiring people I saw in my community could share their stories (the makeup artist at my local photo studio made a cameo, and…

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great chemistry

GINGER KING She has worked with the greats (Chanel, Estée Lauder, Avon); speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and some Japanese; and has been fluent in making innovative beauty products since 1995. CREDENTIALS: Master’s in natural product chemistry, San Jose State University GREATEST HITS: Joico Ice Spiker, the first water-resistant styling gel (a.k.a. “hair glue”), and Avon Daring Definition Mascara, “a mousse formula that was novel at the time.” LAST EMPTY: “IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream doubles as a concealer for me, and has natural-looking coverage with SPF 50. I will cut open the tube for the last drop.” MY FAVORITE INGREDIENT IS…”Peptides. When you have to really brighten or firm the skin, peptides are the way to go because they work. Period. I like ingredients that have clinical studies. [In one study,] sea asparagus helped increase hydration…

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new dimensions

Want to reinvent your natural makeup look this season? A lesson from Iris van Herpen’s fall 2021 couture collection: 1. Wear almost no makeup. 2. Embrace the organic contours of a metal nose piece. This one was molded from silver and copper by Iceland-based visual artist (and Björk collaborator) James Merry. It’s inspired by a native fern in his garden and each piece is held to the face by tension alone. 3. Keep your nails clear—but extremely 3D. Here, Japanese nail artist Eichi Matsunaga freehanded water droplets from clear resin. Natural—and otherworldly.…

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disappearing act

Inside an airy studio in Brooklyn, you can hear the buzzing of tattoo guns and see customers rising from tables with black, fine-lined designs etched into their forearms and shoulders, biceps and calves. It’s like any other tattoo parlor, except here at Ephemeral you know that not one of these people will go on to remove an ex’s name from their ankle or a dolphin from their lower back. Ephemeral tattoos are “made to fade,” says cofounder Josh Sakhai; they last for about a year. It took much longer than that—six years, to be exact—and 50 formulations for chemical engineers (two of whom are also cofounders) and dermatologists to develop the studio’s formula, which combines tattoo ink with medical-grade polymers that can be absorbed by the body. The blend breaks…

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frankly, gorgeous

Frank Gehry loves Louis Vuitton. He designed the brand’s museum, the Fondation Louis Vuitton, in Paris, which looks kind of like a cloud made of glass. And Louis loves Frank: The brand’s new perfumes, Les Extraits Collection, are encased in flacons capped with the only Gehry sculpture most of us will ever own. They are exceptionally precious, so much so that beauty writers hoping to eulogize them are granted just a weeklong audience with the factory samples, after which Louis Vuitton will come to your house and take them back. Each of the five fragrances in the collection is hyperconcentrated—straightforward, strong scents, including woody Rhapsody and citrus Symphony. But Louis Vuitton can’t take away the small amount of Dancing Blossom, a powerful rose, that one beauty writer may or may…

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the comeback clip

Butterfly clips are spreading their wings once again. They’re more chic than last time around, but just as functional. You could spend an hour (and handfuls of bobby pins) on a classic French twist…or you could twirl your hair in the back and secure it with the Kov Cloud Clip [3]. It’s the same effect, but “a claw makes that look happen in seconds,” says hairstylist Sunnie Brook. The same can be said about a half-up style: “Slick hair back on the sides and then pinch and pull the hair at the crown to create height and add volume,” says Brook. (We love Mle’s Mini Gemini Claw in Splash [1] for this.) If you have thick or long hair, secure it with a clear elastic for extra support before you…