Anorak Magazine Volume 54 / Imagination

Anorak is the Happy Mags for Kids. Aimed at children aged 6+, it contains beautifully illustrated stories, activities and themes, all designed to spark imagination and foster creativity. Anorak explores themes based on the National Curriculum such as Art, Our World, Under the Sea and Learning, or more philosophical themes such as Kindness or Friendships and fun themes such as Cakes! Unlike magazines of today, Anorak is not a throw away title. Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past it is designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited. “Anorak is what would happen if Monty Python, Ralph Steadman and René Magritte decided to make a magazine for children.It's anarchic, fun, laugh-out-loud strange and readable for kids of all ages.” —Huffington Post.

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dear anorak friends,

Do you know what we did this summer? We swam in a lake of ice cream. It was a bit sticky, but oh so delicious. Don’t believe us? We did, we did! OK it was … in our heads. How did we do that? We used our IMAGINATION which is the most fun thing to do. (Apart from swimming in a lake of ice cream.) In this issue, we take you on a journey around the weird and wonderful worlds that live within us. We explore why imagination is so brilliant, what we can do with it and what an imagined future might look like. Ready to jump into some whacky adventures? Let’s go! ANORAK is made by the following imaginative creatures: Chief: Cathy Olmedillas Sub Queen: Mia Anderson Chief Designer & Illustrator: Ben Javens Cover Artist:…

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easy peasy fun

MAGNIFY-ING! Take a magnifying glass, go to a park and observe what teeny creatures you can spot in tree trunks or in the grass. LEAF-ART Pick up a bunch of leaves from the floor, and turn them into art by cutting and sticking them on a page. ANIMAL ANTICS What is your favourite animal? Pick carefully, as this is the animal you will be for the whole day! What will it be? A bear? A dog? An octopus?! HOME OLYMPICS Recreate the Olympic Games in your front room with a series of sporting competitions such as, The Longest Hopping on One Foot challenge, or The Sliding on Bottoms Race. CATCH & READ With a friend or family member, play a game of catch a ball while reading a book! HOW DARE YOU? Create a series of ‘dares’ for your family or…

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nat like is fun

A strange thought came to our heads the other day, while watching a nature documentary about Antartica: is it the case that every creature under the sea has a brother or sister on land? We decided to investigate further and here’s what we found. They share a name, an imposing stature and a life best lived in the slow lane. What are they? Cows! Sea cows, otherwise known as manatees, are the sort of creatures we wish we could cuddle all day. Found in the warm shallow waters of the Carribean Sea or off the West African coasts, manatees prefer their own company, unlike their land counterparts who like to hang around in herds. One would never survive for more than 24 hours in water, while it is the other’s favourite habitat. What are…

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cooking is fun

happy patties These patties are happy because they are made with plenty of colourful veggies. What you'll need: • 2 small courgettes• 1 carrot• 1 cup of frozen sweetcorn• 4 eggs• ½ cup of flour• Salt, pepper, oil First, you will need to grate the courgettes in a colander. Get rid of all the excess water by squeezing them really tight. Grate the carrots. Break the eggs into one bowl. Add the carrots, the grated courgettes and flour. Mix it all together until it becomes a thick goo. Add one tablespoon of oil to a frying pan. When the oil is hot, take one tablespoon of the courgette goo and tip it gently into the pan. Flatten the goo so it looks like a thick pancake. Cook for 5 minutes on each side. Repeat until you have run…

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collecting is fun!

WHAT DO YOU MEAN? ACTUAL STONES? Yes! Little rocks and stones that we can pick up on a beach or in the streets make excellent things to collect. They are available from all places around the world, which makes it easy to grow your collection at very little cost or effort. DO THEY NEED TO BE ANY PARTICULAR SHAPES OR SIZES? No, all stones are welcome in our Happy Collection! The round ones can be turned into fun heads by painting eyes and mouths onto them. The ones with jagged or rough edges can be used to make tiny imaginary planets. Give them fun names such Planet Planeto, Planet Planeta, or just Planet! WHY DO WE LOVE THEM? We love stones because they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Stones are mysterious.…

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words are fun!

TROGLODYTE It means… A person who lives in caves Example CHIRKY Nana loves hiding under her bed. There, she imagines she is part of the Ugg Ugg family of troglodytes, who lived on earth more than 20,000 years ago. It means… Happy/Cheerful Example Nana went to the shops and asked for a copy of the ‘chirky mag for kids’. “You mean the HAPPY mag for kids!” replied the shopkeeper, laughing. “Groan, same thing’ grumbled Nana. OXTER It means… Armpit Example Nana swears she saw a giant bear walking around the city holding a salmon under its right oxter. TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA It means… A fear of the number 13 Example Nana’s triskaidekaphobia kicked in when she realised there would be 13 of her family around the table for lunch. She invited their neighbour, Mr Miggins, to make 14. FUDDY-DUDDY It means… Old-fashioned Example “Smartphones are not that smart!” said Mr Miggins at lunch. “Stop being so…