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Bowhunter April - May 2017

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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spring options, and a new guy

FOR MANY, bowhunting means crisp fall mornings, drifting leaves, and rutting elk or whitetails. The fact is, spring can be a busy time for the active bowhunter. Let me count the ways: * Spring shed-hunting trips get the family outdoors, show you which bucks or bulls survived winter, and provide critical intel on your hunting grounds. * Spring is the time to launch experiments with shooting form and techniques, try new releases, sighting systems, arrow weights, broadheads, and other gear. Effective change takes time. * Spring is perfect for beginning your preparations for the fall hunts you have planned, whether at home or away. * Spring is primetime for bowfishing, Whether you’re walking a flooded field with bow in hand or in a fully-rigged boat, shooting arrows at fish is pure fun. * Spring turkey…

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between bowhunters

Letters From Readers KUDOS TO DWIGHT Dear Bowhunter, I am a Dwight Schuh fan, and his Wildside article “Farther, Harder, Longer” in your Jan/Feb 2017 issue is a prime example why. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in print or on video, Dwight gives you honesty. It comes across in all he does, and I appreciate that. It doesn’t matter whether he is writing about his friends here or gone, yesterday’s hunt or one from 20 years ago, or if he is on video after nearly being run over by a giant moose he just put an arrow into. As for that article, I am sure his friend Mr. Hummel appreciated Dwight just as much as Dwight did him. Way to honor your friend! Thanks, Dwight, for just being you! Kenny, via e-mail TWO AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENTS Dear…

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keys to concealment

ANYONE WHO HAS HUNTED turkeys knows one undeniable truth — it’s not easy to fool their outstanding eyesight. This is especially true for bowhunters trying to get drawn on an approaching bird without getting busted. This is the main reason the majority of turkey bowhunters opt to hunt these cagey birds from the hidden confines of a popup ground blind. And, because nearly all of today’s commercial ground blinds have a darkened interior, the color of choice (shirts anyway) for a lot of bowhunters is black. This is understandable, but I’ve found you can disappear just as well inside a blind wearing a camo shirt, especially a darker pattern. While I’ve personally killed quite a few gobblers from ground blinds, I also enjoy the challenge of bowhunting turkeys outside the confines…

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product spotlight

Disappear into your surroundings on your next spring turkey hunt or early season whitetail adventure by donning the NOMAD NWTF Woven Button Down Shirt and Turkey Pants ($59.99 each), in the new Mossy OakObsessioncamo pattern. The shirt is made from a lightweight cotton/ poly mini-Ripstop fabric. It has a full button-down front and button-down collar, as well as dual button-down chest pockets. The pants, made of the same durable and comfortable fabric as the shirt, sport two hip pockets and two roomy cargo pockets, plus an adjustable waistband. The top and bottoms are both offered in sizes S–3XL. Contact: NOMAD, 1-800-226-7956, nomadoutdoor.comnomadoutdoor.com.…

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america’s most difficult animals

ALL VARIETIES of North American big game are special for one reason or another. But they certainly are not created equal. And, no two bowhunters I know will rank the 29 species recognized by Pope and Young exactly the same. But I have definite opinions about which are more difficult to hunt than others. Stand hunting is certainly easier in some respects than stalking or still-hunting. The archer who waits for game has every advantage, provided that person is quiet and well-concealed. For that reason, I do not regard largely stand-hunted species like whitetails, black bears, and pronghorns as unusually hard to bowhunt. That being said, a whitetail is one of our toughest critters to bowhunt on foot. There is no more “switched-on” animal in the woods. Likewise pronghorns, with their incredible…

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never say die

FOR 12 DAYS WE’D been hunting daylight to dark. My hunting partner, Bowhunter Publisher Jeff Waring, had taken a five-point elk on the 11 day, and we had spent from sunrise until midnight of the 12 day packing out his bull. That gave me one last morning to kill an elk, but after the previous long days, I hardly felt like climbing another mountain in the dark. Besides, if I could not kill an elk in 12 days, what made me think I could kill one the last morning? Still, one thing was for sure — I could not kill one in camp. So, well before daylight, I grudgingly rolled out of my sleeping bag and followed the beam of my headlamp up the mountain. By daylight, I was virtually running through the…