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Bowhunter March 2018

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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fall only? no way!

BOWHUNTING IS a gear-intensive pursuit. We need lots of stuff to be properly equipped to pursue big game with a bow and arrow. That gear, as it is with any hobby or sport, can be expensive. And it takes years to accumulate all the things we think we need. For some, collecting and putting to use all that gear is part of the fun, and it all adds up to a significant investment in your passion for bow-hunting. So, why would you confine the use of all the gear and effort to only the fall months of the year? We all have busy lives, and finding time to bowhunt is hard enough in the fall. But there are ways to spread your bowhunting adventures across the calendar, if you’re committed. Here…

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between bowhunters

HONESTY IS ALWAYS BEST Dear Bowhunter , This letter is for Dwight Schuh... I took a friend to the doctor a while back, and while sitting in the waiting room I picked up a copy of your July 2017 issue. I was struck by your tremendous Wild-side article, “To The Penny.” I thought it was outstanding, truthful, appropriate, meaningful, bold, and seasoned just right with The Word of God. I don’t know you, Dwight…but I know you! Luke 6:45 says, “Out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” I have often said that in life we are seeking the truth, but the truth is hard to capture at times. If you like that, then read Proverbs 30:7-8. I loved your entire article, but let me sum up by quoting your one line: “While…

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keys to concealment

WINTER SCOUTING HOW OFTEN have you sat in a stand watching the majority of the deer activity at the other end of the field, or near a ridge or draw in the distance? You’ve always wondered what it is that makes that specific location attractive to deer. Well, now is your chance to figure it out. Typically, there’s a logical reason deer consistently gravitate to a particular spot. It may be a confluence of ridges, a funnel, or narrowing of the woods. Maybe it’s simply an easy path around a steep creek bank. Sometimes, there is no obvious reason why deer use that area so much. It could be subtle terrain features, or just habitual movement passed on to each generation as fawns follow does. The key is, you don’t argue with…

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product spotlight for america’s #1 camo pattern

BOWTECH® Realm™ The Realm ($1,099), Bowtech’s newest SmartBow, takes performance and precision to a whole new world with innovations that deliver unmatched accuracy, control, and stability. The Overdrive Binary Cam System provides 100% control and easy tuning. Powershift Technology allows archers to customize the draw cycle to fit their needs with the simple flip of a disc. Plus, the all-new CP Dual Lock system creates expert precision, stability, and accuracy by locking the solid-core limbs to the pocket, and the pocket to the riser. The new Orbit Dampener can be strategically placed to offset the additional weight of accessories, while also reducing unwanted vibration. The introduction of the modular Clutch Performance Grip provides anti-torque and comfort. The 30¾" Realm has a 7 1/8" brace height and is capable of reaching speeds…

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big sky mule deer!

FAMOUS HUNT-BOOKING AGENT Jack Atcheson once said that his home state of Montana offered the very best chance of bagging a nice 5x5 mule deer. Atcheson admitted that a few other states like Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming offered better potential for a HUGE mule deer, but the number of NICE muleys in Montana was impossible to beat. I was mulling over Jack’s assessment last October as I bowhunted mule deer in the Big Sky State. There were more than a dozen branch-antlered bucks on the sagebrush flat below me as the sun rose and glittered off their polished racks. Four were decent 5x5s with spreads of 22 to 25 inches, moderately massive beams, and fairly deep forks. No 200-inch monarchs here, but the kind of 145 to 160-inch deer most…

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big game hunting tip

Rangefinding Improvements It seems there is always a better, faster way to do anything in bowhunting as technology progresses. For many years I carried 10X binoculars, a belt-attached laser rangefinder, and a handheld inclinometer (angle meter). Using all three on an animal was often effective, but the three optical instruments required too much time in fast-moving situations. With quality rangefinding binoculars now available, I have discovered how to speed up the ranging and angle-computing process. My chosen unit weighs about six ounces more than standard 10X binoculars, but features an easy right-click button for instant one-hand distance calculation, and a second right-click button that gives the precise shooting angle in degrees. This unit has increased my shooting speed at least 10 or 15 seconds over my old system. In 2017, I bagged…