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@TopGearEditor editor@bbctopgearmagazine.com “Simplify, then add lightness.” Colin Chapman’s most iconic quote, and the ethos on which the Lotus brand was built, could not be more relevant in the current climate. As electrification takes hold and the average weight and size of cars increases, I often wonder what Chapman would make of it all. Moreover, I wonder if he wouldn’t have come up with a better solution, especially given that another one of his credos was “Rules are for the obedience of fools and interpretations of smart men”. As the electric revolution moves from the early-adopter phase to mass-market consideration, I worry we might have got it all wrong. To remove a major barrier to purchase created by range anxiety, manufacturers are developing EVs capable of going 300 miles in one trip to make…

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bmw’s gone all tron

# NEW CARS # ENTERTAINMENT # CAR CULTURE # CELEBRITY # GADGETS # GAMING If we invited you to a magical world where the BMW M8 and i8 were mashed together, you’d surely come along with us. Imagine the i8’s planet-saving disposition, and its exotic looks, construction and layout. And the M8’s thundering performance. Meet the Vision M Next. It was unveiled strictly as a concept car, but someone who knows told TopGear something like it will go on sale as a standalone M car in a few years. “It won’t be exactly like this. But remember how the Vision EfficientDynamics turned into the i8.” It’s a mid-engined wedge, futuristic as you like. But at the same time it’s slyly looking in its rearview: we’re seeing the 1978 M1 and, come to that,…

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diary of a test driver

Did you know that, in the first 10 years of a new car’s life, its driver’s seat will be sat upon 25,000 times? I do, because that’s what I was ordered to do in the Cheery Bong II this week. You might imagine – as I did when I took this job – that the life of an automotive tester is all ‘skidding supercars around the Nürburgring’ and ‘being seduced by uninhibited ladies’. But there’s far more to it than that. Before it goes on sale, a new car’s every component – even a car made by a company with as limited regard for human safety as Rong Un Motors – must be tested for reliability. Window winders must be wound. Choke levers must be pulled. And seats must be sat…

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coffee break

13 Minutes to The Moon podcast Amazing insights of how NASA got Apollo 11 to the Moon. It really is sooo much more than Stretch Armstrong and his mate Buzz Lightyear. Listen on BBC Sounds Happy place Stay calm. Look at dogs Stanley Kubrick Take a trip to the Design Museum in London with your droogs. The exhibition is great. Note: there is no vellocet at the bar. On until September Stranger Things: Season It’s here! The kids are back, older and wiser but, Eleven is still…well, Eleven? Office playlist – yacht rock The Doobie Brothers top our smooth-sailing, soft-rock playlist. Some open front floral print shirts and boat shoes will be worn…

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return of the jedi

WHO KNEW? Prefer the windswept look? Porsche will also sell you a Boxster Spyder, now a true roofless GT4, for £73,405 “THE EXTRA DOWNFORCE AMOUNTS TO 12KG AT 125MPH” This is the new Porsche Cayman GT4. Of course, it’s now got ‘718’ in its name, because when Porsche facelifted its mid-engined two-seater and dropped in a four-cylinder turbo engine, it added the ‘718’ bit to pay homage to a classic four-pot Porsche of ye olden days. But fear not. The turbo engine has been banished from the GT4. This thing’s packing a 4.0-litre, 8,000rpm, 414bhp flat-six. That ought to make a jolly nice noise. Power is up 35bhp from the last GT4, which never really wanted for poke. We loved it. Won our 2016 Sports Car of the Year Award, in fact. But we’ll…

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alpine’s upping its game too

The Cayman isn’t the only mid-engined coupe that’s had its Weetabix. This is the Alpine A110S, which receives a boost from 248bhp to 288bhp, by dint of a beefifier turbo. Zero to 62mph takes 4.4 seconds – a tenth of a second quicker than standard. But it’s not all about outright speed. There are new springs and hollow anti-roll bars, which are 50 per cent and 100 per cent stiffer respectively, plus tuned dampers. The ride height is down by 4mm, and it rolls on wider Michelin tyres with a stickier compound. The ESC, which can be fully deactivated, has been retuned too, and you get bigger Brembo brakes as standard. Jean-Pascal Dauce, Alpine’s chief engineer, stresses this is still a car that “can be enjoyed by drivers with any level of…