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Lotus 18: The autobiography of Stirling Moss’s ‘912’ Ian Wagstaff (Porter Press, Price: £60 Rating: THIS book charts one of F1’s most famous cars, the Lotus 18, in and out of the hands of Stirling Moss. With no side panels, the Brit took car ‘912’ to victory in 1961’s Monaco GP, showing the driver as he worked. Well written and beautifully photographed, this is a must for vintage GP racing fans. Trucks of the Soviet Union: The definitive history Andy Thompson (Behemoth Publishing, Price: £45 Rating: TRUCKS can shape a nation, and here you get to see how Soviet lorries evolved from early designs inspired by other makers to the heavy-set design we recognise as Communist. Stuffed with period photos – which can’t have been easy to find – this is an oddball yet interesting…

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buyer’s guide nissan leaf

INVESTING massively in electric cars was a big gamble for Nissan, but buying a Leaf was also a huge leap of faith for customers. When it went on sale in 2011 the battery technology was unproven, there was little in the way of charging infrastructure and no one was sure if the car would be worthless after a few years. Now we are seven years on and the world has changed. Emissions scandals have pushed EVs into the limelight, chargers are popping up in increasing numbers and the Leaf has proved to be vice-free and reliable. With a new car around the corner, used models are now plentiful and temptingly cheap, but interest is increasing as more people realise a Leaf could suit them and save them some serious money. Therefore, they…

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kia stonic

MODEL TESTED: Kia Stonic 1.0 T-GDi First Edition PRICE: £19,695 ENGINE: 1.0-litre 3cyl, 118bhp THE Stonic is Kia’s answer to the Arona and C3 Aircross, and the Korean manufacturer hopes it will enjoy similar success to the bigger Sportage. Here we put the £19,695 First Edition model, running Kia’s 1.0 T-GDi turbocharged petrol engine, through its paces. DESIGN & ENGINEERING score 4.0 THE similarities to the Arona are striking, as the Stonic’s overall shape and contrasting roof colour resemble that car’s. The engineering approach isn’t that different, either. The Stonic is related to the Kia Rio supermini, so the engine and transmission are carried over here, as is much of the technology inside, which at least means the Stonic should be reliable. Kia’s smallest SUV uses a similar suspension set-up to its competitors, with a MacPherson…

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lambo’s ev hypercar unveiled @LobAllan LAMBORGHINI has revealed a futuristic electric hypercar concept, built in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Called the Terzo Millennio, the model demonstrates innovative energy storage systems and ‘self-healing’ carbon fibre technology. The concept made its debut at MIT’s EmTech conference last week, and is the culmination of a year-long partnership between the Italian marque and the world-renowned American university. “Tiny channels in the bodywork will allow the damaged area to fill with ‘healing chemistries’” It’s based on a lightweight forged composite monocoque chassis, with a carbon fibre bodyshell. It’s no ordinary carbon, however; the project aims to develop a way of storing energy in the bodywork itself then using it to power the car’s functions. That’s not the most interesting development in material tech, though, because the team also wants…

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buying a used ev

UNTIL now, electric cars have been seen as something of a novelty. They’ve been considered a risky choice that’s favoured only by the brave and the passionate. But the past few months have seen a shift in attitude. Emissions scandals, Government announcements, new infrastructure and a stream of hi-tech products have fed consumers a message that EVs are coming – fast. While sales of diesels declined by a third in October, hybrid and EV registrations shot up by 36.9 per cent. What happens in the new car market is inevitably reflected in used sales too. But while demand is increasing, the prices of used EVs are yet to rise substantially. Now is the time to swoop and get a used bargain before everyone catches on. However, which electric model should you choose? The…

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bridge strikes causing a lorry load of trouble

LORRY drivers who don’t know the dimensions of their vehicles are responsible for almost 2,000 bridge strikes a year, Network Rail has announced. UK commuters suffer hours of hold-ups as a result of bashed bridges, with each crash bringing an average delay of two hours. Taxpayers, meanwhile, are left footing annual bills of £23million, with a single strike costing on average £13,500 to put right. Around five bridges are hit by lorries every day in the UK, with one in Ely, Cambridgeshire being struck 113 times since 2009. Some 43 per cent of lorry drivers admit to not knowing the size of their trucks, while 52 per cent said they didn’t take low bridges into account when planning journeys. In light of such ignorance, Network Rail has launched a ‘what the truck’ campaign. This involves…