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SHOW US YOUR STUFF There’s a reason #thingsorganizedneatly brings up more than 40,000 photos on Instagram. And when we’re talking about lipsticks and makeup brushes, it’s basically beauty porn. If you organize your products like the photo above, post a photo of your collection on Instagram for your chance to be featured on our feed— just tag @allure and include #mybeautystash in your caption. WIN A TRIP TO HAWAII! How does a trip to Kahuku, Hawaii, sound? Yeah, we thought so. Vote for your favorite hair, makeup, skincare, and body products in our annual Readers’ Choice survey and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a trip for two to the Aloha State. That vacation— all five nights of it—at the Turtle Bay Resort comes with a body treatment for each person,…

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BROOKE HAUSER Contributing editor, “The Demi Show” When did you first hear about Demi Lovato? “I had an impression of her as a Disney star, but I really knew of her because of my three-and-a-half-year-old son. He loves Frozen, and she sings a version of ‘Let It Go’ at the end.” What surprised you the most about her? “There are many causes that celebrities get behind—women’s rights, the environment—but very rarely mental health. She is so articulate when talking about her own struggles with bipolar disorder and drugs.” @brookehauser JENNIFER YEE Allure senior market editor What’s the best part of your job? “Being out all over the city and involved in the world. Fashion market editors are treasure hunters. We dig to find the perfect piece of clothing for a shot.” How would you describe your…

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Got my December @Allure_magazine today with the always-beautiful Claire Danes on the cover. Looking forward to it! @PStregagirl via Twitter Claire Danes is stunning on the cover of this month’s @Allure_magazine. Her makeup is perfection! @hadleaa13 via Twitter “It’s OK to be powerful in every way: to be big, to take up space. To breathe and thrive.” —Claire Danes in @Allure_magazine #bodypositive @Wordsof_women via Twitter Claire Danes in @Allure_magazine reminds me why she’s a true Hollywood player. Stunning. The interview? Refreshing. @Bethlehem_awate via Twitter I am convinced that Claire Danes has not aged since My So-Called Life. Help, @Allure_magazine. @_ellen_murphy via Twitter Great December issue. Loved prettification without shaming— it’s myself, only better! (Well, that and some Star Wars hair [“Star Power”]...) @KorieBeth via Twitter Loving the Star Wars makeup feature in this month’s issue. So…

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2800 B.C.: Period when the Babylonians boiled fat and ashes to create a cleaning solution for clothes and cookware. 2nd: Century Greek physician and surgeon Galen recommended using soap to prevent skin diseases. 1200: Approximate year the Spanish and Italians first made soap from goat fat and beech bark. In Castile, Spain, olive oil was added to create the first white bar. 141: Number of years—from 1712 to 1853—that soap was taxed as a luxury item in England. 1863: Year Procter & Gamble chemist James Gamble noted in his diary, “I made floating soap today. I think we’ll make all of our stock that way.” The idea was shelved for years until the company launched Ivory soap and marketed its purity with the slogan “It floats.” 1927: Year American soap manufacturers—afraid that cars, paved roads,…

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demi lovato

1Batman made a surprise appearance at Lovato’s first Allure cover shoot, which was photographed by Alexi Lubomirski in the penthouse of a New York City hotel. We don’t mean the Caped Crusader but the singer’s tiny black puppy of the same name, who pranced around the crew while Lovato perused the racks of evening gowns and furs. 2The singer sipped ginger-and-lemon tea while getting her makeup done and chatting with Allure creative director Paul Cavaco. Between poses, as Drake’s “Hotline Bling” played, Lovato snacked on celery and carrots that she’d brought along. Toward the end of the day, her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, stopped by, and the couple sat knee-to-knee on the couch, laughing and making plans for the evening. 3After the last photo was taken, Lovato slipped back into her gray hoodie…

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allure’s experts

Peter Singer In “The Good Life,” Singer, a professor of bioethics at Princeton University, shares his tips for living morally. What’s your current main focus? “What people in affluent countries are doing to help the global poor and making sure that what we do is as effective as possible. A lot of people who give to charities don’t think about how effective their donations can be. It surprised me to discover in my research the differences in what charities can achieve. Some are hundreds or thousands of times more effective than others.” Do you think people are becoming more or less generous? “More. There is an effective altruism movement in the millennial generation. Some people think they’re self-focused, but I have the opposite view.” Mona Gohara A soothing shower can be hard on the skin. Gohara, an…