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Antique Trader October 21, 2020

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Whether you're looking for a trusted place to bid in auctions, buy or sell, Antique Trader is the top resource to find online auction sites, auction houses, and expert advice about antique furniture, jewelry and collectibles. Thousands of antiques and collectibles are for sale in each issue as well as hard to find items to buy, sell, or trade. Antique Trader also contains the most current and comprehensive information on antique shows and stores and earns best-selling honors year after year by providing precise descriptions and current pricing.

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robot conquers world record

DENVER, Pa. – After spending decades tucked away in an attic, the rarest of the “Gang of Five” robots, “Machine Man,” has set a new world-record auction price at Morphy. Complete with original box, the ultra rare battery-operated tin-lithographed robot from 1960 sold for $159,900, handily beating its estimate of $60,000-$90,000. Unlike most kids’ toys that spent their days being played with and banged around, this Machine Man lived a much quieter life for 60 years. “It came from an attic, right from the original owner, who had it as a child but didn’t play with it for some reason,” said Tommy Sage, Jr., head of Morphy Auctions’ toy division. The near-mint 15-inch-tall robot is one of few known examples of its type from Masudaya’s revered postwar “Gang of Five” produced in the late-1950s…

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fang-tastic plastic

If you were a child in the United States anywhere from around 1950 to 1990 and dreamed of being a princess, Superman, GI Joe, an astronaut, Barbie, a spooky monster or any character you watched on TV, you could make your dream come true each Halloween for less than $5. And for that amount, you’d get what you paid for: cheap vinyl smocks and plastic masks that fit awkwardly over your face and were held on by a single rubber band that was so thin, it could snap if you blinked hard. Those wonderfully kitschy Halloween costumes were uncomfortable, flimsy and barely had a resemblance to the characters they were portraying, but that didn’t matter. They made an indelible impression on all of us who wore them on those October days of…

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a halloween rooted in surprise

THE GREAT ELM TREES lined our street like guardians, their magnificent umbrella-shaped canopies shielding us from summer sun. We took comfort in their shade. But come late October, with their leaves milling about in un-raked lawns, the elms changed. As we moved underfoot into stocking-cap weather, the elms turned sinister, what with their long bare branches gnarled like the fingers of Dorothy’s Wicked Witch. Nights were particularly daunting as those gloomy limbs weaved uneasy shadows into the fertile imagination of my youth. Danger lurked. You could just feel it. So I learned to run everywhere. Fast. But there was no fear on Halloween. Even in the chilled darkness, we found fortitude in numbers and the promise of grocery bags full of trick-or-treat candy. And so we exploded out of neighborhood houses, bold bandits unencumbered…

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sioux tobacco bag sets auction record

CINCINNATI – A beaded tobacco bag related to the Sioux Elk Dreamers’ Society has set an auction record after selling for $131,250. The hide bag set the record at Cowan’s recent American Indian Art auction against a presale estimate of $50,000-$60,000. It was consigned by noted dealer Robert Jerich and contained imagery related to the Elk Dreamers’ Society. Cowan’s dated the bag to the late nineteenth century. Beaded in blues, light green, red, pink, yellow, black and white, one side of the bag depicts a warrior dressed in a feathered bonnet with staff, a horse and rider, and two pipes; the other depicts two pipes, a brightly colored and spotted elk with “power lines,” and the Elk Dancer with hoop and staff. “Among the Lakota and other Plains peoples, to dream of a…

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pinback button knocks it out of the park

YORK, Penn. – The ultimate prize from the late Dr. Paul Muchinsky’s trove of baseball buttons set a new world auction record for any pinback when it finished at $62,980, including buyer’s premium, at Hake’s recent pop culture memorabilia auction. The oversize 6-inch button depicts the 1916 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. “This is not the auction record for just a baseball button, but any button of any genre,” said Hake’s President Alex Winter. It is the only 1916 World Series Championship button known to exist, with graphics depicting and identifying the manager and 24 teammates from the winning Red Sox team. Those players feature three future Hall of Famers including then-21-year-old pitching and batting phenom Babe Ruth. The button’s crisp, visually dense display is also adorned with art images of baseball equipment…

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fate of 113-year-old carousel remains uncertain

TOKYO — Despite a celebrated history that includes roots in Germany, a visit by Theodore Roosevelt, a stint in New York at Coney Island and nearly half a century entertaining visitors to the Toshimaen Amusement Park in Tokyo, the El Dorado now sits in storage, its future unknown. The Art Nouveau merry-go-round, and the faded time capsule of a park that housed it, are making way for a Harry Potter theme park — a familiar tale in an old country that tends to discard the merely somewhat old for the new. Historic preservationists said they fear that the Japanese public will not rally to save the merry-go-round, as groups in the United States and Europe have done for other carousels and amusement park rides. After World War II, the Japanese government passed…