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Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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beautiful people

LINDA WELLS EDITOR IN CHIEF 1991-2015 In a word, how would you describe your editing style? Exacting. I’ve talked to people who say they’re still haunted by my edits. You’re the founding editor of Allure (page 104). How do you feel about being a beauty authority? I’ve always felt like “authority” seems wrong for beauty, because it’s so personal. And that’s one of the greatest things that’s happened in the past 10 years, is that what’s personal has become the definition of beauty. I don’t think you can have authority and individualism together. Any beauty products you’ve used since your editor days? Many, but I especially love L’Oréal Voluminous mascara. I love it so much. I go away and then I come back. PATRICIA TORTOLANI SPECIAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR 2003-2017 Your first job at Allure was as Linda…

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how to vote

1 Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot In-Shower Styler “I’ve been flatironing my hair for as long as I can remember. But (perhaps we’ve mentioned this unfortunate truth to you before?) using direct heat on your hair every day can be super damaging. So now, when I skip the flatiron, my long hair looks frizzy. But after mixing my shampoo with the Sleek Shot styler and blow-drying, my hair looks smooth and shiny—no flatiron needed.” —ANGELA TRAKOSHIS, COMMERCE WRITER 2 Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask “The morning after I slathered on this dense balm before bed, I awoke to a surprise: My tiny lip lines were visibly diminished. I also use it during the day. The shea butter-rich formula is extremely thick but doesn’t have a sticky finish, so it feels lovely on its own or…

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this is 30

In 1991, I was an awkward teenager, dabbling in Noxzema creams and black kohl eyeliner, unsure about my place in the world, let alone where I fit in the culture of beauty. Back then, beauty was the sprig of parsley to fashion’s main entrée. Makeup artists and hairstylists were a presence behind the scenes at runway shows, but actually reporting on what they were doing? It simply wasn’t a thing. Magazines highlighted makeup and hair, but as window dressing for the clothes. The mega beauty stores were only a twinkle in their creators’ eyes. Then in March of that year, Linda Wells launched Allure, which treated beauty inventively, like a subject worthy of sharp, insightful writing, deep reporting, and a spotlight all its own. The premier issue (a steal at $2.50) featured…

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1 we defined what it means to be a beauty reporter

“Sad and Beautiful,” by Elizabeth Wurtzel, October 1994 The Prozac Nation author considered why the ups and downs of mental illness are often glamorized by society. “What Can Go Wrong,” by Joan Kron, September 1996 Kron chronicled the plastic surgery industry with precision, wit, and care for more than two decades. This feature—which highlighted the rarely discussed complications of cosmetic procedures—was just one of dozens of seminal stories. “The Road to Rapture,” by Elizabeth Gilbert, February 2003 The personal essay Gilbert wrote for Allure about abandoning her life to find beauty within herself was the genesis for her blockbuster book—and the subsequent film—Eat Pray Love. “Scared Straight,” by Mary A. Fischer, October 2007 As women flocked to salons to try a new hair-straightening treatment from Brazil, Allure took a critical look at the chemicals being used—and sent…

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2 we got the pros to spill their bag of tricks

If you want to know what lipstick Margot Robbie is wearing at the Oscars, you can head to her Instagram page where she probably posted a photo and tagged her makeup artist. Click on that page and chances are you’ll easily find the brand and shade name. You can then head to, where, moments before, a detailed how-to with the artist about the look has gone live. You can do this (and order said lipstick) in the span of a commercial break. But 30 years ago—hell, 10 years ago—most makeup artists quietly painted the faces of their clients without revealing much about themselves, the products they used, or how they used them. Kevyn Aucoin was different. “He was the original influencer,” says makeup artist Troy Surratt, who worked with Aucoin…

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3 …and created best of beauty best of beauty to award our own must-haves

We started a new kind of beauty contest in 1996 when we debuted our now-annual Best of Beauty Awards. At the time, it was a novel (and somewhat shocking) concept to elevate a single product above the rest, but if anyone was qualified, it was the editors of Allure. Of course, we’re far too humble to say anything like: Best of Beauty is basically the Oscars of the cosmetics industry or that earning our award is the beauty product equivalent of bagging a Pulitzer or a Grammy. But, you know, people talk. Consider this a peek behind the curtain. 287,000,000+ Best of Beauty Award-winning products purchased by consumers in 2018. 10 Number of representatives on our internal shades-watching panels. (Before we anoint, say, the best neutral lipstick for medium-toned skin, they’ve all got…