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bmw m5 cs

Running costs 25.0mpg (official) £88 fill-up Performance 0-62mph/top speed 3.0 seconds/189mph THE 10bhp increase to 626bhp for the BMW M5 CS’s 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 isn’t what makes the German brand’s latest super saloon such a compelling car. Yes, it fires you along the road at an indecent rate of knots, the throttle reacting with crisp precision, the power and torque (which remains at 750Nm, the same as the M5 Competition) delivered in a thumping wave of force, but it’s not this element of the CS’s enhanced package that defines the car. Neither does the eight-speed automatic transmission or the all-wheel traction of BMW’s clever xDrive set-up, which can be configured to suit almost every requirement, including the option to turn off all of the electronic driver aids and make the CS rear-wheel drive only, as with its less-hardcore…

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impact wrenches

PRODUCT GROUP TEST 9|6|2021 Every week, we extensively test all the latest car kit from tyres to trim cleaners. Log on to to look through our huge online test archive. SOMETIMES car DIY demands more than a socket set and muscle power – it needs an impact wrench that can pound and turn a fastener at the same time. With the advent of powerful motors and improved battery technology, a modern cordless wrench means you don’t need an expensive compressor, complete with clumsy air lines snaking everywhere, to power pneumatic tools. Batteries are expensive, so buying a tool with a spare or one with a higher Amp rating will save cash in the long run. So which is the labour saver and which is hard work? We put eight to the test. How we tested them TORQUE…

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back chat

“For donkey’s years hydrogen has been threatening the success of the BEV. But it comes and goes almost unnoticed” HONESTLY, you’ve never had it so good. Shop for a brand-new car today and you really are spoiled for choice. There’s something for almost everyone on nearly any budget, whether you go petrol, diesel, LPG, petrol-electric, diesel-electric, or pure-electric. But nine years from now, the Government’s take it or leave it offer to consumers will go a bit like this: You can have any new car you like – as long as it’s a battery-electric vehicle (BEV). The politicians are still fine-tuning the rules as to how long you’ll be able to buy a hybrid or plug-in hybrid after 2030. But the safe assumption is that your best bet against any future legislation…

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new car prices

HOW OUR GUIDE WORKS PERFORMANCE: This is the manufacturer’s claimed acceleration time for a car, and is measured from 0-60mph or 0-62mph (0-100kph), in seconds. ECONOMY AND EMISSIONS: Combined WLTP economy figure in miles per gallon and emissions in grams per kilometre of CO2. Figures are achieved in the latest WLTP tests, but will vary according to equipment and are unlikely to be representative of everyday efficiency. INSURANCE: Group rating as quoted by the Association of British Insurers. WARRANTY: Next to each manufacturer’s name is the basic warranty period in months and miles for the mechanicals, corrosion and paintwork. EVs and hybrids will have dedicated battery cover. LIST PRICE: This is the on-the-road figure and includes VAT, delivery to dealer, 12 months’ road tax, number plates and first registration. EVs do not include the Plug-in…

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ford focus st

+ FOR Torquey turbo engine, plenty of grip, ride comfort, stylish cabin, three seats in spacious rear - AGAINST Conservative styling, smallest boot with rear seats up, steering isn’t as sharp as Civic Type R’s ON the face of it, the Focus ST lacks character in this company. Its looks are rather understated, even if that will be to some people’s liking, and its engine isn’t very characterful. The electronically enhanced exhaust note is rather unconvincing, yet those parts of the soundtrack that are genuine are still enjoyable. But there’s no denying the ST is an impressive hot hatch where it counts. There’s plenty of grip, turn in inspires confidence, and the 2.3-litre engine has more torque than the powerplants in the Civic Type R and i30 N, pulling you out of corners with ease. The…

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Mazda MX-30 THE Mazda MX-30 is an interesting and multi-faceted car, but most conversations I’ve had about it recently have boiled down to one thing. It's not the advanced e-Skyactiv electric powertrain or its 35.5kWh battery – it’s the doors. You can’t escape the fact that most car manufacturers think the best way to design a five-door car is to have the side doors hinged on their front edges. Mazda begs to differ in this case. The MX-30’s rear doors open in reverse to reveal a pillarless aperture. Is it a packaging improvement? Well, our kids are a bit older now, but I think it'd be handy for leaning in to attach car seats and do up seatbelts for young children. The fact that you can’t open the back doors without first…