Anorak Magazine Volume 43 / Art

Anorak is the Happy Mags for Kids. Aimed at children aged 6+, it contains beautifully illustrated stories, activities and themes, all designed to spark imagination and foster creativity. Anorak explores themes based on the National Curriculum such as Art, Our World, Under the Sea and Learning, or more philosophical themes such as Kindness or Friendships and fun themes such as Cakes! Unlike magazines of today, Anorak is not a throw away title. Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past it is designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited. “Anorak is what would happen if Monty Python, Ralph Steadman and René Magritte decided to make a magazine for children.It's anarchic, fun, laugh-out-loud strange and readable for kids of all ages.” —Huffington Post.

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dear anorak friends,

There are a few special things in the world that never fail to make us feel happy: ice cream (of course!), silly jokes (naturally) and beautiful drawings (ooh). This issue celebrates one of these happy things. Can you guess which one? Nope, not ice cream. Not silly jokes, although a copy of Anorak without them is like a day without ice cream! That leaves us with… yes, beautiful drawings! In this ART-tastic edition, we interview Professor Donna Doodle, the world’s greatest art professor ever known in the history of doodles. She tells us what art is, why it is good to be creative and why all of us are, in fact, artists. We pay a visit to the most awe-inspiring place in the world, The Little Editors’ Mega Gallery, where the most precious…

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professor monty’s mysterious monsters

While on a research trip to a faraway land, Professor Monty Jones was trekking up a steep mountain when he came across the entrance of a cave. He went in and was excited to find that its walls were covered in ancient drawings depicting very odd and mysterious creatures. He sat in the cave all day, copying them into his sketchbook, until the sun set and darkness made it impossible for him to carry on. He came back the day after to make sure he had captured every detail of these mysterious monsters. Upon returning to his town, he gave the drawings to his local World Museum. Many illustrious experts pored over his sketches and, believing them to be of great value, agreed to have them permanently displayed in the Super…

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the cloudists

This odd art movement started when two giant canvasses showing drawings of clouds appeared in a small town called NotFarFromHere. They were guarded by two burly chaps who refused to reveal who had created them, or why. The drawings stayed in the square for a day and then vanished overnight. A day later, the inhabitants of NotFarFromHere were surprised to find a dozen people walking around the streets sporting clouds instead of heads. They walked silently throughout the city and refused to engage in conversation with anyone. As the evening set, they turned into a back alley and mysteriously vanished. It didn’t stop there. Soon, all of the houses in NotFarFromHere were repainted. What could be found on their walls? Yes, clouds, clouds and more clouds. The people of NotFarFromHere woke up one day…

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1066: ze year england became french

Harold: an English aristocrat who had given himself the English Crown after the previous King had died without an heir. Hardrada: a Viking whose name means ‘The Hard Ruler’ and whose people had controlled England around thirty years earlier. William: a fearsome Norman (French) Duke who claimed he was the rightful heir to the English throne, rather than Harold. This story begins with a fourth chap, Tostig. He has been kicked out of England by his brother who happens to be none other than… the newly appointed King Harold! Tostig is seeking revenge and looks to the Viking Hardrada to form an alliance. They meet up, and agree to join forces to dethrone Harold. They assemble an army of men, invade the North of England, and quickly gain control of it. *Totally made up word. Upon…

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dear nanny louise

3rd September I hope you are well. We have now arrived at our new home and it is very different from the last one. We have a neighbour, Mr Lamotte, who has a dog and a cherry tree in his garden. His dog barks a lot, so I don’t think he is friendly. I see Mr Lamotte out of the window while I am writing: he is up on a ladder picking cherries. It is a strange city we live in. It rains a lot and we have had to buy an umbrella for the first time in years. I am a little nervous about starting a new school. I keep having to tell myself that there is nothing to worry about. Until next time, Lola 8th October Dear Nanny Louise, When are you coming to visit…

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shelley the snall

Shelley shopped at the shell shop, There were shelves full of shells to be seen. There were sea shells and snail shells, Dark shells and pale shells, And all sorts of shells in between. There were cockle shells, scallop shells, Shells of conch and crab, Lobster and abalone shells, Some shiny shells, some drab. But Shelley didn’t see a shell As lovely as her own. Her own shell fitted very well, Had grown as she had grown. So Shelley left the shell shop With the shell she’d always known. The best shell is the shell you’ve got, As Shelley’s tale has shown.…