Allure April 2021

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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the remains of the day

In the middle of a busy year that included more culture shaking world events than I’d seen in my lifetime, I also had a baby and moved to a new town. Getting settled during a pandemic has been a challenge. The grind of working and home-schooling and baby-raising and cleaning and cooking (all the cooking!) has felt relentless at times. Ultimately, I’m so grateful that home has been a refuge for us. We’re safe. We’re healthy. I miss seeing my friends and family in real life, but I see the light on the other side. Most of us have spent more hours at home in the past year than any other, which is why we decided to focus this issue on the concept of beauty at home. Beauty starts here: in our…

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right at home

The fanciest French fragrance players have officially breached the boundaries of our vanities. (Like the rest of us, they were probably just a little desperate for a change of scenery.) Diptyque’s wax vase may not have a wick but it will fill a room with fragrance—just add water and fresh blooms. Trudon’s handmade glass Abd El Kader Room Spray is a piece of art (that happens to mist an uplifting herbal scent), and the perfumed Buly 1803 Scented Decorative Pencils are slender, ceramic reimaginings of potpourri (you won’t succeed in writing with them and “do not bite or chew”). Set any or all of these charming curiosities on a rainbow stack of Nez Éditions x Laboratoire Monique Rémy The Naturals Notebooks (each one geeks out, in the best way, about…

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eye witness

I have oily eyelids (a recipe for makeup smudges), so I normally use eye cream only at night. But I found that the Akar Restore Eye Serum was light enough to also use during the day. Even though it’s an oil—made with hydrating argan and jojoba—there is nothing greasy about it. I warmed one dropperful (enough for both eyes) between my fingers, so I could apply a thin layer, and gently pressed it below my eyes and along my brow bones. The amber scent was potent but dissipated as the product absorbed. After a minute there was no odor, just soft, moisturized skin—with no sign of creased shadow or streaked mascara later in the day. The April Allure Beauty Box includes the Akar Restore Eye Serum, along with five other products…

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home goods

FOR THE BEDROOM CANOPY HUMIDIFIER Your skin loses the most water at night, says dermatologist Mona Gohara. Sleeping with a humidifier is an effortless way to help skin stay dewy, and this cute design is compact enough to slide onto most nightstands. It can also scent your space: Place the ceramic disc on top and add a drop or two of an essential oil of your choosing. It’s best to use this feature during the day, though, says Gohara: “Short contact with essential oils is advisable.” Toss the parts (cap, tray, tank) in the dishwasher to clean them. FOR THE KITCHEN ETHIQUE MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN SPRAY CONCENTRATE We’re familiar with bar soap—but a household cleaner in bar form? That’s a new one. Replacing your usual counter spray with this eco-friendly concentrate could prevent six plastic bottles…

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outside in

To be alone in nature is a magnificent experience. Just the trees are enough to move me to tears—so old, so tall, like Abraham Lincoln. Please don’t get me started on the mountains or I will be forced to write the most gorgeous poem you have ever read. The idea that being outside makes humans feel good is boringly old, boringly uncontroversial, and boringly endorsed at length by Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. But the concept has recently had some clever rebranding. I’m Outside distills the serenity of shinrin yoku (literally and quite descriptively translated from Japanese as “forest bathing”) into a fourounce face and body mist, featuring a bouquet of woodsy essential oils, like spruce and pine. I mist myself midday: Bracing notes of mint prickle up my…

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