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nissan x-trail @LobAllan WITH a facelifted version of the Nissan Qashqai already in dealers, it’ll come as no surprise to see that its platform-sharing bigger brother, the X-Trail, has been given the same treatment. We’ve driven the refreshed Skoda Kodiaq rival for the first time to see whether the updates go far enough. It’ll be the Kodiaq (crowned Best Large SUV at our New Car Awards 2017) that will give the new X-Trail its biggest headache. But there’s more competition in both mainstream and premium sectors, with cars like the Hyundai Santa Fe, new Mazda CX-5 and Land Rover Discovery Sport all vying for your cash. Still, more than 750,000 X-Trails (including Rogue-badged US versions) found homes last year, making it, Nissan claims, the world’s most popular SUV. Clearly, there’s no need to mess with…

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Results VOLVO 1st THE Volvo earns the win with its kit, price and blend of comfort and performance, although the margin of victory isn’t big. It’s great value and will be the cheapest car of this trio to run, yet it doesn’t sacrifice quality. It’s also fast enough and nicely refined, while the chassis and steering offer good agility. The XC60 follows on from the XC90, offering plenty of all-round appeal for a family SUV. MERCEDES 2nd WHILE the GLC is easily the most comfortable model here, it doesn’t handle as well as the XC60 or Q5 and is showing its age. It’s refined and surprisingly quick, while there’s plenty of space, but it lacks the more modern cabin and tech of its rivals. Strong efficiency helps its case, although buyers demand more innovation…

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fabric protectors

PRODUCT GROUP TEST 2 | 8 | 2017 Every week, we extensively test all the latest car kit from tyres to trim cleaners. Log on to to look through our huge online test archive. PREVENTION is always better than cure, so why worry about removing marks from seats and carpets in your car when you can stop stains before they develop with a protector spray? These clever products form a hydrophobic barrier over the fabric, which prevent stains from soaking in. Instead the marks sit on top, ready to be mopped up in a matter of seconds. We’ve put eight fabric protectors to the test to see which is the most effective. Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat Price: £30.95 Size: 400ml Rating: BEST BUY MINOR packaging tweaks since our last test (Issue 1,394) haven’t done anything to change the…

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1st vauxhall astra

THIS seventh-generation Astra proved a big step for Vauxhall, bringing the famous nameplate bang up to date. It’s a genuine rival for the Golf, with a range that includes ultra-efficient diesels and sportier petrol models. However, this 1.4-litre turbocharged version has a foot in both camps. The Astra trailed the Golf by two tenths of a second in the sprint from 0-60mph, taking 8.6 seconds in total. Its engine feels strong, but it’s the six-speed manual’s woollier shift action that partly explains the deficit against the VW. It doesn’t feel as mechanically rewarding as the Volkswagen, and you have to be smoother with your changes, but leave the Astra in gear and the pull on offer is a match for the 1.5 TSI EVO. Even though it produces 5Nm less torque, the…

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is carbon bike our new park and ride champ?

Mini test NEW PRODUCT Prodrive Hummingbird Price: From £3,495 Weight: 6.9kg Rating: IT’S immediately obvious how light the Hummingbird is compared with rivals. As well as giving the bike fast, agile handling, this makes it easier to carry to the car. The solitary cog of our singlegear test model allowed us to turn the pedals easily at most speeds, whether cycling on the flat or climbing a hill, although a four-speed version is available at extra cost. Folding the Hummingbird takes seconds. However, this only puts it in a part-compact state. The front wheel, pedals and seatpost must then be removed to make it as small as possible. Even then, the Bromptons are still more compact and easier to fit into a car boot. Plus, as much as the Hummingbird is a revolutionary piece of kit, it’s difficult to…

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plastic surgery @AE_Consumer IS there a bigger bane on our roads than potholes? With our streets ageing, they now number in millions – and authorities are falling way behind when it comes to keeping up with repairs. The current backlog goes back 14 years, and will cost over £12billion to clear. As a result, one in six roads may face closure if they’re not repaired in the next five years, and with diminishing council budgets, that’s easier said than done. But what if, rather than working towards repairing our current roads, councils bring the network up to a modern standard and ensure it’s no longer susceptible to potholes in the first place? As it turns out, a British start-up is working on the solution, by mixing recycled plastics to create stronger, more environmentally-friendly roads…