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Bacon Busters

Bacon Busters

January-February-March 2020

Bacon Busters includes readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos. Not to mention the famous Babes & Boars section! Every issue is jam-packed with readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos.

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central west piggin’!

Born and bred in Shellharbour on the South Coast of NSW, the environment was perfect for the watersports of surfing and fishing, but rugby league, boxing, running dogs and heading bush was always on my agenda. I was fortunate enough to have an uncle that was a very keen and knowledgeable dogman and hunter. On school holidays, my Pop, Uncle Matt and I would regularly venture out to the wheat-belt country in Central NSW to see him. The pig numbers were absolutely insane. He showed me the ropes at a very young age including dogging hogs, dressing them for the chillers and some very handy tips in the scrub. I remember one of the first things he taught me and that was if you ever got lost, your dog will…

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sweatin’ for swine

It was an absolute stinker, being forty plus without a breath of wind as Dave and I trudged along a narrow, well-used dusty game-trail that hugged the edges of a tract of semi-dry, isolated waterholes on the properties back fenceline. Although, the bailers, Dash, Ace, Mate and Rocky were still keen, the unforgiving heat was certainly sapping our energy and enthusiasm. Even when the barking started, it took a major effort to get the legs into something (remotely) like a jog. The solid, fired-up black boar had broken the bail on a number of occasions as we ran in, but as we got to within coach-gun range, the dogs finally had its measure. With all hounds in close and giving it an earful, I stepped to the side, shouldered the…

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out in the heat

It was build-up weather in the Top End, with humid, hot conditions, above average temperatures and with rain a couple of months away, the landscape looked dry and bleak. As a result, the hardiness of the marauding, resilient weather-weary pigs was only matched by the unwavering tenacity of those who walked the semi-dry creek lines to find them. As water was harder to find than an eighteen stone feminist with a sense of humour, my mate Neil, the dogs and I continued to trudge through the hot sand of the semi dry riverbed hoping our luck would change. At a small, narrow tract of brackish water, we pulled up for a short much-needed drink break. If we thought we were doing it tough, the lack of water and oxygen had…

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babes & boars calendar 2020

LANGLEY SISTERS SHEENA NICKNAME: Sheenz JOB: Miner/fisherman LOVES: Fishing, pighunting, hanging with friends & family, animals, rodeos HATES: Heights BIGGEST BOAR: 75kg, but I’m more of a numbers girl, the more the better! FAVOURITE DRINK: Vodka & orange juice HOBBIES: Photography & cooking IDEAL DATE: Fishing and beers IF YOU WON $1MILLION: Pay off my family bills, buy a marlin boat and a pig rig! JADE NICKNAME: Jadey JOB: Fisherman LOVES: Family, friends, fishing, camping & hunting! HATES: Cane toads BIGGEST BOAR: 50kg FAVOURITE DRINK: Mango smoothie HOBBIES: Dancing IDEAL DATE: Beach at sunset IF YOU WON $1MILLION: Invest it PAIGE NICKNAME: Paigey LIVES: Katherine, NT JOB: Governess HOBBIES: Playing sport and hunting BIGGEST BOAR: 80kg FAVOURITE DRINK: Wine LOVES: My dogs & spending time with good mates HATES: Ill-mannered people and cat heads IDEAL DATE: Paint-balling IF YOU WON $1MILLION: I would invest, buy a new ute to travel Australia and work! TIA NICKNAME: Tia LIVES: Bowenville JOB: Student HOBBIES: Fishing and Horseriding BIGGEST BOAR: 104kg…

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piggin’ products

GARMIN TRACKER DEAL Brisbane Hunting Supplies has a deal that is great value with all the necessities and a bunch of FREE stuff included. From $1150, the deal includes Garmin Alpha 100 Garmin T5, BHS stainless steel collar protector, Screen Protector, Glow in the dark silicon case, Tuff Skin long range for collar, 16inch flexible long range for handset, BHS XS Gear Bag, Olight HS2 Head Torch, BHS key ring, Engergel 60ml, Western Warriors DVD, Reflective collar strap, BHS stubby cooler, Piggin_is_Livin & BHS Decal! Call Brisbane Hunting Supplies on 07 3467 2904 or see them on Facebook! HOGS, DOGS & QUADS GAME ON TV Bryce and Matty from Hogs, Dogs & Quads have been working on something extremely exciting over the past year and have developed a new site for all of their Hunting…

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the black dog

Daylight savings is here again, which means more time to chase boars after work. It’s such a great time of year where the days are longer and warmer. We’ve been lucky enough to get onto a few more properties and catching some good pigs. Its so rewarding exploring a new block and finding out what’s actually been there, especially when you come across two 85kg boars less then 1km away from each other. I’m wanting to take advantage of the last opportunity to talk to you guys about what is known as ‘The Black Dog’, and I'm pretty sure most people would know I'm not talking about a black pig dog either; I'm talking about depression. I think this is the perfect time while so many people are struggling with…