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audi q5 sportback @jimmybrods MORE than a quarter of a million Audi Q5s were made in 2020. It’s the most popular model in the brand’s ever-enlarging line-up, which is now chock full of SUVs. But Audi hasn’t run out of space in its growing ‘Q’ range just yet. In fact, this latest addition – the Q5 Sportback – feels more like an inevitability than a surprise. That’s because it’s a long-awaited coupé-styled version of the brand’s best-seller, and around a quarter of Q5 buyers in the UK are expected to dish out the £2,450 premium over the regular Q5 to be seen in it. Naturally, it rivals the BMW X4 and the Mercedes GLC Coupé, and just like those two, it’s a style-driven choice, trading a little practicality for a sportier rear end. The Q5 Sportback…

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new i4 ev targets ‘core’ bmw buyers @jimmybrods WITH the launch of the BMW i4, the brand, by its own admission, has produced an all-electric car that’s aimed at its “traditional core” of buyers. It’s a four-door gran coupé that’s similar in size to the 3 Series, and is gunning directly for the Tesla Model 3. The new EV uses BMW’s CLAR modular cluster architecture – which also sits beneath the current 3 Series and a number of other models, right up to the X7 SUV. The i4 measures 4,785mm, has a 470-litre boot and integrates a super-slim lithium-ion battery beneath the floor of the passenger cell with a usable capacity of 81kWh. There are two models at launch, with the eDrive40 version featuring BMW’s trademark BMW rear-wheel-drive layout, while the high-performance M50 has a rear-biased xDrive four-wheel-drive set-up. The eDrive40’s…

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books, games & apps

Rover R8 James Taylor (Amberley, Price: £15.99 Rating: A WELL written and succinct guide to the Rover R8 platform – which covers the 200 and 400 series from 1984-1995. There’s a dedicated section on each model with technical specifications and loads of period imagery, and although it’s not totally exhaustive, it’s a good resource for Rover fans. Print quality and production values are great for the price, too. Volkswagen Type 4 Marc Cranswick (Veloce Publishing, Price: £35 Rating: OFTEN forgotten when compared with the iconic Beetle and Bus, the Type 4’s push upmarket made it a rather interesting model in its own right. You’ll find out about its history here, nicely summed up and placing it in context with its Japanese and North American competition. A good amount of content for the price, and it’s presented well. Stunt…

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kim adams

Got a query? Q Making space for camping I’M planning on going camping this year but will need more luggage space in my car for the tent and the rest of the kit I’m borrowing. Is a roof box (above) the best way to do this? Jeff Maxwell, E-mail A A ROOF box is the way to go – just keep within the car’s roof weight limit, which is usually 75kg. Kamei boxes have done well in our tests, but if storage at home is limited, consider a folding design from Thule or Hapro, because these take up less space when not being used. You will also need roof bars, so look out for package deals. Q Tyres feeling the pressure WHAT pressures did you run in your summer tyre test? Since purchasing my Mk7.5 Volkswagen…

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battle for supremacy

HOW do you define a hot hatchback? Should it be a practical, sensible family car that can roll up its sleeves and deliver a surprise punch? Or should it be a race car for the road that just happens to have five doors and a big boot? Or is there a space in between? The Volkswagen Group has always veered towards the former theory, but that doesn’t mean it can’t change tactics. Here we’re testing two of its latest challengers, the Cupra Leon and the VW Golf GTI Clubsport. Although Cupra is a familiar name, its purpose has recently changed. Formerly the badge reserved for the hottest cars within the SEAT line-up, today it’s a performance sub-brand in its own right. Some models are related to the Spanish counterparts, but others, like…

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toyotaand lexusoffer 10-year cover on new and used vehicles @hugo_griffiths TOYOTA and Lexus have launched an industry-leading warranty programme that provides up to 10 years’ cover for new and used cars, vans and pick-up trucks. The ‘Relax’ scheme adds a year’s warranty to a vehicle each time it’s serviced at a Toyota or Lexus dealer. There’s no extra cost for the programme, service prices are unchanged, and vehicles are eligible until they are 10 years old or have covered 100,000 miles. Relax comes with every new Toyota or Lexus, and also applies retrospectively to models already on the market, as long as they are less than 10 years old and have covered fewer than 100,000 miles. This means if you bought a nine-year-old, 90,000-mile Prius today, you could add a year’s manufacturer warranty to it simply by getting it serviced at a…