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Bowhunter August / Big Game 2017

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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the heart doesn’t care

AS I GO THROUGH the year reviewing and buying hunting stories to fill these pages, and while traveling for Bowhunter TV , listening to the stories of bowhunters I meet along the way, there is one obvious takeaway: Every bowhunt, regardless of location, species being hunted, or experience level of the bowhunter, has the potential to deliver that which we all seek — the thrill of the hunt. Each hunt holds a different “degree of adventure,” but the thrill is ever-present. For example, when a young bow-hunter tells me the story of arrowing his first deer, the excitement in his words is just as intense as it is in those of a veteran bowhunter taking a big whitetail buck he’s been after for three years. Another case in point is the…

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tactical clothing and packs

THE ODDS WERE GOOD that a bull was going to visit the small waterhole, which was ringed by sign. The sun was shining in a deep-blue sky, bathing our side of the mountain in afternoon warmth, and everything felt right. We watched a spike mule deer buck come and go, and listened to the buzz of flies around us as they lifted off and returned to piles of elk droppings. Then, a distant round of thunder reached our ears. My partner and I looked at each other, and I remember thinking that there was no way a storm was going to form in the cloudless sky above us. My hunting partner, who has far more experience than I do in the backcountry, immediately unzipped his pack and dug out his raingear. Within…

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keys to concealment

Endless Possibilities THE YEAR 1986 was a significant one for me personally. I turned 12 years old in January of that year, which made me of legal age to hunt in my home state of Pennsylvania. Chasing squirrels, rabbits, ringnecks, and whitetails that fall with my dad ignited a passion and obsession for hunting in me that has not waned one little bit to this day. Another important event, and one that affected not just this then newbie hunter but the entire hunting community, also occurred in 1986 — the birth of Mossy Oak. There weren’t too many camo options for hunters to choose from before Mossy Oak burst onto the scene with patterns like Bottomland, Greenleaf, original Treestand, Full Foliage and Fall Foliage, and about the only things camo was printed…

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product spotlight

Browning® Hell’s Canyon® Proximity™ Jacket From Browning comes the tough, lightweight tactical Proximity Jacket ($189.99). Perfect for backcountry bowhunts for elk, or early season treestand hunts for whitetails (and everything in between), this highly rain-resistant top is constructed of a three-layer, 86% polyster/14% spandex fabric treated with DWR. Throw in the company’s Pre-Vent™ membrane and ADDVANCED SCENT CON-TROL™ technology, and you’ve got a jacket that will help you get closer to game than ever before. It has a comfortable fit that allows for better freedom of movement, and treestand hunters will love the integrated Harness Access. Other notables of the Proximity include two zip chest pockets, handwarmer pockets, internal drop pockets, and a drawcord hem. It’s available in men’s sizes S–3XL. Contact: Browning, 1-800-333-3288, browning.com.…

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the death of a curse

How deep was the water? I wondered. Could I jump out of the boat, dog-paddle while holding my bowstring in my teeth, and not cut the string? Maybe I could swim underwater with my bow in one hand, rise up like Rambo, and take the shot? Drunk on testosterone, a massive bull moose was using long, effortless strides to cruise the shoreline at breakneck speed. After scent-checking a cow, he abandoned her like she was the ugliest cow in the Yukon. Oblivious to the boat and its four human occupants, the bull was getting away. I was desperate. Drowning was a risk I was willing to consider. Outfitter Don Lind, of MacMillan River Adventures, was maneuvering the boat while guide Steve Cross cow-called. The bull kept steamrolling along, then casually turned up…

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bulls of the fjords

SUDDENLY QUIET, the bright-orange, one-time Danish Coast Guard boat drifted with the current, water lapping rhythmically at its sides. Glass to eyes, we stared at a massive ridge scattered with boulders of every size and shape. My eyes didn’t know what they were seeing, and I couldn’t quite comprehend the landscape. Then outfitter Frank Feldmann spoke in Danish to our guide, Knud, who drifted alongside us in a second boat and nodded in agreement, pointing at a distant spot on the ridge. A dozen or so musk oxen were spread out across the slope, but I could not see one of the thousand-pound animals. Then realization swept over me, and as if seeing for the first time, the oxen appeared separate from the rocks, and I caught my breath. The animals were big,…