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Volume 57 / Fruit & Veg

Anorak is the Happy Mags for Kids. Aimed at children aged 6+, it contains beautifully illustrated stories, activities and themes, all designed to spark imagination and foster creativity. Anorak explores themes based on the National Curriculum such as Art, Our World, Under the Sea and Learning, or more philosophical themes such as Kindness or Friendships and fun themes such as Cakes! Unlike magazines of today, Anorak is not a throw away title. Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past it is designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited. “Anorak is what would happen if Monty Python, Ralph Steadman and René Magritte decided to make a magazine for children.It's anarchic, fun, laugh-out-loud strange and readable for kids of all ages.” —Huffington Post.

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fruit & veg!

Dear ANORAK friends, Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us. She gives us flowers, trees, air to breathe, oceans to dive into and even… food! In this issue, we celebrate the tasty treasures that she bestows upon us, the mighty Lettuce*guide you on a trip to Anorak‘s Rainbow Market, where we remind ourselves why these humble but oh-so-delicious goodies are our favourite things to eat (after ice cream, naturally!). However yummy this edition might look, please do not attempt to boil, roast or fry it. Thank you. *chortle This issue was made by the following Happy Fruit & Veg Fans: Cathy Olmedillas, Ben Javens, Julia Staite, Mia Anderson, Asahi Nagata, Aysha Tengiz, Susanna Mori, Keiko Nabila, Eritobi Akintoye, Davide Bart Salvemini, Michelle Tran, and all our amazing Little Editors. For press enquiries, please email If you know a…

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easy peasy fun

DRESS-LIKE-A-GIANT DAY What’s Dress-Like-A-Giant Day? A day we get to feel like giants by asking grown-ups around us if we can borrow and wear their clothes. NIGHT-TIME BREAKFAST Why would cereal and toast be only served early in the mornings? Time to change the rules and have a breakfast feast at night-time! RED ALERT Have you noticed that when you think of a colour, you then see it everywhere? Try this experiment by picking the colour red and list or draw all the red things around you. You’ll see lots! STORY TIME Reading is fun. Reading to others is even more fun because we get to practise different voices. Offer to read a story to anyone (or your teddies) in the evenings for some peaceful storytime! LET THE DICE DECIDE! What could you do today? Let the dice decide! Write…

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cooking is fun the most colourful salad ever

What you'll need: • 1 red pepper• 1 carrot• 1 small tin of sweetcorn• 1 or 2 eggs• 3 or 4 lettuce leaves• A handful of baby spinach leaves• 2 tomatoes• Salt, pepper, oil, lemon juice Wash all the vegetables. Let them dry for a bit. Boil the eggs. Once cool, peel the shells off and cut them in half. Put them to one side. Cut the pepper into strips. Grate the carrot. Cut the tomatoes into quarters. Assemble all the vegetables into a bowl either at random or if you are feeling creative, you may want to organise them by colour in a rainbow-like shape. Place the eggs on top of the bed of vegetables. You could add even more veggies such as diced cucumbers, beetroot or red cabbage strips. Make the dressing by mixing together the…

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words are fun!

FARTLEK It means… Running at different paces. Example Josh had been readying himself for the forthcoming Anorak Marathon by doing some fartlek training, which consisted of running at super speed for 10 minutes and then slowing down for 20. ZEPHYR It means… A breeze. Example Josh was happy about the race ahead: especially that the sun wasn’t so strong now and that a gentle zephyr had appeared. TO XERTZ It means… To drink quickly. Example Josh was exhausted. He had run for over an hour! As soon as he crossed the finishing line, he had to xertz two bottles of water and two smoothies. AGOG It means… Surprised, astonished. Example Josh’s sister, Lara, was agog at his record-breaking race. 20 kilometres in one hour is more than her pet cheetah had managed to do! HARUM-SCARUM It means… Reckless. Example Josh couldn’t help but let Lara know that she was harum-scarum to bring her pet…

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is that a joke?

What is an ape’s favourite fruit? An ape-ricot What is small, round and laughs a lot? A tickled onion Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you going to let me in? What is a ghos t’s favourite fruit? Boo-berries! What kind of fruit grows on a calendar? Dates. Why do potatoes make such good detectives? Because they keep their eyes peeled. How does a lemon ask for a hug? Give us a squeeze! What do you call art made by a fruit? A mas ter-peach! Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice! What is a sheep’s favourite fruit? A baaaa-nana What vegetable does a pumpkin become when an elephant steps on it? A squash. Why did the tomato go red? Because it saw the salad dressing.…

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heidi's reading corner

Willow Wildthing and the Shooting Star by Gill Lewis This book is about a girl called Willow. Her brother is ill so her mum and dad have to go to the hospital with him. Willow's friend, Raven offers to look after her. They both find the nest of the Wild Things and they start an adventure. Willow makes a wish and eventually her brother is well again. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes swans and dogs or anybody who likes it when they are in the forest or the wild. Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy by Harriet Muncaster This story is about a tooth fairy mouse. The gothic illustrations really helped me to understand the characters' feelings. The way Harriet Muncaster has written the book makes you imagine what could happen…