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beautiful people

LAUREN BROWN No matter the story, Allure’s senior visuals editor gets the shot—or, more precisely, makes sure the shot gets got, whether she’s on set in New York or Zoom-ing into a cover shoot in Korea. What’s the secret to flawlessly planning and executing an international photo shoot from afar? Pre-pro! Which just means pre-production. Talking through every detail of production and planning out the shots and glam looks is key. Any challenges? When the Wi-Fi is spotty or the connection gets rough, it can be tough. [And] adjusting to Korea’s time zone was tricky, to say the least. We were up until the sun rose on the CL shoot (page 88). Anything beauty-related you can’t travel without? A decent shower cap! I take mine [from home] with me. DANIELLEK WATENG The Brooklyn-based…

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on the covers

TIWA IAMISIGO dress. To create a similar look: Intensify Me! Liquid Liner in Intense Black, TruBlend Super Stunner Face Highlighter in Gilded Glory, Exhibitionist Demi Matte Lipstick in Just Sayin, and Exhibitionist Lip Liner in Garnet Red by CoverGirl. Photographed by Lakin Ogunbanwo. Fashion stylist: KK Obi. Assistant stylist: Charles Ndiomu. Hair: Bernard Smiless. Makeup: Ruth Akele. Set design: Anti Design. Production: Funmbi Ogunbanwo. Location: Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort in Lagos, Nigeria. Details, see CL Andre Kim dress. Photographed by Peter Ash Lee. Fashion stylist: Ye Young Kim. Hair: Gabe Sin. Makeup: Ji Won Moon. Manicure: Eun Kyung Park. Set design: Hyea Won Yoo. Production: Visual Park. Details, see ANITTA To create a similar look: Hypnôse 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette in Rose Fusion, Ombre Hypnôse Style Shadow Stick in Amethyste, and…

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a very open floor plan

Three years ago, we had the grand idea to create what we called our Out of Office issue. The entire staff would—wait for it—work remotely for the month-plus that it took to produce the issue. The concept was that the team would be dispatched to far-flung corners of the world to report on beauty in other countries. We’d discover sunscreen from Bondi Beach, explore dry-skin secrets near the South Pole, and perhaps forge an editor-exchange program of sorts with our sibling brand, Allure Korea. No one would set foot in our Manhattan offices for several weeks. I mentioned the outlandish project to our then CEO and braced myself for future HR interference. He paused and said, “That’s a great idea. Maybe that’s how we’ll all be working soon.” A few years and…

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a love story

As a perennial purveyor of florals, British brand Erdem has always traded in romance. But what use is romance (or a dress that costs three Gs) when certain destruction looms on the horizon? Erdem’s spring collection was inspired by The Volcano Lover, a romance novel set beneath the roiling peak of Mount Vesuvius—passion underscored and refracted by apocalypse. Makeup artist Jane Richardson mimicked “the otherworldly flush” of main character Emma Hamilton by blending layers of NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush and Exhibit A powder blush “across and down over the cheeks.” Hairstylist Anthony Turner engineered an updo that was elegant but unfussed: Hair was diffused, then dry shampooed, then haphazardly pinned and headbanded—ribbon was wrapped around several times and tied in a bow at the nape of the neck—like a damsel…

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strike a pose

Two words: face yoga. Okay, three more: Hear us out. There is actually a study (in JAMA Dermatology—highly legit) which suggests that sticking to a facial exercise program for 20 weeks can change facial appearance. “Looking refreshed or well-rested, these benefits come from improved circulation you get with facial exercises, including face yoga. It can strengthen muscle groups that would otherwise weaken with age, and you may even hold your face in a more positive way over time,” says dermatologist Doris Day. She’s so convinced she does facial exercises daily herself: “I’ve seen a nice lifting effect, softening of frown lines, and an improved feeling of well-being.” Here, an off-the-mat yoga routine for your face by Ginger Dorsey (who studied yoga and now creates facial yoga exercises for Origins). Prep…

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going solo

I’m a 10-step skincare maximalist, but skinimalism is trending and Augustinus Bader is the Heathers of the beauty world—an instant cult hit. So I put my serums in a drawer and tried this (get ready for a long list…) smoothing, brightening, hydrating, soothing cream. (It’s got amino acids, vitamins, squalane, and hyaluronic acid.) The formula is dense and the price point is steep ($265 for 50 ml), but a little goes a long way. One pump in the morning and another each evening has made my skin gleam without the white cast other rich creams tend to leave on my olive complexion. I don’t use it under foundation (it’s a bit too heavy), but I do use it religiously at night for calming my dry, irritated skin. The May Allure Beauty…