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American Outdoor Guide

American Outdoor Guide

September 2021

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

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stay in the fight!

When folks get into firearms and self-defense, the first thing they put a lot of thought into is the gun, followed immediately by learning how to shoot it accurately. In doing so, they fire quite a lot of rounds … which leads to quite a few reloads. It’s too bad most folks don’t use any of that reload time as training, because reloading skills are just as important as accuracy. In fact, gun manipulation might be even more important than accuracy. Any person can point and pull a trigger to stop a bad guy, but it takes a skilled defender to successfully fight off assailants in an attack for which point-and-shoot doesn’t end the situation. In these scenarios, folks need to understand movement, communication, cover and firearm manipulation—which includes clearing and reloading. And…

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one watch to rule them all

We’ve come a long way since the pocket watch. While society might not be flitting here and there in flying cars (yet), we do have wrist watches that can communicate with multiple satellites and give us our exact location. When GPS made it to the public (á la “Dick Tracy”), the battery life of a watch wasn’t sufficient for such a device to really be considered a viable survival tool. The folks at Garmin have been cramming valuable features into their watches for a while now. But, with the latest version—the Instinct Solar Tactical Edition—they’ve practically eliminated the ability to get lost for long. Being a watch enthusiast, I can “get lost” in the faces of some dreamy timepieces. The word, “horophile,” wasn’t recognized when I typed it into this article, but…

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extra ammo

While many attacks end quickly—with just a shot or two taken or even a defender simply showing that they have the means to protect themselves—the possibility of a drawn-out fight is always there. For that reason, those who carry a concealed handgun should also carry extra ammunition. There are a lot of different ways to carry spare magazines and speed loaders. There are leather and polymer mag holsters that carry one or two spares, as well as holsters with a magazine pouch. Speed loaders can be put into a pouch attached to a belt or even slipped into a pocket under a revolver. Because I mostly carry a semi-auto, I’ve always liked the Galco Concealable Magazine Carrier. This leather case securely holds a single spare magazine on the belt in an optimal…

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hear your training

It’s been a long time since electronic hearing protection hit the market. In the early days, these devices were intended for hunters and did a pretty good job of shutting down the sounds of a successful hunt. Unfortunately, they had some issues, such as battery life, tuning, comfort and especially directionality. It was really hard to tell where sounds were coming from. As technology improved, so did electronic hearing protection, reaching today’s devices—such as the Tetra AlphaShield, which can be tuned to specific activities. Using Specialized Target Optimization (STO), these activities get as precise as waterfowl, turkey, deer and the shooting range. STO isolates and enhances the frequencies that hunters and shooters hear. In fact, Tetra can customize its devices for a person’s specific hearing levels. I had the opportunity to try…

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dogs that get a ‘bad rap’

While any dog can be potentially dangerous, according to information from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine Association (JAVMA) and other sources, the following are among dogs perceived to be the most dangerous. Many factors contribute to the perception that these dogs might be more likely to attack or bite humans, so this shouldn’t imply that the breeds mentioned—or all dogs in these breeds—are inherently dangerous. Factors such as the number of incidents per the population of purebred members of a breed can’t be known, meaning that accurate statistics are impossible to calculate. Add to this the fact that the levels of news and social media coverage of all dog breed attacks aren’t equal. Greater volumes of coverage for certain breeds tend to skew public perception that those breeds are…

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bertucci ultimate field watches

The fundamental concept that time is the one commodity we all share is strikingly profound. There are few other ideas that connect everyone so deeply. None of us knows how much time we have, but it is the most precious gift we are given. Marking the passing of time can be as simple as a glance at your wristwatch, but this act pays homage to the journey we call "life." Over the years, we’ve crafted a number of increasingly complex devices to reflect the passing of sand though the hourglass, but somewhere along this progression, there was a golden age, when simplicity was key—when function was fashion. It’s here that Bertucci Watches stakes its claim with fine examples such as the A-2S Pantera Six, A-3P Sportsman Vintage Field and A-5S Ballistic Illuminated…