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Results BMW 1st REVISIONS to the M4 have addressed many of its predecessor’s problems. The changes are subtle, but just enough to edge it ahead of the Mercedes. It’s the sharper car and is now more progressive than it was before, but the BMW still delivers enough to make it a more usable coupé day to day than the AMG. With its extra power, the Competition package nicely balances ferocity and friendliness. MERCEDES 2nd BE in no doubt that the ballistic V8 gives the AMG a huge personality and incredible performance. It’s just not as compliant or as agile as the revised M4. All three cars will be costly to run (although the C 63 is the most expensive), but there’s still enough talent to make this a lovely all-round coupé. It’s simply more…

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books, apps & games

Maximum Mini Jeroen Booij (Veloce, Price: £19.99 Rating: YOU might be familiar with some of the more popular Mini-based kit cars and limited-run models, but we bet a few of those covered in this book will still surprise you. It details 58 of the most interesting cars ever to call the baby Brit a donor. Fun cars, good pictures and concise writing mark it out, but we wonder if the fixed length of each section may have limited the author on some more innovative models. The Story of the Car Giles Chapman (Wren & Rook, Price: £12.99 Rating: WE’RE big fans of author Chapman’s more accessible books, and this simply written, beautifully illustrated offering would make an ideal gift for a budding junior petrolhead. At less than 50 pages long, it’s clearly not an…

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kim adams

Got a query? @AE_Consumer Q How can I cut through bolt? WHILE working on my car, I’ve stripped the thread on a bolt on the steering column. I need to remove the bolt in order to replace it, but I can’t get a saw into the space available. Any idea how I might solve this problem? Dave Nicholls, E-mail A A ROTARY tool may help. They come with small discs which can easily cut through bolts and are smaller than a conventional drill or angle grinder. Our current favourite is Sealey’s E5188 kit (above, £41.73,; this includes a range of accessories for other jobs. Q All-season tyre dilemma HAVING read your tyre test, I have spent ages trying to find all-season rubber for my Audi S6 Avant. It runs on 255/35R20 tyres. Do you know of…

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v90 cross country vs passat alltrack

VOLVO has always executed its estate cars well, and adding an off-road flavour with its Cross Country models in the past has given them even more versatility. The firm’s V90 Cross Country is no exception, mixing Volvo’s new-era tech and style pioneered in the XC90 SUV and more recently, the regular V90 estate, with some all-terrainability. The V90 Cross Country is the new challenger to the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack that beat a pair of rivals in Issue 1,475, so can the upmarket Volvo compete? It will have to deliver a better blend of premium appeal, kit, fuel efficiency and off-road talent if it wants to usurp the Passat, but on paper, the Volvo is closely matched. VOLVO V90 CROSS COUNTRY Loaded with kit and comfortable to drive on and off the road, stylish V90…

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ford edge vignale @johnmcilroy FORD created Vignale to prevent buyers of its top-spec models jumping across to premium brands. The S-MAX and Mondeo Vignale have sold in modest numbers since launch, but now the firm is stretching the brand with its priciest Vignale yet: the Edge. It’s available in a couple of flavours, both featuring four-wheel drive. The cheaper car has a 178bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine and a manual box; the range-topper we’re testing here gets a more potent 207bhp version of the same motor, plus a six-speed auto. Vignale trim brings exclusive paint finishes and different polished chrome wheels, making the Edge look even more American than it already is (it’s made in Canada, in fact). Inside, there’s quilted leather, plus embellishments on the facia to break up the swathes of black plastic. You also get…

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volkswagen up! @Sean_Carson_ THE Volkswagen up! is a winner, hence the trophy and the champagne in celebration. Our car reigned victorious when it faced the Renault Twingo GT and Smart ForTwo Brabus in a battle of turbocharged, sporty city cars (Issue 1,469) while the up! drove away with our Best City Car silverware in its surprisingly practical boot at the 2017 Auto Express New Car Awards. The more time I spend with this car, the more I’m impressed by its charms. For a three-door city car with a 1.0-litre engine to offer the breadth of ability the up! has is quite fantastic. That turbo does mean there’s a wider range of models on offer compared to its rivals – part of the reason the car won its award. And with a GTI coming, the…