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Antique Trader October 7, 2020

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Whether you're looking for a trusted place to bid in auctions, buy or sell, Antique Trader is the top resource to find online auction sites, auction houses, and expert advice about antique furniture, jewelry and collectibles. Thousands of antiques and collectibles are for sale in each issue as well as hard to find items to buy, sell, or trade. Antique Trader also contains the most current and comprehensive information on antique shows and stores and earns best-selling honors year after year by providing precise descriptions and current pricing.

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tauber joins morphy’s

DENVER, Penn. – A lifelong fan of antiques who grew up attending shows and auctions with his family, Dr. Joshua Tauber has joined Morphy Auctions as a consultant in their Fine & Decorative Arts Division. A native of Morristown, New Jersey, Tauber operates an antiques store in Phoenix well known for its array of early twentieth-century lighting and decorative arts of the Art Nouveau period. “Josh is not only extremely knowledgeable about Tiffany Studios productions,” Dan Morphy, president and founder of Morphy Auction, said, “he also has a special interest in the more obscure makers, such as Suess, Bigelow & Kennard, and Duffner & Kimberly. We know he’s going to be a great asset to our Decorative Arts Division.” Morphy’s is accepting consignments for a December 9-10 Fine & Decorative Arts Auction. To…

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frank frazetta the master of fantasy

Born in Brooklyn in 1928 and recognized early on as a gifted talent, Frank Frazetta is widely regarded as the master of modern fantasy art, influencing generations of artists and filmmakers with dramatic science-fiction images of muscled male warriors, curvaceous maidens and creatures seemingly spawned in the depths of hell. His status does not come without concerns. Some viewed his depictions of powerful, sensual women as over the top. Their curvaceous boldness was an easy target for critics. But those detractors were missing the point – and the appeal – of his work. The supremely confident Frazetta was simply not interested in ordinary. “Everybody knocks my female figures,” Frazetta said in a 2003 interview. “They say they’re overblown, that women don’t look like that. And I agree. Certainly all women don’t…

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let’s talk t-rex for a moment

OH SURE, $8 MILLION sounds like a lot of money, but come on, we all know if we rifled through Jeff Bezos’ sofa cushions right now we’d come up with a big chunk of change. And I’m sure if we checked out Bill Gates’ pants pockets on laundry day we’d come across an enormous wad of bills, not to mention the occasional Kleenex or two. Mark Zuckerberg, with all his Facebook cash, you just know his coin jar alone could put us over the top. My point is, $8 million is just not that much money – if you’re filthy rich, which comes in handy if you are, like me, interested in buying just about the coolest conversation piece in the history of conversation pieces: a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Let’s face it, someone walks into…

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lafayette antique mall gets new ownership

LAFAYETTE, Ore. — Why would you choose to enter a brick-and-mortar antiques business in the middle of a pandemic? Ask that question of Norm Tognazzini and he will answer, “Pandemics come and go, but there will always be antiques and the desire for them.” Tognazzini, along with his wife, Brenda, are the new owners of the Lafayette Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Lafayette, Oregon. Built in 1912, the Lafayette Schoolhouse became its current incarnation in 1988 and has been a Yamhill County attraction since. The three-story architecture of the old schoolhouse, nestled in the heart of Oregon wine country, is a picture-perfect location for viewing antiques, art, vintage and quality craft. Over the years, the mall has experienced down and up economic times including changing tastes in antiques. Don Leard, the Antique Mall’s last owner,…

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world war i fashion gets the spotlight

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – When the first World War exploded in the late summer of 1914, armies took the field in bright uniforms and navies steamed to sea flying the colors of their nations. For the ensuing years of global war until the peace treaty was signed on June 28, 1919, most history has centered on battles, leaders and empires. Throughout this time, a largely unrepresented population in the histories were women in countries involved in the war. Women worked in war industries like agriculture, nursing and transport, while engaged in the fight for voting rights, equal pay and respect. In France, recent scholarship has shown that the survival of women’s fashion also played an important role in keeping up morale, maintaining ties with allies and even helping the war-time economies. “Silk…

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wine ‘factory’ unearthed in lebanon ancient find sheds new light on winemaking in middle east

TELL EL-BURAK, Lebanon — Archaeologists have unearthed new evidence of the extensive overseas trade in wine by the ancient Phoenicians, with the discovery of the oldest wine press in Lebanon. The find sheds new light on wine-making by the Phoenicians, the seafaring merchants who introduced a culture of drinking wine throughout the ancient Mediterranean, and whose influence lives on in the beverage’s worldwide popularity. Excavations at Tell el-Burak, about five miles south of the Lebanese coastal city of Sidon, have revealed the well-preserved remains of a wine press used from at least the seventh century B.C. It is the earliest wine press ever found in the Phoenician homelands, which roughly corresponded to modern Lebanon. The discovery is featured in a study published on Sept. 14 in the journal, Antiquity. Large numbers of seeds…