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‘beat-up boy, football hero’ scores huge win

DALLAS – Joseph Christian Leyendecker’s Beat-up Boy, Football Hero became an auction hero at Heritage on May 7 when it shattered a previous world record by the artist after a bidding war. The painting, which appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on Nov. 21, 1914, sold for $4.12 million, shattering the previous record for a Leyendecker original set in December, when Sotheby’s sold his 1930 work Carousel Ride for $516,100. The painting by the influential illustrator was a centerpiece of Heritage Auctions’ American Art Signature Auction, alongside masterworks by such revered names as Thomas Moran, Albert Bierstadt and Norman Rockwell. Numerous records for several significant artists were set throughout the day, as the total for the nearly sold-out American art event surpassed the $10.7 million mark – the first American…

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it all adds up. . . when math and art intersect

Mr. Justen, the whole freshman Algebra thing? It wasn’t you. It was me. Mrs. Retzner, gosh, Geometry. Um, the Pythagorean theorem. That was sort of cool. The rest? I should have probably paid more attention. And Mr. Siewert. Yeah, well, Advanced Algebra. Huh. A bit optimistic, wasn’t I? Everyone said it would help me in college. It didn’t. I had no real chance of anything but a mercy “C” from you. Thanks. Let’s just chalk that one up to senioritis and move on, shall we? Truth is, as the great pop culture icon Teen Talk Barbie pointed out in 1992, “Math class is tough.” It sure was for me, Babs. I was reminded of that – and my many failings with my former high school math teachers – when talking with Melanie Hartman, the Director…

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it’s the real thing pouring one out for coke

In 1933 Everett Worthington of Chicago was issued design patent No. 90,744 for a beverage-dispensing device that he assigned to the Coca-Cola Co. of Atlanta. Until then, if you ordered a Coke at a soda fountain, your server pumped syrup into a glass and topped it off with cold seltzer. Although Coca-Cola distributed glassware that showed how much syrup to use, the process still tended to make the drink vary widely from place to place, both in flavor and temperature. That all changed at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair Century of Progress Exposition when Coca-Cola introduced the first automatic fountain dispenser, which created a well-blended Coke with the pull of a handle. The dispenser, packed with ice, revolutionized the soda industry by making the perfect “ice-cold Coca-Cola.” The machine was manufactured by the…

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donley seeking consignments

UNION, ILL – Donley Auctions, an internationally recognized collectibles expert with more than 75 years of combined experience, is seeking consignments for specialized auctions. Donley is particularly interested in music, guns, military, coin ops, gas pumps, jukeboxes, soda machines, advertising, automobiles and musical instruments, among other items. Donley will sell single items or an entire collection. For more information, call Randy Donley at 815-790-9435 or visit Donley has been involved in the acquisitions of America, antiques and items of historical significance for more than four decades and has auctions once a month.…

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HARRISBURG, Pa. – Offering an impressive array of art from prints, paintings and sculpture, as well as exquisite samples of lighting and fine jewelry, the Spring Fine and Decorative Arts Auction May 22 at Cordier Auctions and Appraisals promises an exciting and notable event for collectors. “Our Spring Fine and Decorative Arts Auction is always a highlight of the year here at Cordier,” Melanie Hartman, Cordier’s Director of Catalog & Specialty Auctions, said. “I am very excited to see what surprises May 22 might bring,” One highlight of the art selection is a large example by Severin Roesen (1816-1872), Hartman said. Born in Prussia, Roesen spent the last twenty years of his life in rural Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, Huntingdon and Williamsport. His catalog is filled with detailed still-lifes. The one at auction…

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fontaine’s auctioning fine and decorative art items

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Important 19th and 20th century fine and decorative arts, including Tiffany items and American and European furniture, will be offered by Fontaine’s Auction Gallery in a two-day sale. Day 1 is at 11 a.m. EST on Saturday, May 22; Day 2 is at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 29. Day 1 features 350 lots of Tiffany Studio pieces including lamps, Émile Gallé vases, clocks, figurines, lighting, art glass, leaded glass windows, timepieces, marble and bronze statuary, American and European furniture. Day 2 highlights include 350 lots of paintings, porcelains, silver, gold and diamond jewelry, American and European wood carvings and art pottery. Lots can be previewed in person by appointment only on May 20 and 21 at Fontaine’s Auction Gallery, 1485 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, MA 01201. Lots can also be viewed…