American Outdoor Guide June 2021

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

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first words

As I prepare to put my thoughts in order for this month’s comments, I’m at somewhat of a loss to nail down what the significance of this month means this year. When I was a student in upstate New York, June always meant freedom from the classroom—but that’s been the status quo for millions of U.S. students for much of the current school year. It also signaled vacation time for our family. However, our options are somewhat limited these days, and many folks are still struggling with day-to-day finances. As a result, a week or two of fun in the sun is probably not high on a lot of radars. From a prepping perspective, June is the beginning of the hurricane season, which is an important consideration for folks who live anywhere…

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new products

As time goes on, our curiosity and needs expand beyond a few basic areas of interest. In this month’s “New Products” collection, we included a pretty wide variety of newly available gear that’ll pique the interest of the most discerning “gear hounds.” Information is key, and there are several books to answer simple questions or help add to your self-defense skill set. As always, we’ve included some edged tools for your perusal, and there are a couple of other items featured to extend your range—both for your next hike and your eyes. 1 5.11 Tactical Ridge Pant Discreetly tactical, the Ridge Pant is a great option for those who want to have SERE functionality without being overt about it. There are eight pockets, including cargo pockets with inside dividers. The angled hand…

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perspective is everything

“SURVIVALISTS HAVE BEEN CALLED WORRYWARTS, OVERREACTORS AND EVEN DOWNRIGHT PARANOID AND A BIT CRAZY. BUT NOW, MANY OF THOSE PERCEPTIONS HAVE CHANGED.” Survivalists have been called worrywarts, overreactors and even downright paranoid and a bit crazy. But now, many of those perceptions have changed. Last year’s pandemic, coupled with social unrest, rising racial tensions and an economic downturn, have brought the all-encompassing world of survival to the forefront of thought for the average American citizen. No longer put down for their preparedness lifestyle, survival experts and those who practiced prepping for emergency situations such as those last year brought not only had the means to deal with all the myriad troubles, they also attracted a new appreciation for their readiness from a large number of people who found themselves moving toward their way…

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think you can’t convert?

Here are six ways to go from a carefree, daily shopper to a store-it-for-a rainy-day prepper: 1. Utilize unused space. Don’t let a small apartment or house keep you from stockpiling necessities. You have more space than you might realize. Utilizing the areas under beds, stairways or those seldom-used cabinets above the refrigerator, you can store vast amounts of dry goods for a long time. Ditch your traditional thinking and store food whenever possible in a cool, dry location. 2. Buy in bulk. Buying in bulk saves money and trips to the store. Larger cuts of meat are more economical and can be divided and frozen, while cases of canned goods stack easily and last for years. However, some bulk items are not bargains. Be sure to educate yourself about the pricing…

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survival is contagious

Spreading the word about survival prepared my colleagues for the unexpected. It’s no secret that I have a bug-out bag (or two or three) and that I carry knives, multi-tools and other ingenious survival and emergency tools on a regular basis so I can be at the ready. It’s also known to colleagues with whom I work on a regular basis at my “day job.” They’ve asked me about survival planning during pre-pandemic times. Initially, when I discussed it, there was a mixture of giggles and laughter, as if what I was saying was absurd, obsessive or both. Well, times have changed. Now, I’m approached by those who downplayed my survival information in the past and am asked about emergency preparedness. They now ask about a bug-out bag and what should be included or…

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add some swiss precision to your edc

The Swiss Army Knife, often referred to as a "SAK," is one of the most common tools on the planet. It seems that anywhere you go, you’ll see the familiar bright-red handle bearing the Swiss cross. It’s probably a safe bet that most ASG readers count at least one SAK in their possession, whether it’s carried regularly or resides in a tackle box or on a workbench. It all began in 1884, when Karl Elsener opened his knife shop in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland. Within just seven years, he was supplying the Swiss Army with cutlery tools; and, by 1897, he’d developed the Officer’s and Sports Knife—the forerunner of the modern Swiss Army Knife. Over the years, Victorinox has branched out well beyond those ubiquitous folding knives. Today, it offers five distinct product lines:…