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down to a science

As someone who considers herself relatively skin-care obsessed, I’ve been a devoted daily user of sunscreen for many years. But I’ll admit, I haven’t always been diligent about reapplying throughout the day, unless I was at the beach in full sun. Until now. Over the past two months, executive beauty director Jenny Bailly and I have been diving into some fascinating topics for Allure’s new podcast, The Science of Beauty. Unsurprisingly, nearly every skin-care conversation—dark spots, melasma, pores, wrinkles—comes back to sun protection. It’s why we decided to make our pilot episode all about, you guessed it, sunscreen. While recording our first six episodes, I learned so much about other topics too. Here are some of the tidbits that have really stuck with me: • Botulinum toxin (a.k.a. Botox) owes its origins to…

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dream weavers

Nigella Miller, FOUNDER OF AFRA “When I was a child, my cousins and I would fall into these moments of doing each other’s hair while spending time together—we didn’t realize it was so precious. Hair plays a huge part in Black culture and my family’s hair routines were a big part of my everyday life. That family time and those Black hair moments still inspire me today. I wanted to re-create iconic Black hair culture staples, like beads I wore, and steer away from mass-produced plastic. I wanted to launch a Black-owned collection of regal hair accessories that tie my Guyanese culture to my African-American culture. Afra, [a line of gold hair jewelry], is a merge of all my worlds. It’s fashion-meets-beauty-meets-lifestyle-meets-art-meets-Black-hair-meets-Afro-Guyanese-meets-Black-culture, which sounds insane, but I did do it. And…

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losing it

As dermatologists across the country began reopening their offices this summer, many reported a surge in patients with sudden and dramatic hair thinning. “I didn’t go an hour without seeing a hair loss patient,” says Papri Sarkar, a dermatologist in Brookline, Massachusetts. Many of these patients are experiencing a form of hair loss called telogen effluvium, a temporary condition in which excessive hair shedding is caused by “a shock to the system,” says Nazanin Saedi, an associate professor of dermatology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. It may be triggered by unexpected furloughs, knockdown fevers, or abrupt upendings of daily routines. And it can translate into hundreds of hairs falling out every day; for some, it can be upwards of double, even triple, the amount of hairs they’d normally lose, according…

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body language

Thirty percent of Americans have at least one tattoo. For the rest of the population, there’s been the option of a temporary version for at least a century. But it’s just recently that fleeting tattoos have become a varied and nuanced art form much like their permanent counterparts. Many companies now collaborate on designs with the most sought-after tattoo artists—and are bringing impressive technology into the mix. One standout is Tattly. Founder Tina Roth Eisenberg has worked with tattoo artists and illustrators, including Instagram-favorites like Tea Leigh and Jess Chen, since the brand launched in 2011. Now, even real-tattoo-havers are eager to find a spot for these highly detailed designs, like fanciful lavender and baby-blue flowers in Chen’s Petite Garden. On average, the vegetable-based ink lasts two to four days. Mira Mariah—a.k.a.…

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the future of sustainable beauty is… cork?

When you think of cork, if you do, you probably think of wine stoppers, or maybe dartboards. But cork jars and compacts? Those are new. They don’t exactly glisten in a shelfie, but some sustainability experts are banking on cork to help shrink the beauty industry’s carbon footprint—a Herculean task considering that, in 2018, almost 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic were created for beauty and personalcare products in the U.S. Cork offers a renewable way forward: It is natural and biodegradable (it gets broken down by insects over several years). Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree (quercus suber) found in the western Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coast, in seven countries (including Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and France). And cork can be cut from a layer of bark without…

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how i roll

PRODUCT REVIEW POWER PLAYER The emphasis is on “Max” in Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Max Night Serum: It’s made with 20 percent more of the brand’s retinol complex than the rest of the Regenerist line. Three Allure editors put it to the test. “I am, admittedly, just starting to incorporate retinol into my routine. I like how this one isn’t yellow-y or tacky (I’ve been surprised by how many others are), and it’s hydrating, so I don’t have to ‘sandwich’ it (that’s derm speak for layering retinol between basic moisturizer to head off irritation).” —SARAH HAN, SENIOR COMMERCE WRITER “The dropper grabs the perfect amount of product—a good control measure for someone with sensitive skin like me, who might otherwise get a little retinol-happy and wind up with redness or flakes. I applied a few…