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new model 3 leads tesla revolution

▪ Model 3 comes in two specs ▪ EV range of up to 310 miles @Jonathan_burn IT’S the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, according to Tesla. Following years of speculation, the new Model 3 has finally rolled out of the company’s Fremont factory in California and on to customers’ driveways. It becomes the third pillar in Tesla’s plan, alongside the Model S saloon and Model X SUV, to help accelerate the shift towards sustainable energy and electric vehicles. The Model 3 is based on a new platform and will initially be offered in two specs: Standard and Long Range. At the Model 3’s launch event, Elon Musk, Tesla’s enigmatic boss, confirmed that in standard spec the Model 3 has a claimed range of 220 miles and should sprint from 0-60mph in 5.6…

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nissan pulsar

2017 Results Pulsar Factfile Years: 2014 to present CO2: 117g/km Fuel economy: 56mpg (1.2 DiG-T) Best options: Climate control, stop/start, sat-nav, blind spot warning, AEB, keyless go Prices: From £8,900 OVERALL SCORE91.01% Bars show where model finished out of 75 cars in our 2017 survey. The longer the bar the better GOOD “THE 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine feels equal to 1.6-litre units I’ve had in other cars.” “It looks good from all angles, inside and out.” “Impressive rear legroom.” “Can’t argue with 60mpg.” “You can get yourself warm on cold mornings quickly.” “Bluetooth is quick and sound quality is great.” “It’s cheap to insure, and costs just £30 to tax.” “Being behind the wheel is a very nice place to be.” “Big enough for lots of luggage and passengers.” NOT SO GOOD “SOME of the plastic trim isn’t flush with the dash.” “The angle of the screen makes it difficult to…

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volvo xc60 t8

“This SUV has 400bhp. It’s part of Volvo’s aim to make plug-in hybrids seem more attractive to a larger number of buyers” Performance 0-62mph/top speed 5.2 seconds/140mph Running costs 134.5mpg (official) £56 fill-up @JRRBatchelor IT won’t have escaped your notice that from 2019 every new Volvo will come with an electric motor to power it in some way or another – cars such as the XC60 T8, for example. It’s a plug-in hybrid, or as Volvo grandly calls it, a ‘Twin Engine’ SUV. Of course, this isn’t the first plug-in hybrid that Volvo has made; there have been the slightly underwhelming V60 D5 and D6 estates, and more recently the XC90 T8. In fact, you could say the XC60 T8 is just a smaller version of the XC90 T8. Thanks to the Scalable Platform Architecture…

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books, apps&games

The Places They Raced: Circuits of the Golden Age Jim Loveridge (Douglas Loveridge Publications) Price: £35 Rating: WE’RE big fans of the style of this book, which simply has great pictures of pre-1918 circuit racing – be they photographs, slides or postcards – as well as brief captions. It’s an interesting look into the ‘golden age’ of racing. We’d quite like more detail on certain, interesting photos, and a chapter system would be handy, too. Competition Car Aerodynamics Simon McBeath (Veloce Publishing, Price: £37.50 Rating: THE purpose of this book is to inform rather than entertain, and it does that rather well, diving into the complex world of aerodynamics with aplomb. We’ll stop short of recommending it to the casual reader, but owners of race cars might find information in the book that could…

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a decade on, the 500 is still going strong

THE pace of change in the industry is ferocious, as this week’s issue again testifies. But amid the hi-tech development, is there a more remarkable car on sale than the Fiat 500? Incredibly, it was 10 years ago this week that we first tested the then new 500. The reborn city car lost out to the MINI, but impressed sufficiently for us to say: “It signifies a new era for Fiat.” Our reasoning was perfectly simple. “It’s a machine that makes people smile when they see it; even those who don’t have much interest in cars,” our test reflected. History has proven just how spot-on that assessment was. A decade and one major facelift – in 2015 – down the line, what is ostensibly the same car continues to find buyers with…

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makers rush to meet futu re of car ownership @Jonathan_burn THE way consumers own and use their vehicles is on the cusp of a revolution as car manufacturers across the industry evaluate ways of introducing autonomous tech and mobility to younger generations and those living in crowded cities. Today’s core sales model, of one family or one consumer owning a vehicle, looks to be under threat as makers around the world look at ways to target customers who would typically not consider buying a vehicle because of where they live or their income. One of the biggest disrupters to the idea of car ownership are so-called millennials who, according to Richard Balch, Ford’s Smart Mobility boss in Europe, “don’t feel the need to own everything in their lives”. He added: “The leasing type model and the pay-per-use model are growing in significance.…